Ayahuasca Tea – Can Ayahuasca Tea Give You The Secret To Life?

Brothers and sisters Trinity de Guzman coming at your right now from this little temple that I built actually in my home for us to have ceremony and again. I just finished amazing absolutely of course always life-changing so deeply transformational journey with us medicine mother Madre ayahuasca set from the jungles of the Amazon has infinite gifts infinite teachings how just gives you exactly what you need it.

Shows you what you’re meant to see it teaches you what you need to learn it helps you let go of what you need to let go on it reminds you of the deepest truths the secrets of life but and how to live as the happiest being that we could possibly be. What’s really more important than that you know there’s a part of my ceremony where it was just like a big question that came up was what’s the point what’s the point of this all it’s a great question you know.

We come here we live our lives and then we die what’s the point of that so in my journey of course the one of the deepest answers of that is just love love love and is the point you know in a ceremony an ayahuasca ceremony honor any journey with this ayahuasca Tea is blessed medicine like I can talk about it and I could use words to explain my experience, but of course at the end of the day it’s not even scratching the surface of what the actual journey ceremony was about.

Because you know I’m sharing it from a mental level but the whole experience with the medicine is so far beyond the mind that’s one of the magical aspects about it is, it takes us out of our mind, you know we operate as human beings in this world so just operating and living from our minds just like go-go-go it’s always felt like the next thing the next thing the next thing you know finishing that so I can get to that so that I can do that and it’s like just we fill our lives with this constant need to do I’ll go into that was a huge part of my ceremony my relationship with doing but
to wrap up the last thread they just opened which was you know what’s the point of this all like.

I was only sharing what I was just sharing because you know I can share some words about it but of course it’s nothing to do really like it’s nowhere close to the type of experience that it’s like when you actually sit with the medicine you know not no words can ever even begin to describe the true power and depth of this blessed gift from Mother Earth, but I’m doing my best with words so the point of us all that. I’m sure we can all agree on is love is to be happy to love our lives of course there’s a lot of other points like to share and to give you know to grow and do. We’ve all and they’re all really aspects of the same thing which is love.

we can all just use some more love in our live chat we uh this medicine has such a profound effect of just bringing us back to that which really matters most you know which leads me into what I was sharing just a moment ago which is like we live in this world where we’re taught literally from like the earliest ages of childhood how important it is to just like get stuff done you know and from whatever age of adulthood.

We get just so sucked into this reality where it’s all about just doing just like finishing this so you can get to that like. I was sharing earlier and it’s always about achieving the next thing making more money you know getting a house getting the car whatever it is it’s always about something else out there and unfortunately society has failed to teach us what really matters.

Which is presence is being here now enjoying this moment not always driving for that next thing in the next moment because if that’s how you operate your life then that’s simply always going to be the case it’s always going to be about that next thing there’s this massive illusion 10 percent battery life left let me just take that off there we go there’s this massive illusion that were taught that once we get this then we can be happy you know like once we save up enough money then we can be happy once we get the promotion then we can be happy once we retire then we can be happy whatever it is it’s always outside of now and as long as we let our happiness and our joy stay outside of this moment it will always be outside of this moment in other words.

We’ll never get it because all we ever have is now and so the whole point of this all is how can we come back to living here in this moment so fully and enjoying this doing the things that we love today not later not after you achieve that certain X Y Z. Whatever it is fill in the blank it’s different for everybody but how can you live that today and it’s a beautiful paradox about life which is the more that you live the life that you want today the more of everything else that you want will come to you.

Do the things that make you happy and your life just going to be happier isn’t that just so profound it’s so simple that’s the beauty of it. It’s so true yet like I said we haven’t really had the teachers to really share this with us and that’s why I make these videos that’s why I share this place of just love and bliss to just inspire you to live the life that you want no matter what that is you know whether like.

It has nothing to do with experiencing ayahuasca if you’re called ayahuasca that’s amazing and great and I have an amazing resource I can share with you
just check the description but this isn’t even what that’s about this is about you living the life that you want today not later and that’s essentially what my whole journey was about you know, I have this really fascinating experience and relationship with my mind, so I have a very like well-trained mind.

I grew up in the world of like business and getting stuff done and so I have a very invent like developed capacity to create them to think from here and so I’m entering a reality right now where I’m learning how to create not from my mind but as just a complete channel of the divine and really letting go of my personal will and asking only for the divine to flow through me as me has the I am of consciousness you know.

I speak about the divine as something separate and outside of me but the truth of it all it’s kind of easy for language but in reality this like spirit and the universe isn’t outside of us we talk about it like it is but you are spirit you are the universe in ecstatic divine motion and evolution this is all just.

Spirit and the universe expressing itself serving itself it’s a self serving the self to come back to love haha if that makes any sense some of these things that I share they might not make sense right now but I’m sure if you’re listening to this then you’re on the path where eventually they will to such a deep degree and not from the mind but from the deepest cellular though knowing that’s what ayahuasca does is it really helps us like you know take these concepts of like I am spirit you know that’s a concept of mind a mental notion but it gives us the tangible experience of what it really means to be spirit to come back to that to live that and I come back out of the ceremony and be like wow like I get that so far beyond words which actually reminds me.

I filmed a short little video of this blessed blessed friend of mine blessed soul sister who is here in Mexico with me. We’re just on a beautiful adventure of creation for the service of the world together building a coaching company to help the masculine and the feminine to how to help a masculine to step into oh my god what the world really needs of the masculine right now, it’s so many ways like I can make a whole video on that and to help the feminine to really step into what the world needs of the feminine right now you know to embrace what it means to be the feminine in this time of awakening both.

I’m not talking about that as gender roles I’m talking about that as energies you know but that’s beside the point at the point is or in this beautiful magnificent creation and she’s here with me I led this ceremony for us last night and she has a few words to share I don’t know if I’m actually going to include that at the end of this video I might or might not but I was coming through so if you get to see that after this video awesome if not that’s awesome – you got to see me for a good what 12 minutes so with that all being said.

I’m wrapping up this video I love you so much and I’m so excited and grateful to be able to make these videos for you to share my ceremonies to share the secrets of life that I wish. We all knew God I wish the world that’s why I do this work that’s why I’m on the path that I am because I just I see a world a better world where we all can live from this place where it’s so much less about achieving and doing and getting the next thing but it’s so much more about connection community love and doing the things that we really really enjoy doing and having that be the basis of our reality.

So and just our world imagine that tell me about your Sam blast-off on so many quantum levels. I feel it integrated into my cellular system so deeply and I had such a palpable experience of what it means to be in joy and ecstasy and making loved the when every moment ha just kept building and building and it was this endless wave of ecstatic presence that I’ve had before, but not not so continuously like this it was so abundant and so available and so easy to tap into it’s so simple just so humbled by the grace of this medicine this gift to be given this medicine and to be transformed continuously each ceremony building on the next she just gives and gives and gives and I feel like I’m goanna burst and I just know that she still has more to give me.

I felt more grounded in my desire and my personal presence which isn’t even me which is it’s not about me but I felt it so deep that it was like me it wasn’t it wasn’t be sense hahaha holy war Wilbur it’s like I had permission to go deeply into that feel-good place without judging myself because it wasn’t me there’s no nose there’s no inner critic to judge out of the way and allowing the show me this gift and yet the climb has also shown me that it is also me but so I can own that it’s okay allowed to want I’m allowed to desire in fact I must I was given some very strong specific orders I’ve never been so clear and I’m looking forward to allowing that vision to unfold because I saw a lot and I feel my inner vision continuing to expand and grow to see beyond.

Just my personal constructs of what I think it might be like to actually see it to have just a deep inner knowing that I can trust that inner vision that’s coming through and so cool fun I’m really excited I’m really excited right now that after going through this discourse. I know that there’s been some serious upgrades massive massive upgrades and the next few days are going to be a lot of fun to integrate into this awaking waking reality where medicine is with me in me always when I’m moving in the world and every moment is Sara I could say more but this is all that’s coming through at the moment blast blast blast blast hahaha thank you so much for sharing that oh you just a little bug Love lace right now and thank you so much oh so much from you your transmission the gifts that you silently and constantly infuse me with day so much for being so willing to just like go of all the thing that we know told service around alignment, but silently been sure away at us without us really knowing it just your willingness just so fully show up and do the work show up to these ceremonies with just these constant attentions of God that’s why I see such a bright light absolutely the number one intention for you with God.

You and so you created this reality hahaha yes I did thank you so much we’re showing up for your attention letting go be willing to do the work we’re coming to ceremony with such purity and I’m just clarity ha ha ha I love you so what I love you Oh laughs ha ha ha thank you.

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