How Ayahuasca Shows Us Our Purpose…


Check out this video:

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After a beautiful Ayahuasca ceremony in Peru,
I filmed this video, with so much love in my heart
and so deeply connected to the teachings that were
shown to me.

Mother Ayahuasca gave me Purpose after I had been
searching, asking and seeking for so long.

Enjoy this video! And I pray that it inspires your
journey forward, into your Self and your True Path
on this planet.

With so much love!

We’ll speak again soon!

[To be continued..]

So grateful for you and this journey you’re on,
Trinity de Guzman & The Ayahuasca Healings Family

PS –

When I was first living in Peru, I stayed there
for about 9 months and sit in ceremony almost
every week…

What did I learn?

What did that do for me?

And what is the greatest lesson from all of it?

I’ll share that with you in my next email!

Much love!!


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