Hundreds of happy retreat guests can’t be wrong…

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Devante A
I went filled with depression and inner turmoil…

My time at the the Ayahuasca Retreat down in the Sacred Valley was immensely transformational and amazing. Before I went, Jennifer told me "It's never what you expect but it's always what you need" and I can't think of a better way to describe it. I went to it filled with depression and inner turmoil but have come back with peace in my heart and a newfound appreciation for life. This is all owed to the medicine, the amazing staff and people who I was fortunate to attend the retreat with.

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Mimi A
Life changing

Life changing is an understatement.

This was an invaluable experience I will hold on to for a lifetime. The location and people made it even more beautiful and memorable.

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Richard Mortimer
After 36 years of walking around lifeless…

The retreat was amazing, liberating and essential to my ability to wake up after 36 years of walking around dead and lifeless.I felt safe, supported, and surrounded by knowledgeable individuals who were able to provide me with unconditional support, whether it be emotional mental, physical, and spiritual. The country, the retreat, the volunteers, the Shamans will forever hold a place in my soul.

Thank You to the plant medicines for helping me see.

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Dan Dillan
Greatest spiritual and emotional highlights of my life

Come and you will know how awesome this place is. I am overjoyed to have been able to experience your space twice now and view as it as the most spiritual and emotional highlights of my life. My memories of this place joy me up every time. In thanks of the people and spirit of this immensely healing retreat.

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Kerry Bachmann
My heart and eyes are finally open to love

This is a valuable place for folks struggling to find answers or to release pain and gain spiritual strength. I found much peace and resolve in my life and feel like my heart and eyes are finally open to love, compassion and gratitude for life... and the universe as a whole and as one.
I am truly blessed and privileged to have found such a magical, beautiful, healing opportunity and a community that will forever be in my heart! I will return as often as I can for this is where I found power to transform my life and decisions, this is where I was reborn!

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Diana L
I now know my path

I can’t begin to describe this amazing healing journey.. taken place in a real life Garden of Eden. Things I never thought possible have come true, and beyond. I understand now what the Native Americans saw and connected with. How sad that for most people, this has been lost! So much to say, I can’t find the words... We really are victims of our own story. I now know my path, something I have always struggled with, it’s so clear now. Thanks for your magnetism and love.

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Juan Carlos Torres
A magical path to love and understandin

It is very difficult to tell in words how much meant to me the experience in El Camino Sagrado, because it was an experience beyond words! It was a beautiful and enlightening week, in which I had the chance of expanding my awareness, my love and my sense of the Oneness with marevelous guides, very nice partners, and the most powerful and magical environment. I only can say THANKS to all of them, to God and the Universe for this precious time to get more peace and more understanding. Without a doubt, it was a life
- changing experience!

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Cal Haverland
I came lost and broken…

Amazing and life changing. I came to your Ayahuasca retreat lost and broken. I found myself there. I am back, thank you. My heart is filled with love and it started with self-love. Right there.

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Alecia A
I can now truly see

This 8 day retreat was absolutely amazing and it has impacted my life in such a huge way! It was an important stepping stone that helped to guide me to where I am now on my spiritual Journey.

At the retreat I was surrounded by beautiful, loving, kind people that I now consider to be my soul family. It was a time of sharing, being vulnerable, and gaining so much clarity. I am now able to see life through a new set of eyes because of the major transformation of mother Ayahuasaca. I am Truly blessed and grateful for this life changing experience. The shaman and the light workers were the best and I will continuously send them Love, Light, and appreciation for their heartfelt guidance.

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Danielle Franco
Beyond amazing. It totally exceeded my expectations

The activities, support, schedule, love, hugs and guidance were absolutely perfect. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. The instructors and shamans/ medicine men and women were impeccable in every way.

This retreat stands apart from all the other Ayahuasca retreats. There was so much preparation and attention to details put into this retreat. I am forever changed and beyond appreciative that Ayahuasca Healings found me. If you feel the call follow your heart it will not steer you wrong.