Hundreds of happy retreat guests can’t be wrong…

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Jennifer Ghelardini
This retreat and experience was exactly what my soul needs

Amazing and life changing. I'm not sure now I'm going to go back to my previous life. As this retreat and experience was/is exactly what my soul needs. It’s so beautiful to serve
everyone is so loving. It was everything I needed. Thank you!

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Eila Mils
I will be forever grateful

Beautiful. Healing Friendly, caring, companionate. Thank you to you all. You are all so special. Inviting stranger in to your home and hearts to heal us. I will be forever grateful.
Three cheers to life, love and all there is!

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Shawn Terry
It was legal 100%

This was a amazing experience with a great group of people. I wouldn't change anything about it there was much love from staff and it was a great healing experience Do you have anything to shares, for how we can improve? It was legal 100%.

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Vincent Hull
Feel a great connection

Amazing great experience with ceremonies and all the workshops! Feel a great connection.

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Alyssa Curran
The support of the staff was amazing

It was overall very challenging, mostly physically but the physical challenges also brought up a lot of fear. However, the support of the staff and other retreat members was amazing. The
people are very caring and the activities were enjoyable as well, great variety plus well thought out. The wisdom support plus love of the staff was the best part, as well as the community
building activities. Also, the food was very good. I am grateful for the new friendship as well.

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David Jones
Incredible ceremonies!!

A wonderful experience. I loved the staff and the incredible ceremonies with Nacho teams. I will recommend this place to many people.

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Amanuel Negash
Great experience

Great. Couldn't ask for a better experience.

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John salaki
Very enjoyable

Enjoy all of it. People are very nice the retreat is very peaceful.

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Michael Cavender
I felt a deep connection to other energies during the ceremonies

It was an extremely transformation experience. I feel much lighter on a spiritual level. I felt a deep connection to other energies during the ceremonies and how my own energy could effect
others. The center felt very safe and everything was well organized. I would highly recommended this center to everyone looking to improve on a mental, spiritual and physical and level.

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Richard Mortimer
The retreat was amazing

The retreat was amazing, liberating and essential to my ability to wake up after 36 years of walking around dead and listless.I felt safe, supported, and surrounded by knowledgeable individuals who were able to provide me with unconditional support, whether it be emotional mental, physical, and spiritual. The country, the retreat, the volunteers, the Shamans will forever hold a place in my soul.
Thank You to the plant medicines for helping me see.

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