Hundreds of happy retreat guests can’t be wrong…

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Diana A
It was a special journey

I had an amazing experience and highly recommend this retreat. The staff and all participants were there to help you with all your needs. It was a special journey and I would definitely return.

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Tracie Pecheny
Good, very healing and relaxing.

Good, very healing and relaxing. I really appreciated all of the workshops introspection. The area is beautiful and the people were amazing.

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Joe Buono
Profoundly transformational

My time at the Ayahuasca Healings retreat was the most profoundly transformational experience of my entire life. I came for healing and clarity, and I received both in ways I had never even fathomed.

The trip was beyond worth it.Although I ‘felt the call,’ I was still anxious before I made the trip. I didn’t really know what to expect, and I felt a little crazy flying across the country. However, once I met my fellow retreaters and the staff, I knew that I was in good hands.

I was amazed at how quickly I bonded with everyone at the retreat. In about three days, we went from being complete strangers to close family. From the very beginning, I clearly felt that the staff had the highest intentions and commitment to us, which allowed me to deeply trust them throughout the entire journey.

The ceremonies were extraordinarily intense and powerful for me.If you are on the fence about whether you should go to this retreat or not, just go. Make your reservation and take the leap of faith. I promise that you will not regret it.

I give my deepest, most heartfelt thanks to the Ayahuasca Healings family for their incredibly important, life-changing work.

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Jenavene Brown
Amazing experience

Amazing, food was great people were deep and dynamic. Leader was insightful and kind. The
ceremonies were beautiful

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Ina vgs
Beautiful and transformational

Beautiful plus transformational plus just amazing. I am so grateful I got to meet all these amazing people and mother ayahuasca. I experienced so much healing here. I found truth here and I never would have thought that a human was able to experience the emotions I felt. I’m just so
thankful for everything.

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Jorge Soto Manns
Very loving and supporting staff

A wonderful and fulfilling experience. It was a loving supportive family that helped thought some very dark energies. I carried and helped me release.

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George Roesler
No more chains!!

Wow!! My life has been transformed, my chain broken off, my heart filled with joy! My inner child has been released from a jail decade old and I have a renewed and inspired look on life
Everyone of the staff were loving and wonderful to us. The food was delicious! he workshops educational and the entire experience inspiring! I will return again.

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Meagan Hafkemeyer
So much more than just Ayahuasca

What an amazing amazing experience. It was truly nothing like expected. Ayahuasca is a deeply healing medicine but this retreat is so much mire than the ayahuasca. We were a family from the first day and the connection we all had was one of the more healing element. I am so grateful to have found Ayahuasca healings.

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Nadia Williams
Everything was beautifully planned

It was beautiful. The whole experience will be unforgettable from the incredible team always being there for us, offering there 1:1 session for extra healing to the whole focus of bringing us all together and seeing the importance family and love, uncovering the healing power of love. Everything was beautifully planned out with enough time in between session to chill or journal. The food was incredibly tasty.Leaving this retreat. I leave with so much love in my heart and homework to take with me. Although I did have a small hope I would experience break through or see something life changing. I completely accept that this is my start of the process and Ayahuasca is a tool.

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Kyle Nelson
The shaman and her team were amazing

The retreat was overall great experience. The location is top notch and I can really feel the powerful energy here. The staff is very friendly and if you need anything they are their to
help you in anyway. This is an Ayahuasca retreat, so these aren’t amenities, so keep that in mind. It’s very rustic but I handled that just fine for a 7 day retreat. All the activities planning in between the ceremonies were very nice. The volunteer were great too.
The shaman and her team were also amazing!!