Hundreds of happy retreat guests can’t be wrong…

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Ariane Taylor
Ceremony was very meaningful

So appreciated being able to experience this unique process. Staff and Shamans’ lover for participants was palpable. Thank you for the loving kindness shown during 3rd ceremony.
The cacan ceremony and love circle were very meaningful. Loved the Egan food! You are all shining examples of love in action!
Thank You!

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Robert Taylor
Very knowledgeable and helpful staff

Good knowledgeable and helpful staff. Schedule had good variety. Inspiring location good mixture of participants. Thoughtful inclusion of outside activities. A worthwhile experience with
“mini” classes or workshops being very helpful worthwhile introductions to the medicine.

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Andrew Tompkins
Life transforming trip ever

I had an amazing life transforming trip. I literally can’t thank the staff enough for the love, protection and strength that was shown. The food was amazing and I want to come back and
volunteer. 5 star. Side note: The staff, I could talk to about anything.

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Cal Haverland
I came lost and broken

Amazing and life changing.I came to your Ayahuasca retreat lost and broken. I found myself there.I am back, thank you. My heart is filled with love and it started with self-love.Right there.

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Peter Widstrand
Beautiful experience

Beautiful beyond my expectations.

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Danielle Franco
It totally exceeded my expectations

Beyond amazing. It totally exceeded my expectations. The activities, support, schedule, love, nugs and guidance were absolutely perfect. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. The instructors and shamans/ medicine men and women were impeccable in every way. This retreat stands at from all the other retreats.

There was so much preparation and attention to details put into this retreat. I am forever changed and beyond appreciative that Ayahuasca Healings fanned me. If you feel the call follow your heart it will not steer you wrong.

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Shino Urano
It was purely a bless

It was purely a bless. The whole setup and activities were perfectly aligned to the process and all the care and support were so wonderful. I am so grateful for all the stuff and masters
and Shamans for showing experiencing the love and power of the medicine and bring us altogether. Thank you so much.

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Lee Knight
All of the sessions and ceremonies were so powerful

Before getting here. I could not have imagined how special this life process was. How friendly the staff was. How much love was created and how close we all gotten. All of the sessions and ceremonies were so powerful. The surprising thing top of the mountain was such and how to be apart of so so so much love. This was one of my most enjoyed experience. Thanks to all who are

involved in making this possible. Its so transformational!!!

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Jennifer Wilson
One of the most amazing experience of my life

One of the most amazing experience of my life is my birthday happened first day and I received so many gifts of loves and healing. I can feel this is a new chapter of my life. I will be

forever grateful facilitators volunteers, Shamans and plant medicine give to me. I come with a void and I am leaving feeling whole.

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Angela Reiser
Very transformative

Very transformative. It was a lot to process and take in but it was very life changing. I am very happy I was called here to heal.