Ayahuasca Effects & The I AM Presence [Ayahuasca Effects On Awakening]

Brothers sisters Trinity to Guzman coming at you right now from Mexico I left Peru a few months ago and it’s been a little while since I made a video and it’s so stoked to be making this video because of course I just had another amazing ceremony last night and I’m so excited to just share what can’t through for me.

You know it’s just my intention in making this video and all my videos to really just inspire not only the medicine but more importantly the I&O presence be God within you and just like you on your path of your evolution to step into who you’re really here to be in the world and letting go of all the illusions all the fears of sin all the separation that keep us away from living from our one essential truth as love as spirit as gifts for everybody in this world and so yeah I’ve spent the past few months in Asia actually and I’m now in Mexico I’m building an amazing new company it’s a coaching company but that’s not the point of this but what the point of this video is like first of all I wanted to share about my experiences.

Last night I had an amazing ceremony with ayahuasca and I brought some medicine with me actually from Peru and yeah I’m so blessed to a video with just travel with it and always be so protective safe with that and the point of why I’m sharing that is because it’s like I’m really resting in the beautiful divine grace and what that really means you know like I’m seeing grace in everything but what is Grace.

you know grace is hand of God it’s the hand of spirit and the universe whatever word you want to describe these dislike all-powerful presence that I am like the I am presence was that is what I’m referring to and like the hand of grace the hand of God the hand of spear at the head of the universe plays its role in everything and I’m really starting to see that as I continue my journey and step more and more into like everything.

I’m here to create and who I’m really here to be in the world and it’s amazing the person I’ve here building this company with it’s so we have like a student-teacher relationship although she’s like just the most amazing like friend of mine I don’t look at her as anything less than that like we’re just equals as the divine serving the divine and I didn’t like sharing with her we’ve been really going deep into appreciating how the incalculable.

Incalculable grace plays in every way like it plays its hand in every aspect of our lives before whether we know it or not and sometimes we’re taking it to these journeys of these experiences that you know might seem uncomfortable but ultimately they’re all leading us to exactly where we need to be in our lives and we might not see it where we’re in the middle of the experience.

Especially where when we’re in the middle of a really intense or difficult experience but like then everything comes together and we could so clearly see once we just like take a step back and look at the experience but see how everything that happened was exactly the way it was meant to happen to serve us do where we are right now you know to you watching this video to you being on the path to ayahuasca and to you just being on your path to evolving growing and love it and who you really are and yeah it’s like what things are falling apart things are really falling into place.

I love that quote so much I have no idea at this moment who said that but it’s so true you know and like one of the things I always share with people is like we’re always getting guidance from spirit from you know who we really are the I am presence and sat first it whispers you know if you hear great and then if you don’t hear then it talks to you speaks a little louder and then if you still don’t hear then shouts and if you still note here but it makes the walls around you follow down and if you still don’t hear then they’ll make the whole house that you’re in crumble until finally you’re like okay okay and you hear and you listen and you follow your guidance.

You don’t like as I’ve been traveling the world for four or five years dour so like a lot of people ask me like how do you do it and you know like but the most important thing that I could share about that it’s like I listened I trusted my guidance I trusted the divine that’s true at first in the beginning I didn’t even fully know well I could have this verbage of like the I am presence or Spirit of God but like there was a feeling within me and I couldn’t help but like follow it and that’s the most important thing in order for us to step fully into who were here to be into our greatest expansive.

All-encompassing love and when people are in our presence theater just like blown back and like their heart just like expanded like that’s how I see all of us to be we all have that capacity and the way that we could step into that is by listening by following our truth our guidance and yeah like we will always list it in the end we’re if we’re being guided with something and we know there’s something that we should do we will always end up doing it like the only question is when you know whether it’s now or a month from now or three months from now or six months from now like the only question is wet like you’re gonna end up listening.

You cannot help but listen to your heart it’s inevitable and the longer you wait the more you’re going to suffer so why not just do it now you know I had yeah like that was one of the experiences that I you know that’s coming through that I got for my ceremony again like with these ceremonies.

It’s so fascinating trying to like put them into words because it goes so far a deep beyond the mind it’s not like it’s not like a mental process it’s like you go so far beyond the mind and like when I was sharing earlier like to be able to take that step back and see how all the experiences that like brought us to this moment how they were just all meant to be and how like planned and calculated incalculable calculation from the divine.

How it was just all meant to be to the people we met to the experiences good and bad especially the bad ones bad ones but hahaha because it’s those that really taught us the most I think give us the clarity for what we really want you know that’s the beauty of these experiences that might not look on the surface to be ideal essentially what they are is giving us clarity on exactly what we want and like Elise that’s the name of the person who I hear building you this company with and it’s so much more than just building a company.

Actually like the beautiful thing that’s coming through with this like sitting with the medicine like we’re sitting with medicine quite a bit here and one of the most beautiful fascinating experiences that’s unfolding that I wasn’t planning on that wasn’t expecting you know I came here wanting to build a coaching company to serve and healing the feminine with the relationship with the masculine like someone and the masculine and stepping up into like who they’re really here to be and how to really be what it means to be like conscious to buy masculine in the world creating.

For the service of the whole like there’s a lot that I’m here to create the service of this company but the point is I came here thinking that I was gonna be building this company and that was gonna be the focus but as we’re here it’s amazing that it’s really like just we’re spending so much less time that I thought working in like the physical world and spending so much more time sitting in the I am presence sitting in meditation with medicine you know with breath with like like all sorts of different meditations that we practice we spend hours a day just sitting listening growing connecting breathing and evolving and coming more deeply to the ion of presence I’m like you know this is my path this I’m not saying.

This is lame what are people need to be you or you need to be like yeah not at all but what I am sharing is one of the most powerful realizations that I’m having in terms of creation and we’ve grown up in this world where for me anyway I’ve grown up in a very business centered like environment like very much like get stuff done and it’s a very masculine approach of creation and what’s really coming through right now is that learning how to create from the feminine from the divine flow and the divine inspiration and impulse of every moment and in other words how to allow spirit to just create through me rather than creating from my mind and my ego and thinking what I want to happen and just like using my will like bar just get it done like but it’s dead letting go and they like gay God you know I am like use me and creating from the I am presence and from there just having everything be so rooted in the highest purest attentions of service and just pure magic unfolding of that and it’s so much more enjoyable.

So yeah like there’s this lesson that’s been coming through my life for a while now of how to create from this place of not doing verses like masculine just like grunt work you know instead of working 14 16 hours a day like I used to like spending that much time just in my bliss and maybe working like a fraction of that and of course it’s so much more powerful as long as we’re really doing the inner work and we’re really connecting when the presence of God the presence of consciousness that is here to serve the collective offering this all to the whole offering this all it’s the divine you know and just like getting out of the way getting the mind and the ego out of the ways for that week and so Phillippi the channels of spirit at loved in the world that is so fully what my life is about and what I’m here to inspire and each and every one of you so they my word speak to that part of you that wants to live from that place may my words inspire your heart and the part of you that just wants to give and was live your divine purpose and open everybody else’s hard around you.

You know weird some amazing times in our life in the collective evolution right now we’re like the Buddhas and Bodhisattva the enlightened ones the ascended masters have paved the way for us to come back and so fully remember and you know like Jesus speaks about Christ’s coming again and that wasn’t him coming I can’t back in this physical or no that’s every single one of us that is you and I becoming living from that Christ consciousness that divine love that presence and so baby’s words inspire that speak to that and honor that within you may an awakened that and bring that out of you even more and if ayahuasca is on your path Oh bless you it will give you so much more than you can even fit chicken to imagine I’m so grateful to have this medicine.

So close to my heart you know I spent what almost two years a year to half or so living in Peru growing with the venison we opened up an ayahuasca retreat centers me and this amazing brother so that we can share this with the world if you want to learn more about that click the link in my description you can learn more about our retreats and how to like just really go deep with the medicine.

If it if it calls to you you know most importantly listen to yourself don’t take don’t do it because I say so do it because you feel the call to the medicine and that’s the most important thing with knowing if the medicines for you is just really listening you know really listening and getting the mind out of the way so that we can listen from our hearts and not listen from our minds so with that all being said the brothers sisters I love you so much and I’m so happy to be making this video and I feel like I’m gonna be making more videos again I’m in a place where I’m grounded where I have the medicine sitting again and I’m just so inspired to just create and love and share all of this you.

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