Ayahuasca Retreats (Peru/USA) – My Best Advice Before Choosing An Ayahuasca Retreat

Brothers and sisters Trinity to Guzman coming at you right now from the jungles of Peru I just found this amazing will stream over here to walk up and film this video for you bye and I’m filling this video because I’m so inspired to share ayahuasca with the world.

I’ve had such a life-changing experience with the medicine over the past year that I’ve been living in Peru sitting with the medicine on a regular almost weekly basis and every single ceremony that I have I just. I always get something new I always let go of something or discover something about myself and most importantly always just come back to my Center to my truth and then this retreat that I just had you know there was for ceremonies over 10 days.

It was so profound each ceremony gave me something of course like I said just different and powerful down deep and I can use these words talk about it but it’s like nothing will ever really look like to show you what an ayahuasca ceremony or retreat is like because you know with a retreat there’s three or four ceremonies in a very specific diet that so that each ceremony that you have you just go deeper and deeper and deeper.

For me it was like I saw so many things about the self-sabotage layers that I have that I’ve had that really just kept me from creating what’s most important to me kept me from living the life that I’m really here to live you know purpose and see there’s all these different things that we have in our lives whatever it is whether its lack of worthiness or blocks to receiving or feelings of not deserving like these are things that these are this is what I saw my ceremonies you know like we grow up in these societies in these cities in the world where no we’re taught to be mediocre unfortunately.

Like a quote that comes to mind right now is we’re all born great but we learn mediocrity and unfortunately were brought up in a world in a society where that’s the way the society is designed you know it’s that there’s a few people in power and then everybody else are kind of just like workers and because of this we’re not taught our greatness.

we’re not taught from the first day that we are born that you are an ultimate creator that you can have and do and be anything that you want in the world imagine if children in the world were brought up that way that they’re reminded from birth that they are pure consciousness that they are the ultimate creators of their lives and they’re in reality and that they can have anything that they want unfortunately.

That’s not how we grew up and so we have to learn relearn this and let go of the things that keep us playing small and so for me that was a huge weight and release off my shoulders off my whole being and I’m making this video one to share it a little bit about my retreat with you and to give you some advice for like anybody who’s called to retreat who’s wanting to do retreat or coming to Peru first and foremost check in with yourself you know really see.

If you’re serious about this work because it’s not easy not at all you know you really go into the depths and there’s a lot of shadow work where you’re really going into the depths and the parts of yourselves that you know are ugly to look at parts of yourselves maybe past lovers or relationships that you’ve treated badly or certain ways of being or habits or patterns or ways of thinking that don’t serve you know certain on consciousness may be reacting to people whatever it is I’m sure you know in your own reality here on mind what doesn’t serve you what’s out of alignment.

I’m really just sharing this because ayahuasca is only here for you kind of retreat specifically like a deatta where you just go deeper and deeper and deeper really check in with yourself because it’s not easy and only for the people it’s my opinion of course but I truly believe that you know a retreat or deatta ayahuasca alone is only for the people who are serious about their work about their conscious expansion about their growth about returning to love to the heart to what matters most and so with all this being said like one yeah.

I have more advice actually one check in with yourself make sure you’re serious too another thing that I want to share that you know it’s not to instill fear but it’s just so that you’re aware it’s that with ayahuasca coming to the world as much as it has been over the past few years of the past decade you know I really believed that I was coming to the world just like yoga meditation have to remind us of our truth of who we really are that ayahuasca is coming and it’s here to really bring us back to ourselves and it’s gonna be just as big as yoga or meditation and what else.

I wanted to share is that with the commercialization or with ayahuasca retreats being more popularized you know it’s been unfortunately so like commercialized and so there’s other people that are out there that are just there to make money and so most definitely if you’re looking for retreat I’m really happy you’re watching this video because you’re not just coming to Peru and look and go into the jungle like a lot of people used to do like 10 20 years ago and there wasn’t information online you know and let you really just educate yourself and you tune in to the intentions behind the people who are offering a retreat to you most importantly and you follow your own heart your own guidance you know you are your own master your own guru your own teacher and nobody can convince you or tell you anything other than what you know deep down inside is your truth follow your truth, whatever that means you know and this isn’t even to do with like ayahuasca.

I want to share this with you that in your life follow your truth you know even if that means not giving something somebody who wants something from you or disappointing somebody you know speak your truth first and foremost follow your heart and that’s the only way that you’ll create the life and step forward into the reality that you want to create it’s most important to you you know and what else do I want to share for anybody looking into a retreat. It’s also really important to know how to hold your own space of course like a curandero and a shaman is the person who serves the ayahuasca to you they’re there to protect you and to hold the space for you and of course a really good curandero will protect you and keep you safe.

It’s really important I feel really called to share with you right now how to hold your own space and first and foremost it’s just it’s so simple it’s through intention and through like an invocation and so for me I use an invocation where all I do is I invite you know divine love and Christ consciousness and I use Christ consciousness but you can use whatever words you want to really call for the you know God light God consciousness Christ consciousness Buddha like Shiva light whatever you want to call it it’s the absolute existence and truth that is and you invoke that and so you say that three times because that’s three is a very powerful number and so for me the way I share it and I say it when I really just have that intention to protect myself is I call forth divine love and Christ consciousness only the beings who come through divine love and Christ consciousness and all the beings who come through divine love and Christ consciousness.

You say that three times and you literally go and it’s like you create this bubble around you where only the beings of divine love and Christ consciousness are able to be in your space because you know when you take ayahuasca especially when you do a retreat or deana where you’re going deeper and deeper and deeper you’re opening so many portals literally speaking you know that’s the Cordero’s job to keep you safe not only the beings with good intentions.

We’re here to help you are allowed in your space you know and again I share this for awareness not to scare you and yeah like so but that’s my advice like follow your own truth follow your own guidance know how to protect yourself keep yourself space really check in with yourself to make sure you’re serious about your work because ayahuasca is in the game not at all but if you’re willing to go deep you’re willing to really go into the depths of the unconscious full of things that you know might be ugly to look at shadows then I ask is the most powerful way that I’ve ever discovered I’ve ever experienced to literally feels like clearing lifetimes the night oh there’s so much more.

I can say about it but without being said I just want to also tell you about the website that I’ve created it’s ayahuasca healings calm and it’s a site I just came here to the jungle to help my friend a deer incredible earth angel brother was just like a heart I’m like with like legs and arms and he’s just so incredible and I’m here to help him to launch his retreat center and share this medicine with the world and I made the site I’ve been working on now for a little while and I will continue to work on to share the medicine of ayahuasca because you know like.

I said I’ve never seen anything help so many people so deeply never had my own life transformed so powerfully and so check out the site it’s a resource for anybody who’s first-timer or experienced drinker with ayahuasca I also saw that I meant to create a forum so that anybody and everybody was called to and finds the site can come together and communicate talk about your experiences with ayahuasca so check out the site I’m so grateful to be sharing this video and to share via this resource with you and you know even though I’m here to help share this to treat Center.

I’m even gonna say like don’t just come because I’m saying or inviting you I say follow your own truth first and foremost that’s the most important thing so without being sad thank you so much for watching this video for feeling the call to ayahuasca truly I really believe the people who are called ayahuasca are the people who are here to ground this new reality of the new values the new heart presence into the world but thank you so much I thank you and send so many blessings to you on your path and maybe look for to seeing you in Peru

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With SO much love, so grateful to help support you in this journey of a lifetime,
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