Ayahuasca Diet For Your Deepest Healing, If You’re Willing To…

Brothers and sisters Trinity de Guzman coming at you right now from literally the jungles of Peru I just found a little stream to walk up and film this video for you and I’m making this video because I just finished an ayahuasca retreat here in the jungle for the first time ever and was literally one of the most powerful experiences of my entire life and I’m so inspired to be sharing this medicine with the world because of how much it helps us period I’ve never seen anything help so many people so deeply you know like there were about 13 of us at the retreat this time and every single person there experienced what they received what they got out of it so powerful so deep such deep healing like for me personally.

I was able to see so clearly like all these self-sabotage layers that I’ve been operating under unconsciously in my life and it’s like you know that’s what ayahuasca is really able to do for us is it allows us to zoom out and take this like this external witness observer perspective and really see our lives from this like bird’s eye view and seeing things that are out of alignment the things that we do that don’t serve us the things that are you know just not helpful for us in whatever way that we can for whatever reason we continue to do them because their unconscious you know conditioning that we received from from being a child and growing up in whatever society that we’ve grown up in now for our parents from our friends from just society in the world and the value system that’s just so out of whack that’s just you know that’s my personal opinion but like the value system of cities it’s like always about the next thing it’s always about achieving and obtaining and acquiring and getting and like how you look in other people’s eyes but it’s like it’s losing the real meaning of truth of existence of what it means to be here on this planet and love most importantly.

You know like I don’t want to get all hippy on you but I truly believe that you know like love is the point of the song you know at the end of the day when we’re dying and we’re in our deathbed are we really going to be worrying about OOP making more money or how much we were able to achieve or obtain know we’ll think about the times in our lives that we spent it with the people who matter most to us and at the end of the day that’s what matters.

It’s the connections the community is the people around us it’s hearts love and its purpose and it’s like if you were to die would you be happy knowing that you lived your purpose you’re leaving a legacy the way that you want to be leaving it or you’re leaving the world in a better way than before you got here would you feel like you lived your purpose your divine purpose why you’re really hearing plotted and the medicine is able to really help you connect with purpose in such a deep way in such a way we’re one and alike you don’t know what your purposes.

It’ll help you like clarify that too if you do know order this will help you get rid of everything in the way of you really fulfilling what that purpose is in the world you know and for anybody who’s looking into ayahuasca if you’re watching this video obviously the party that feels the call and I’m so grateful about that because I truly believe I awoke is here to help the people who are really serious about their work about their healing about their expansion about connecting back to truth to who you really are to existence the absolute you know these are all words to express the experience.

I was able to have so deeply but it’s like I’m doing my best to extra or talk about the experience of ayahuasca but nothing’s ever really gonna be an ayahuasca experience you sit with the medicine yourself and best way I can describe is it connects you with your truth on such a deep level you know like where you come from who you really are what you really are pure consciousness exist in spirit here not a fast in a physical body or a specific reason you know I truly believe the people who are called ayahuasca are the people who are really here to help in the ascension of human beings in the raising of vibration in the returning back to heart to ourselves to connection community and everything.

I was talking about earlier you know switching the value system so that’s not about obtaining but it’s about breaking down the systems that no longer serve us you know and ayahuasca is coming to the world just like yoga meditation more and more people are hearing about it experiencing it sitting with this profound teacher and I’m making this video because I just like many other people who are popping up in the world are so-called am so called to just share the medicine period you know like if you’re called to ayahuasca I want to say like if you’re ready this is the most powerful tool that I’ve ever discovered to be able to help me and expand and come back to my truth of consciousness of existence of who I really am as I keep saying you know but I want to emphasize it’s only here for you and I only encourage you to follow this path medicine if you’re serious about your work and I only encourage you to follow the path of medicine.

If you feel it here you know follow your truth follow your heart that’s the most important thing and nobody can tell you anything otherwise you are your own master you are your own good you have all the answers within you and that’s the medicine is able to help you connect to and with and so like I said if you’re ready medicine is the most powerful tool and I’ve ever discovered and it’s a tool you know I want to emphasize that it’s a tool not the tool it’s a answer not the answer but it’s like something that would take 10 years or more lifetimes you can achieve in one night and then you can work with these teachings to really ground them into your life into your reality so you can live them on a more consistent basis and little by little you can shift who you are and step into your divine purpose and who you’re really here to be in the world in such a powerful way like for me It’s helped me step into my divine purpose of really here to like help in healing of awakening of ascension of returning to our truth and I got a vision in my ayahuasca datada that I was that I had last year that I was here to help share the medicine and now I’m helping a friend lunch.

Oh my god a retreat center I’m so grateful react I’m actually here because there was a was opening ceremony so I’m so grateful to be able to be here to ground the intentions of the healing for the whole for the people who are coming here and to share my gifts you know as a messenger as a person here to spread messages that’s what I’ve grown up with in the world learning how to do to really just use these gifts only for purposes of consciousness some sharing light with the world and so like I said it’s like only if you’re ready it’s deep intense work it’s not easy like you really go into the shadows you really do and like just think about like digging the deepest hole and like or like going into deepest darkest cave and like excavating and finding.

All the things that don’t like serve you that don’t belong and it’s scary it’s hard it’s intense there’s a part of you that doesn’t even want to go in there but it’s like you know on the other side there’s just though the brightest light greatest love the deepest connection to who you really are that you’ve ever been able to experience and that’s the medicine can do for you you know and yeah that’s pretty much all I want to share like I’ve made a website known as that’s called ayahuasca.

Healings calm and it’s just a resource for anybody who’s called to the medicine with your first time drinker or your experienced it’s a resource to help people connect with the medicine and to learn more about it and also I’m creating a forum I got visions that I meant to create a forum so that people can communicate and chat and connect with other people who have experienced the medicine as well also on this site so check it out it’s called ayahuasca healings calm the descriptions in the or the links in the description and I just look so forward to helping you in your journey in your path with ayahuasca whether it’s going to a retreat a Healing Center or doing a DNA yourself I have a friend who like I said has this retreat center but I’m not going to tell you come to our retreat I’m gonna say follow your heart and go to the people who you resonate with most so with that all being said thank you so much for being on this path of consciousness of returning to your truth of love and doing that for the world truly thank you for what you.

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With SO much love, so grateful to help support you in this journey of a lifetime, ayahuasca retreat peru


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