Hundreds of happy retreat guests can’t be wrong…

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George Roesler
No more chains!!

Wow!! My life has been transformed, my chain broken off, my heart filled with joy! My inner child has been released from a jail decade old and I have a renewed and inspired look on life again.

Everyone of the staff were loving and wonderful to us. The food was delicious! The workshops educational and the entire experience inspiring! I will return again! 

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Dima Abuhumoud
A completely new perspective on life

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to experience the most meaningful journey in my life. I have received so much from this retreat, and would definitely join again.

The nature in Peru was beautiful, the facilitators were amazing and the medicine gave me the deepest healing. I loved being connected to nature and it made me realize how much I needed it. I have met beautiful people I felt I was spiritually connected to and learned a lot from everyone.

Through my Ayahuasca retreat I was able to release all the negative emotions that have caused me so many blocks and unwanted energy, to get rid of the negative past memories and I entered a whole new world of healing and knowledge. My life perspective have changed so much and my attitude towards life is completely different than how it used to be.

I also take healing and meditation more serious now, many things have changed for me in a positive way and I’m very GRATEFUL for it. Ayahuasca experience was a bit challenging, but I made it through and it gave me what I needed. It was totally worth it!

I’m grateful for Ayahuasca and for everyone who helped me through. I would definitely recommend anyone to take the chance and time to go to this retreat and experience Ayahuasca, it’s truly amazing how I felt afterwards, all the love, peace, appreciation and gratitude. All the feelings and emotions that everyone must feel.

Thank you again for this valuable opportunity, this fruitful journey has effected my life and changed my direction to a better place.

Much love!

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Jace A
Everything that I had hoped for

My 8 day Ayahuasca retreat was worth every penny.
I gained valuable insights into life, into myself, into others around me. More valuable than if I spent any amount of money on anything else.
Ayahuasca is the fastest way to gain these insights. Over a year later and I am still feeling the effects
of Her within me.
The retreat center itself was everything I had hoped to find.The support during ceremony and throughout the entire retreat was beyond anything I could have asked for.
I made some lifelong friends with the other guests there. It felt good to be around that many like-minded people that are on the same path of betterment and growth. All because this retreat brought us all together. It was meant to be.
I am beyond grateful for this experience that was made possible by those who put this retreat together. I want to come back here again. I WILL come back here again. You will be 100% happy with your choice if you choose this retreat.

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Sam A.
One year after my retreat

Greetings from New Zealand. It's approaching a year since my retreat now.

I still think about the experience regularly, and tune into my teachings and lessons, especially when challenges are presented. I won't go into the details of the tools endowed to me by the medicine, but they have unequivocally made me a stronger, more independent, an d considerate person, in an all - encompassing way.

I feel more individually stable and live life with conscious and blissful dedication to my truth. The retreat itself was pure magic for me. I could write an essay here about all the things I love and enjoyed, but I won't... The ladies running the retreat are angels in every sense of the word, all were simply love embodied. The Shaman couldn't of been a p urer shamanic presence, divine and ethereal.

The setting of the sacred valley provided my mind with the calm and nourishment I needed to enable me to trust and surrender. I made friends and memories that will stay with me for eternity. The inner work was a struggle at moments. Regardless, I utterly loved the retreat, and look back on it through besotted lens. I'll certainly be returning one day.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sums it up.

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Amy Stanford
The best experience of my life

When I came to this Ayahuasca retreat I definitely was not expecting it to be filled with this much love. As soon as I arrived, I was treated like a part of their family. The facilitators kept the place well clean and made sure that we felt like we were home. The activities that were provided during my stay were extremely beneficial to my healing process. The shaman played a wonderful role during the 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies and took excellent care of everyone. 

I could not of asked for a better shaman to guide me through this beautiful journey filled with peace and love. Thank you to everyone here that made this the best experience of my life. I will definitely be recommending this retreat to anyone that is interested in having a beautiful life changing experience. 

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Life changing experience

If you’re thinking about taking this journey, I would highly recommend going to this Ayahuasca retreat. The team, support, and environment were top notch. I waited years to make the journey but I should have just gone when I was first called. Even though I say that my timing was perfect and that’s how it will be for you. The value you get for your investment is well worth the fee! If you’re on the fence just commit and the universe will take care of the rest. Blessings.

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Hannah Craft
Best days of my life

I want to do it again! The best 8 days of my life so far! Not only were the Ayahuasca ceremonies incredibly profound, but the level of connection with the group was amazing. I loved every moment of it and am positively changed forever. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

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Lee Knight
I couldn’t have imagined…

Before getting here,I could not have imagined how special this life process was. How friendly the staff was. How much love was created and how close we all gotten. All of the sessions and Ayahuasca ceremonies were so powerful. The surprising thing was on top of the mountain, the feeling of being a part of so so so much love. This was one of my most enjoyed experiences in life. Thanks to all who are involved in making this possible. It's so transformational!!!

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Randy Higgins
Revolutionary retreats, leading to planetary transformation

I did the retreat two years ago. First of all, the retreat was spectacular. It was far beyond my expectations. One of the facilitators said “Ayahuasca opens the door, but you have to walk through it.”

When I got home I and found a yoga class and a Tai chi group, and I started meditating. I meditate 2-3 hours a day. Having tapped into a greater vision for the world, I've written a book on planetary transformation. I'm happy to report that I continue to walk through that door every day!

My life is 100% devoted to the “Great Work” now. The new earth is not something we have to wait for, or even work for. I see now that it has been right in front of my eyes the whole time!

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Meagan Hafkemeyer
So much more than just Ayahuasca

What an amazing amazing experience. It was truly nothing like expected. Ayahuasca is a deeply healing medicine but this retreat is so much more than just Ayahuasca. We were a family from the first day and the connection we all had was one of the most healing elements. I am so grateful to have found Ayahuasca Healings.