Ayahuasca Experiences – How My Ayahuasca Experience Gave Me PURPOSE

Brothers and sisters Trinity Guzman coming at you right now from Peru I’m around peace AK area in the Sacred Valley and I just finished absolutely incredible ayahuasca ceremony well bundled up because it’s cold it’s sunrise happen or now just about 7:00 a.m. and check out this incredible incredible mountain this is where the temple is and there was a ceremony last night for the full moon and literally there was over a hundred people that I know it’s a big ceremony but like it’s so amazing because this medicine brings people from all over the world to come together to sit to celebrate to enjoy to grow to let go to heal to expand to just tap into levels of gratitude and love and to bliss bliss.

Oh my god I I’m still very much feeling the effects of the medicine right now and I’m sharing this video because I’m so deeply inspired to from my ceremony last night and what came to me like it’s so hard to describe and like it’s my intention and sharing this video to really help people who are possibly looking into ayahuasca or who feel the call but don’t really know much about it like they’ve heard about it maybe you’ve heard about it and you can feel the resonance with it and it’s something you want to do but you know and obviously if you’re watching this video there’s a part of you that wants to learn more about it.

And so I’m here to share this with you to help you to get clarity on how truly life-changing and valuable this medicine is and like in my ceremony there’s so much that happened and so much like just so many amazing gifts and blessed that we received through this medicine you know it really shows us where we can grow as people and you know that’s what so much of this is about is growing and continuing to really step into our divine purpose know sharing our gifts with the world.

Whatever that might be we each have our own individual beautiful gift and this medicine has such a profound effect to be able to show you and help you step more powerfully into whatever that gift is and sharing that with the world and it’s so amazing because like with this medicine and I’ll share with you something I came from up for me last night and how it helped me was I connect him so deeply with how I’m just here to help people you know that’s why I’m making this video that’s what my life is all about is to help people and I’m so inspired by this medicine to really support people in their path of healing and growth through this medicine.

Specifically and then all different ways to you know like this medicine is just one tool that we have as human beings to grow but I’ve never seen anything help so many people so profoundly and so quickly to you know it’s like we all have these things within us that we are aware of that you know we might feel like we know there’s something that we should be doing or there’s something that you know that we’re doing in our lives that doesn’t really serve us but we keep doing it or things that like I said we should be doing but we’re not doing them whatever it is it’s like this medicine really helps you see whatever’s really holding you back you know like every single person gets a different experience and every single person gets really.

Whatever they need and I want to say it’s not always easy and it’s often very intense actually it’s an it is almost always very intense and that’s a beautiful thing about it you know because it’s like through that intensity through the journey that lasts about eight hours the ceremony started last night around 9:00 and ended around 6:00 more or less and like it’s such a journey you know it really takes you to a place where you go into the depths of what’s hard and it’s like.

I said it’s not easy but you go through it to feel it to be able to see it to heal it to grow past it and I don’t want to be rambling but I just cannot emphasize enough how powerfully this medicine can help us as human beings in our evolution in our growth in our expansion and stepping more into our Dharma you know our purpose and really just allowing spirit to flow through how can we get out of the way to allow spirit to flow through whatever your personal beliefs are I honor them and I just want to share my belief which is that we’re all here to have or to live a life of purpose.

we’ve all come here for a purpose and that purpose comes down to really serving others you know and growing and of course love that’s what this all comes down to how can we have more self-love how can we love life more tap into gratitude more and just be who we really know we’re here to be in the world you know like and so I’m sharing this video that’s the first of many and I’ve been really clearly shown how part of my work here living in Peru.

Now is to spread the word of this medicine and so I’m gonna be making a lot more videos of my ceremonies of my random adventures as I travel I’ve been traveling for four years I been drinking for over a year now and this is actually my first video about ayahuasca and I’m so excited to be able to share this with you because like I said I’ve never seen anything help as many people so profoundly so like this is it that’s all I want to share for now if you are called I do want to tell you about a website that I’m building and starting right now and I’m gonna be interviewing a lot of like ayahuasca.

Rose people who have been sitting with the medicine people who are new to it people have been drinking for years and really just here to authentically and transparently and genuinely share people’s experiences you know that’s all I’m doing right now and I’m gonna be doing that on a much bigger basis gonna be doing interviews and really putting together a hub for helping anybody who’s called ayahuasca for getting other questions answered so that’s it check it out the links in the description it’s ayahuasca healings calm and I look forward to possibly seeing you in Peru thank you so much mwah love you.

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With SO much love, so grateful to help support you in this journey of a lifetime, ayahuasca retreat peru


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