My AMAZING Ayahuasca DMT Experience – Life-Changing Effects of DMT

Brothers and sisters my name is Trinity de Guzman and I am recording this video after such a powerful ayahuasca ceremony last night. I’m here living in Guatemala and it’s a local ayahuasca blend that was made with not exactly the same plants that are used to make ayahuasca in Peru, but it is still a liquid and tea form of DMT which is so powerful and the medicine DMT ayahuasca is so profound and gives so many teachings on such a deep level. I wanted to share with you some of the downloads that I had experienced last night and just going to share with you where I’m at right now.

I’m here in Guatemala and I just recently had a baby here’s my little sleeping sweet angel and I’m here with my beloved and this massive Buddha always looking over us and here in this beautiful home in Guatemala so lush so green and this is one of the things I’m sharing with you, now because one of the most profound lessons that came to me my ceremony last night was it’s all about choice. We get in our lives whatever we want and this medicine has helped me to understand so deeply how we are absolutely the most powerful creators of our lives and whatever we want is the key listen again whatever we want is the key.

We as human beings most of the times walk around this life not being very clear about what we want many know what they do not want but are not clear exactly what experience they want in every moment most people let other people dictate the lives that they’re meant to have or what they’re supposed to want but the real question is what do you want that is really the key and I can’t emphasize that right and that can’t emphasize that enough because I share this beautiful home I am in my beloved here this amazing bed and baby that I have my arms and why because this is what I’ve chosen for myself. I wanted this life and there are so many aspects to my life and I’m waving the most blissful experience beyond anything that I’ve ever experienced before and how is because I understand so deeply that the keys to our experience is what do we want not what you don’t want so for example do you want a loving relationship being so clear on exactly what you want and what type of relationship you want passionate loving connected present.

Where you adventure and travel together or maybe you want a family rather than people who might be afraid of you know I don’t want a abusive relationship or they’re focused on the experiences in the past that they do not want. It is that very clarity of what you don’t want that helps give you clarity of what you do want and so this is the visions of ayahuasca and this blessed medicine and the DMT experience which is opening us so deeply to the truth of who we really are as infinite potential source energy as DMT this molecule that is is secreted when we die and in very deep states of sleep which is essentially called the spirit molecule because it is a really in charge of the soul entering and leaving coming back to the body and that’s why it’s known as the spirit molecul. Because it brings with it as we are able to leave our bodies and see this life from a completely different perspective it brings with it teachings that are so profound and really bring us back to the reminder that, we are the ultimate creators of our reality so this is my short little inspirational message for you today and I want to give you a little challenge and that is seeing in your life where can you be more clear about what you want.

Where in your life can you be more clear about not only what you don’t want but truly what do you want because this entire world is our playground. It’s a game and you know some of us get stuck thinking that this world is meant to be difficult and hard and they’re suffering and there’s things that we have to do, because we don’t want to but that’s not true you get to choose completely what you want in your life and your life can be filled with 100% of things in your life that you want to be there and none of the things that you don’t want to be there and so.

If it’s hard for you to believe this is one of the most powerful gifts of ayahuasca and the DMT experience which is it helps us really shift our belief on such a deep level which is really opening us up to the capacity of understanding that we really are the ultimate creators of our reality. It helps us see the beliefs that we have that are in the way of this information that is being shared with you right now so on a surface level in a mental level you’re hearing you are the ultimate creator of your reality but then how do you bridge the gap between where you are and the experience you have right now maybe noticing some things that you might not like and getting into the reality where you do have everything that you want in your life and this is where this medicine is so powerful because it helps us look at the beliefs that are in the way of actually stepping into that ownership that we are the most powerful creators of our reality.

So if you are called to go deeper into that healing that is available for you from this medicine check the link out in the description below and we run ayahuasca retreats in Peru because this medicine has helped me so deeply in my life that I’ve dedicated my life to sharing it with those who are truly ready to wake up because it’s time to wake up to the reminder and the deepest remembering that you are the ultimate creator of your reality with so much.

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With SO much love, so grateful to help support you in this journey of a lifetime,
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