Hundreds of happy retreat guests can’t be wrong…

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Life changing

This retreat was amazing! I can hardly put into words what it did for me. It’s truly life changing. If you feel the call to Mother Aya, this is a great place for your first time. The group of people that help you through your journey are truly beautiful souls, and the bonds you make with people also on the journey are special as well. Anyone who chooses this path will come out of it with more than they expected. Aho

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Darren Boyd
A unique, healing and inspiring experience

An amazing experience, for those who have the Courage! What a unique, healing, and inspiring experience! To have the opportunity to surround yourself with such inspiring, healing and beautiful souls, very grateful! An amazing experience to recharge and heal your soul, not just to continue your journey, but learn, and begin to take charge of it. Very grateful for all the beautiful souls who had the courage to share this experience with me! Very grateful!!

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Michael Cavender
Extremely transformational

It was an extremely transformational experience. I feel much lighter on a spiritual level. I felt a deep connection to other energies during the ceremonies and how my own energy could effect others. The center felt very safe and everything was well organized. I would highly recommended this center to everyone looking to improve on a mental, spiritual and physical level.

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Andrew Tompkins
Life transforming trip

I had an amazing, life transforming trip. I literally can’t thank the staff enough for the love, protection and strength that was shown. The food was amazing and

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Alyssa Curran
Support of the staff and other retreat members was amazing

It was overall very challenging, mostly physically but the physical challenges also brought up a lot of fear. However, the support of the staff and other retreat members was amazing. The people are very caring and the activities were enjoyable as well, great variety plus well thought out. The wisdom, support and love of the staff was the best part, as well as the community building activities. Also, the food was very good. I am grateful for the new friendship as well.

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David Jone
Wonderful experience

A wonderful experience. I loved the staff and the incredible ceremonies with the Shaman’s team. I will recommend this place to many people.

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Kyle Nelson
The retreat was overall a great experience.

The retreat was overall a great experience. The location is top notch and I can really feel the powerful energy here. The staff is very friendly and if you need anything they are their to help you in anyway. This is an Ayahuasca retreat, so these aren’t amenities, so keep that in mind. It’s very rustic but I handled that just fine for a 7 day retreat. All the activities planning in between the ceremonies were very nice. The volunteer were great too.
The shaman and her team were also amazing!!

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Nadia Williams
The whole experience will be unforgettable

It was beautiful. The whole experience will be unforgettable; from the incredible team always being there for us, offering their 1:1 session for extra healing to the whole focus of bringing us all together and seeing the importance of family and love. Uncovering the healing power of love. Everything was beautifully planned out with enough time in between sessions to chill or journal. The food was incredibly tasty. Leaving this retreat, I leave with so much love in my heart and homework to take with me. Although I did have a small hope I would experience a huge break through or see something life changing.

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Ariane Taylor
Loved the vegan food!

Appreciated being able to experience this unique process. Staff and Shamans’ love for participants was palpable. Thank you for the loving kindness shown during 3rd ceremony. The cacao ceremony and love circle were very meaningful. Loved the vegan food! You are all shining examples of love in action!

Thank You!

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Juanita Johnson
The retreat was rewarding

The retreat was rewarding. Mother Aya revealed to me the sight and messages from heavens that I needed to see and hear that would put me on the path of simplicity and truth. That path led me to wholeness and balance.

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