Brothers and sisters of Trinity de Guzman coming at you right now again from Mexico I just finished an amazing amazing ayahuasca ceremony oh my god I don’t even know where to begin it was outside I had it on a beach actually I didn’t film this video at the beach because it was just too windy I would have loved to the background was amazing but um yeah just the whole beach was pure magic on under the new moon under the stars with a fire and it was really cool because you know one of the visions that I got so clear about in my life and for what I’m here to do in the world is share ayahuasca honestly.

You know like I’ve built an ayahuasca retreat center and I know I’m here to like actually share it personally as well I’ve received permission from mother marketing I would beat the ayahuasca like a couple years ago that this is something that I’m meant to be doing sharing her with the world but she told me at the time that I you know I just need to keep growing in my relationship with her and yeah and I she will let me know when the time is right you know like speaking of these ayahuasca visions.

It’s like you know a lot of people talk about the actual vision aspect of it and you know the vision aspect is interesting but it actually lasts for a very short period of the ayahuasca experience like if you were to think about it ayahuasca journey maybe lasted between six to eight hours like the the the really clear visions it’s like like a small period of that time like you have a very different relationship with time.

So it’s hard to use like linear time as a measurement for how long the visions lasts but like you know like they’re often very abstract sometimes people ask me like what’s it like in the vision aspect of it and so you know just to share a few words without that it’s like with this experience on the weekend that I just had was like it opened up like they’re often very abstract and just like if you kind of think of a Windows desktop computer and this screensaver that comes up it sort of looks like that but more important than what it looks like is like the feeling of over cups you.

You know there’s just this stillness it’s a complete stillness that’s rooted in the I am of consciousness you know the way I use the word I am as another frame is Rheumatology like God or spirit or the universe you know I am is like the one truth I am period anything after that is simply a belief and so I am is the one truth and what the whole journey of ayahuasca is really about is really about peeling away the layers.

So that we can get to the heart to the core of our truth you know we have all these beliefs around ourselves around who we are like attachments to you know this mental identity like who we are in the world who we are to people how we look maybe like how we look at it physically how we look how we act how perceived and ayahuasca is all about peeling away the layers so that you can get to the core the truth of who you really are and when you can peel away all these beliefs and all these misconceptions conceptions about who you are in the world.

It’s so fascinating all the different beliefs that we have that we don’t even know like that they’re off in some way until let you sit with the medicine it shows you it’s like oh wow like I looked at the world in this one way but like that you know and then maybe being taken on a charity showing us like how that belief creates experiences in our lives that aren’t enjoyable or creates a way of being within us that is it who we want to be you know it’s all based on the beliefs around the layers of the onion that we peel away.

You know I’m hoping this makes sense but basically with the visions of ayahuasca it’s like it’s so much less about the visions but so much more about the feeling that overcomes you you know this pure stillness of the eye and that’s why I went into that tangent the pure stillness that you know there’s this concept that in the spiritual community people always talk about that you know or you might hear.

That you know you’re a spirit having a physical experience you know you’re not human with a spirit you’re a spirit with a body you know that’s a very different distinction that you are so much more spirit that you are a human and you’re just a spirit having a human experience and so like from a mental level I can talk about this and you can hear it but what ayahuasca can give you is and it gives so many people is it brings that experience or that that sentence that belief that mental concept and it brings it into a tangible like Bonnie setting cellular embodiment and experience of what that really means not a mental concept but for you to understand from every cell of your being.

What that means to be spirit having a human experience it allows you to zoom out and see yourself not through these eyes into the world but seeing yourself from behind and watching yourself as the observer in this most fascinating perspective of truth that I could ever even begin to imagine or describe and the benefits of such is obviously like one it shifts your whole perspective on how you operate in this world.

You know you stop treating the little things that getting so caught up in the little things that you know might make the little eye little self unhappy or that might you know just the little complications with life and what you can and see the experience from outside you can take a deep breath you can stop taking life so seriously you can watch it like a movie you know when you watch movie if if the character is going through a hard experience you don’t get like so like like sad and distressed and like bombarded with like negative emotion you know it’s like you can kind of just watch the experience and be like you know kind of entertained.

You know just allowing yourself to be taking on this journey and that’s kind of what it’s like when you start to bring yourself into this observer perspective you could stop being so attached to what’s happening around you kind of watch life unfold like a movie watching yourself as the main character does that make sense and so these visions like.

This is one of the things that ayahuasca gives but my ceremony that I was so amazed with because you know one of the things that I really connected with burst visions of myself being a coroner or a shaman with ayahuasca for lifetimes you know I’ve done this so many times to make so much sense with how much of a strong connection I have with the medicine you know and I’m stepping more and more into this role of a shaman quote-unquote you know like it’s just it’s just like a role you know but one of my favorite people to sit with.

He always says that it’s like his when we have when we start ceremony with him it’s Diego Palma in the Sacred Valley approved by the way and when we sit before we go into ceremony he’s like he says you know like he’s the shaman and but it’s just like a role it’s just like a coat he is just like his poncho that he wears his it’s his shaman poncho and he puts it on for the night and then he takes off and it’s just a role that’s not who he is you know and so yeah I use this word shaman in a very discerning way because that’s not like a label that like I want to label myself as but it’s just like you know one of the things that comes up being in this role of serving the others and so the cool thing.

This is the best thing about the visions that I received is one connecting with how deeply I have a connection in the roots of admin of the Amazons like serving this medicine from lifetimes you know and but really getting clear that I’m gonna be serving this medicine on a bigger scale but I happen I’ve been holding really small private ceremony is for we really like close people to be you know when I just get called I offer it to people and I had to support and I’m just so happy to be able to serve people share the medicine.

You know like one of the greatest of joys of my life is to be able to serve people like a cup of ayahuasca every journey that they go through and such and I see that I’ve been to really step into that in my hometown in Vancouver BC Canada and you know like I’m very private about it like I don’t know if I’m gonna be taking people online or if it’s just gonna be like people like word-of-mouth if people want to sit with me.

I don’t know yet you know like if you want to reach out to me you can but it’s not like I’m advertising it this is definitely one of those things that I want to be keeping very close very small like very just like communal you know with the people who know me in person or who hear me through a personal friend and yeah that’s so exciting three of the patients that ayahuasca gives that’s one of the greatest things that ayahuasca gives is vision you know purpose you know what is the vision for our life in this world.

It’s not just about like these like psychedelic hallucinogenic visions that come through the medicine nah that’s like who cares about that what matters is the vision for your life the vision for who you’re here to be the vision of your self your highest truth what does that look like what do you see yourself to be like who are you in your highest truth and your greatest potential you know we’re chattering loving more expressive more dynamic more just a powerful creator without it were present.

Whatever the traits are that you see yourself to have in your highest truth those are the finished visions that really matter so that was my experience over the weekend with another amazing ayahuasca ceremony and I’m just so happy to make these videos to share this all and I hope you enjoyed it and see you my next video oh I just want to say if you want to check out my site it’s in the description ayahuasca healings Cobb I run into an ayahuasca retreat center in Peru I’m not there at the retreats I have them amazing amazing family a team of people who take care of you you know like that’s one of the reasons why I built today I lost retreat center was because I just wanted to be able to share the medicine and feel so in integrity about the people.

That I recommend people to to know that if I send you somewhere to according to a shaman to a place that I know that you are going to be so taken care of and that’s why I started my own retreat center you know there’s me in this partner that’s in Peru rounding us the most amazing partner ever could have imagined building us with just pure heart pure love you know and yeah just like the knowingness that I like one wasn’t able to find people like a center that offered everything that I wanted to offer.

I have really high standards for what I want to offer people with the medicine of ayahuasca and what I feel is really important to really equate to a really amazing transformational deeply deeply transformational experience and I never thought anything that delivered that and offered that so you know of course all guided and of course rooted to the intention that I just wanted to give people so much in their ayahuasca ceremonies in the ayahuasca journey and that’s why I opened up this retreat center so if you’re caught on to an ayahuasca retreat check out the link in the description and either way I’ll see you in my next video and I look so bored to continue to serve you in truth an awakening in love but you.

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