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Brothers and sisters Trinity de Guzman coming at you from of course the one and only Machu Picchu for those of you who don’t know me I’ve helped to bring the first public legal ayahuasca Church in America and again we’re not the first ones to be doing this there’s been many ayahuasca churches around the United States for decades they just been very underground and difficult to get into and if you want to know more about that click the link in the description or if you’re on our site just keep reading and what I really wanted to share with you though was this important message is critical message from mother ayahuasca.

That’s coming through which is ayahuasca is not the answer ayahuasca will not heal you why there’s some like so why am I saying that of course I’m someone who’s created two ayahuasca healing centers over the past year and I am all about sharing this medicine of ayahuasca so why would I say that ayahuasca is not the answer ayahuasca will not heal you because there’s a lot of people who are coming to this medicine wanting it to just be this magic pill this magic bullet solution to just help them with their solute with their problems in life with their challenges or their struggles.

Whatever that might be whether that’s unhealthy relationships or that’s problems with money or that’s not knowing what you’re here to do with your life or that’s hating your job or being stuck in the system and wanting a way out yes these are all things that mother ayahuasca can help you with absolutely but first and foremost is the understanding that ayahuasca is a tool ayahuasca is not something that will come and just fix you ayahuasca is a tool that will support you in your healing process only you can heal yourself and everything that we are here to do in you know any of our ayahuasca healing retreat or any of our you know ayahuasca churches or retreat centers we are only here to help create the environment for you to be able to have the most powerful healing experience with yourself.

We can’t heal you we won’t kill you the medicine won’t heal you only you can heal yourself and to be more specific about how you do that and how this medicine plays a role in that is that ayahuasca is a tool that allows you to zoom out from your life and see your perspective or see your life in a completely different perspective from you know the observer and allow you to see it from the witness and in doing so it allows you to see and visit certain experiences in your life that need your awareness that need love but it’s always up to you to of course to forgive to let go to heal yourself and to let go of the experiences that no longer serve you this medicine what it can do is it will show you everything the completely new and unique perspective that you’ve probably never really ever seen your life in before and that’s why there are so many people who are having such profound experiences with this medicine and are coming back into the world.

After having ceremonies with ayahuasca having their lives completely changed but a very clear distinction that I want to make with you is that it is you who heals yourself it is you who is the one who is in charge of your own healing process ayahuasca is just a tool it’s kind of like if you have crutches it’s not like the crutches are gonna do the walking for you.

You know it’s like you have a nail that you want to hammer into a piece of wood you know there’s a tool which is the hammer that can make it so much more easy and efficient and that’s the same with your healing process you know you could get to the same end result without ayahuasca there’s so many other healing modalities out there that can also help you with your heal personally.

I spent my life like my whole adult life working on how to assist people in healing and letting go of the beliefs that no longer served them and I’ve never found anything that’s more powerful than mother ayahuasca and that’s why I do everything I can to share her you know but the point is that it’s just a tool and you are the one who is in charge of this tool you have to have this dedication and commitment to your healing process it’s not like you can just come to you know one of our ayahuasca retreats and then in a single weekend have everything fixed for you that’s not how it works it’s not a magic pill or a magic bullet it’s up to you to actually go back into your life and implement the changes that you were shown that you need to implement into your life.

Yeah mother ayahuasca has this profound effect to be able to make that so easy you know for some people they could have been alcoholics or have addictions to let’s say tobacco for their you know whole adult life and in a single night that addiction can be released you know for some people that’s what happens and it’s so easy to make that change will that happen to you I don’t know I can’t say only you will know but most importantly you will always get what you need.

Whatever that is and so what I really want to emphasize is that there’s a dedication and a commitment that is needed in order for you to really get the most out of your experience with whether ayahuasca and it’s not this idea or this notion of just coming to ayahuasca and she will heal you and she will fix you and make everything better you know you have to let go of those expectations you will get what you need no matter what that is and like.

I said some people have completely life-changing profound experiences in one night for some people it takes more than on ceremony who knows each person is unique no to ayahuasca ceremonies are ever the same but most importantly is that you have to have a dedication and a commitment to your healing process that means after your ayahuasca ceremony actually you know having some sort of spiritual practice that will allow you to take what you learn from your ceremony and implement it into your life so that’s a lifelong way of being whether that’s yoga or meditation or breath work those are three of the most powerful healing practices and paths.

That I have experienced and that I would recommend and really the three paths that really lead to our healing and are awakening to free ourselves from the attachments and the pains one of our greatest attachments is pain itself we as human beings are addicted to pain we’re addicted to hurting ourselves that’s why we continue to recreate the same experiences that we do get it again that are far from enjoyable and so this medicine can show you why that’s there why you do that where is it in your life that that you know belief of maybe a lack of worth or a lack of deserving or a fear of failure or a fear of love where did those come from those are all the common beliefs common fears of you know our humanity and this profound medicine has an amazing ability to be able to show us where that came from so we can heal it but remember you have to always take that back into your life.

It can show you something and show you how and where and how powerful and easy it is to change your life from this new perspective but at the end of the day you have to be the one to implement this your day to day routine in your life back in the world so for example for me like I will show that I have an addiction to working addiction to needing to be creating and always doing something where I could be helping people and you know it’s not a bad addiction but the fact is it is an addiction and if I didn’t have my partner I would be working literally from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep and not because that’s how I used to live four years of my life and that is a very unhealthy a balanced way of existing and mother ayahuasca just recently in one of my ceremony showed me.

How you know I have this addiction and how I have to spend less time working more time sitting in meditation enjoying life with my partner and going out experiencing nature and living life and it is in that letting go not always being up here that I actually create the most powerfully it’s a paradox the less we think the more we create the less we try to rush the more the faster that we allow things to unfold and so I had this realization and then you know in my ceremony very next day I would go with then I would just work and then it was like whoa and I really get it’s like mother ayahuasca will show you what you need to see that are often unconscious but then you have to actually go and implement that so for me.

I was showing my addiction to working and needing to always be doing something like on the computer creating and like as I saw that my next day I went and of course it was from a place of inspiration but I still worked all day and it really like became clear to be ayahuasca is not the answer we have to take what we experience from ceremony and actually implement that into our lives so that we can you know make our lives more in alignment with the way that we want to exist in the world and yeah like.

I said it could be super easy to make those changes because of how powerfully she can show you what you need to see or sometimes it can be more subtle she can just show you but then you have to go and actually implement that and I cannot emphasize that enough because I want to just make it very clear that we’re not here to share that ayahuasca is a magic pill or magic bullet it’s gonna fix you and make everything better you only you can do that ayahuasca isn’t the only way to get to this path of you know healing and wholeness and completion within ourselves so that no we don’t have things that make us unhappy or trigger us anymore in our lives.

There’s other healing modalities that do that as well ayahuasca is just what I found to be the most powerful in the fastest but again it’s not the only way and it’s not going to do the work for you you have to at the end of the day and I cannot emphasize that enough so the question is how badly do you want to change in your life how important is that to you how important is it for you to live your purpose to do something where you know you have to where you’re living and fulfillment and alignment with your heart your truth for example ayahuasca might show you you have to quit your job for example and she’ll show you all the reasons of why your job is out of alignment with your true calling in the world and what you’re really here to be doing and then at the end of the day you have to take the actions yeah she can show you everything.

So that it’s super easy to take that action and the perspective that she shows you makes it the complete no-brainer and just makes it like you cannot help it but you cannot bank on that you cannot rely on that you cannot rely on her this medicine mother ayahuasca to make you do what you need to do that you know you need to do you have to through your own dedication commitment make these steps in your own life to actually implement what you learn the revelations from this medicine and I really just wanted to share that or make it very clear again that ayahuasca is not the answer you are the answer you are your own guru you are own your own master.

Ayahuasca just helps you to connect with these parts of yourself helps you to move away and remove the clutter from the mind so that you can actually hear this your heart what really matters because at the end of the day that’s what that’s really it follow your heart it’s so simple but of course so many people have such a hard time doing that so many people for whatever practical circumstantial life experience cannot follow their heart because of all these beliefs that they think they have and yeah I also will show you things that a completely do new light that you’ve probably never seen your life did before and with all of that you will just get whatever you need to get trust the experience come to the medicine not looking at it to fix you but looking to work with the medicine to make these changes in your life and make sure that you implement it through some sort of daily practice whether it’s meditation yoga breath work.

So you can keep coming back to these heightened states of consciousness that ayahuasca this medicine can show you that you have to really make a permanent way of living through a daily practice thank you so much for watching this video with me and if you want to find out more about our ayahuasca healing retreats in Peru or America you know in our legal ayahuasca Church in the United States then click the link in the description or just enjoy the rest of our website if you’re already on our site thank you so much and I’ll see you in my next video.

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