Ayahuasca, DMT & Sex – How are DMT, Ayahuasca & Sex Alike? [Important!]

Brothers and sisters Trinity Guzman coming at you again right now from Mexico my amazing home in Mexico just loving it here so much creating just pure magic sitting with the medicine on like a weekly basis again with another just report or video sharing my experiences from my ayahuasca ceremony last night you know ayahuasca many people talk about ayahuasca and its relationship with DMT but you know on one aspect.

If you look at it from a scientific perspective okay there’s the DMT and the combination of the plants you know ayahuasca and Chuck Runa that’s how the ayahuasca tea is made and like a lot of people talk about it as this DMT experience you know there’s a certain something that happens that the DMT can be absorbed into our brains and a lot of people speak about the effects being had upon us through the DMT or this molecule you know and there’s so much research that’s been put into DMT and what a profound teacher it is but what I truly believe that makes ayahuasca as profound of a teacher as it is.

Is the spirit of the planet is madre of mother you know they call her mother ayahuasca for a reason because she is just she’s exactly that a spirit you know a mother I believe that grandmother sometimes she can be you know just like a mother she couldn’t just be so loving so gentle just give you the deepest and bring you into the most profound states of love that you’ve ever experienced or she can give you some tough love sometimes.

If you know it if you need it and maybe like if you’re out of line in some way give you a little smack around so that you can come back into alignment just like our mother it was loving wood you know and that is what really makes the experience of ayahuasca so profound and my experience last night had a lot to do with my sexual energy and that’s why the title of this video is the way it is you know ayahuasca DMT and sexuality like what do they have in common you know what makes them similar and for me I’ve been on this path ayahuasca for your lifetimes really lifetimes.

I’ve seen so clearly it’s so many journeys that I my medicine my experience and my history with the medicine goes so deep so many lifetimes and that’s why you know I have such a profound connection with her in this life that’s why I’m just so called to share this medicine and my intention as I sat before I made this video I always just connect my intention for why.

You know I make these videos and what feeling I want to leave you with you know and for me right now when I connected with that it was like I want to leave you with some questions that make you question your relationship with maybe their spirituality or sexuality because for me I without a doubt hands-down believe that they are one and of the same they are the same thing they are synonymous sexuality and spirituality and what allows that to be the case of course is the intention you know I’ve been on this wild journey traveling the world for years now experiencing so many different profound teachers in a physical sense like a physical teacher or a non-physical teacher you know angels guides or plant teachers and I’m constantly under this journey of which like endless evolution.

That’s going so fast you know the people around me are just like what is good like I keep coming to that seat being like oh my god I’ve just had the most intense experience of my entire life and it seems to always be that way why is because I have endless intention to just grow to just evolve just come back to the truth.

Whatever that means and letting go of anything that is less than the truth that is what my whole journey is and that’s all I’m here to share with the world and you know that’s why I make this video that’s why share ayahuasca that’s why I build out everything that I filled out is to just share awakening share truth the same realizations that I come to a my own path that I come to on my journey excuse the Mexican yelling.

If you can hear it in the background but um yeah like one of the most profound things that I’ve discovered on my path of healing of awakening and of knowing and discovering and living truth is sexuality and you know for a lot of people they might be like huh how what or so that it might even trigger some people because there’s you know certain relationships that many people many of us have with sexuality that isn’t active in a good context in a good light.

A lot of people are ashamed of their sexuality are shy or you know have a hard time with their sexuality it boggles me how many women have you know are just sexually scarred or sexually frustrated or you know like when I was taught thinking about that first thing that came to mind was like how many women actually haven’t had an orgasm you know and this is like I’m talking about this so nonchalantly because it is normal conversation.

I hope it is anyway I see a world where we can all be open and unashamed about our sexuality about orgasms about sex and about our own desires why is because I truly see and know from my heart of hearts that our sexuality is our impulse to know truth the thing is we grow up in a world where our sexuality like we’re taught how we’re meant to be with our sexuality in a way that isn’t clean in a way that isn’t in alignment with truth.

In a way that isn’t of love of light of consciousness you know it’s a very unconscious way of sexuality that we learn in this in the world of North America or the world of the first world or you whatever you want to call it but like especially in the world of advertising we’re taught you know basically like the whole thing that drives cities is sexuality money and power money sex and power those are the three things that drive cities.

You know almost all advertising is as in some weight or another geared towards sexuality you know like why do you people want a nice car it’s like and so you’re gonna be attractive in the eyes of the other sex you know all the clothes all the like designer labels all the you know the ego and the facade all of it is about show and why is often rooted in like our this very unconscious sexual relationship that were taught in cities.

Does this make sense like basically we’re just taught that our sexuality is something that you know should kind of be unconscious and you know like we’re just taught in North American culture and in the first world even in countries all over the world just the whole relationship that we have with sexuality is that it’s okay to just you know have sex with people and not have the highest intentions and the highest truth of love be behind that and for me that’s what I feel you know make sexuality spiritual is the intention is the intention to connect with God and as I see that sexuality and the tantric path which I am so called to you know in Tantra.

There’s this whole like preconceived notion of what Tantra is a lot of people think Tantra is just about sexuality but no Tantra is about love Tantra is a philosophy of getting to know God the divine and that’s where this topic of ayahuasca DMT and sex what do they all have in common is that they’re all paths to God I’ve experienced you know ayahuasca for years on a very regular basis and DMT as is you know one thing out and it’s an element of ayahuasca.

A lot of people ask me about it and if like if that’s what leads to the experience but no it’s like ayahuasca there’s a spirit DMT is a molecule and you know you can smoked DMT too and I have had that experience as well it’s been incredibly profound you know why because the intentions behind it but on top of this there’s sexuality and so I personally you know I’ve done so much medicine work I’ve done Deanna’s.

Where I’ve drank for weeks where you know I like I drink every couple days or every few days and clean my body and just go deeper and deeper with the medicine and was that like I can still say that the most depth the deepest I’ve ever gone to know and experience the truth of what the divine really is that goes so far beyond words is sacred sexuality and so it’s my intention and sharing this with you first and foremost to bring consciousness to our sexuality.

You know a lot of the times were very unconscious their sexuality and oh well 20% battery remaining and a lot of the times we’re unconscious with their sexuality and we often just have sex for the sake of having sex we have sex for a pleasure we have sex just because we have sex based on like these primal lust desires that are just very rooted in the lower chakras and one of the most profound things that I’ve learned how to do is learn how to take this energy and move it up you know sublime it transmuted consecrated to offer it to the divine to the world to the whole to creation.

You know I do so much creating in this physical world in terms of building things that offer service to other beings and right now I’m launching a coaching company actually which is helping women expand their orgasmic capacity through healing the sexual traumas that you know so surprisingly so many women have and this is work that I’ve been doing on a very one-on-one basis for years now as this is just like what Spirit has called me to do and you know there’s all these different aspects of healing but I’m here to bring the world you know help women.

In this way that I just described help men step up into being men yang have that energy to be the provider the protector you know to have that vision that focused that direction of vision of service for the world and to let that be the core driving force that operates everything we do you know and of course ayahuasca healing on a very physical level and emotional psychological and mental level these are just you know a little things scratching the surface of the things that I’m building out and why I’m sharing that is simply because you know with ayahuasca with our sexuality.

I want to bring consciousness to you know to your life I want to bring truth and aspects of truth and what that can mean for you into your experience so I’m leaving you with the question of like what’s your relationship like with your sexuality are you ashamed of it are you shy of it is it hard for you to talk about it is it hard for you to express your desires are you like yeah shy or are you overly sexual you know very unconscious about it and just like treat sexuality like this just this thing that you know you just want maybe like a drink or like.

I don’t know. I can’t think of something that’s just as nonchalant as maybe a cup of water but you know what’s your relationship like with your sexuality are you treating it as sacred that is the question are you treating it as a portal to no truth to know God you know to come back to who you really are because there’s this like magical out chemical reaction that happens when you can bring the highest intentions with love.

You know true love true love of yourself first and the other you know like the reflection of how much love we can share with another it’s just a reflection of how much love that we can have for ourselves from life itself for the divine and as we expand our abilities to love ourselves love life we expand our ability to love others and that’s where it all starts you know loving ourselves you know and yeah well there’s this out chemical reaction magic pure magic when you combine love intention and breath unified breath with a partner you know maybe you’ve had an experience where you’ve had the sexual experience that took you so deep and it was just so profound and left you like on clouds for days you know and you’ve maybe tried having that experience again and haven’t been able to well.

These are the three things that I could say that lead to the most profound experiences of sexuality that we possibly could experience and how this even has anything to do with ayahuasca is because in my journey last night I just so deeply connected to how my sexuality is my greatest path to my enlightenment you know in the contract path.

In the world they say that important philosophy like an hour of sexual practice is equivalent to like three or four hours of non-sexual practice so let’s say you meditate for an hour you know that like or you have sex for an hour like deliberate intentional offering it to the divine being very deliberate about the experience that you’re having with your partner treating it as sacred offering it to bring love to the world offering it to open yourself and to open your partner in to experience a unity.

You know a sense of oneness and to experience God deeper than you ever have before you know intentions such as this of purity of cleanliness of truth you know when you come at it with this experience of this intention and you move up your sexual energy and don’t just like need to release it through the lower chakras then one hour of sexual practice of this way is equivalent to three or four hours of meditation outside of sexual practice and so I just really connected with the fact that sexuality is my greatest path to my continued evolution and was just shown so clearly how that’s gonna look for me in my life.

You know and I just wanted to share this to share this truth you know this is a little longer video than I normally make my videos because like I feel like I just want to really hammer this point in you know or gently place it in front of people you know no force but simply offering it and letting you ask yourself these questions are you really treating your sexuality of sacred are you really using your sexuality for the most potent tool as it is to know and connect with God and are you using it as the portal to truth and the divine that it really is this happiness through love.

This happens to breath this happens through intention and with that all being said I’m just so grateful to have made this video for you thank you so much for watching if you’re interested at all in ayahuasca and following me subscribe to this channel and check out my description or the link in the description ayahuasca healings calm.

I have an ayahuasca retreat center of Peru and you know just facilitating the deepest healing for people who are called to this work you know don’t let me say that ayahuasca is for you it’s not for everybody but obviously if you’re watching this video you know maybe it is for you but the most important thing that I can say with that is you know I lost the calls to you man if you feel the call you hear the call then listen because it can be one of the greatest gifts that you can ever receive and I’m just here to educate people share my experiences and of course more than anything to share my love thank you so much I’ll see you in the next video.

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