Do More of What Makes You Happy! Inspiring Message from Guatemala

Brothers and sisters Trinity Guzman coming at you right now in the outdoor living room of my home here in Guatemala and I was just sitting here having a conversation with my beloved over here and I came up with something that just came through and it was a really beautiful expression of manifestation and how to be the most powerful creator that we can be and she was telling me that she was so grateful of how I know how to create my reality and that I am a powerful manifester and I simply replied by saying you know all it is is a alignment of our values or a specific order of our value system and as long as we prioritize joy as the number one thing in our values then we automatically become the most powerful creators that we can be and rather than money or success success as in what society calls success and really for me success is the joy we feel in our hearts in every moment.

When I made the decision that how I felt in every moment was the most important for me and there was nothing else that was gonna come above use me I have allergies right now that have that’s going to come above what is truly filling my heart and soul in the deepest way possible all of a sudden everything that I wanted in life came to me so quickly and easily and this is just a short video to share this inspiration with you of where in your life are you prioritized something else over your joy where in your life are you prioritizing maybe what other people think of you or money or what you think you should be doing rather than what truly fills your heart and soul and makes you the deepest most happiest being that you can live as and I challenge you to really look in your life and see where you can make joy a higher priority than it is now and it just starts with one little thing.

Finding one area where you might not be doing that and saying okay I’m going to prioritize joy in this section of my life and it might be with you know maybe your diet or like your relationships or your relationship with work for example I say diet because it’s like you know maybe you do certain things just out of habit with how you eat but it doesn’t make you the happiest and so like really what will make you the happiest spend time work more time in nature spend more time with people you enjoy spending time with or whatever it is I don’t know for me my deepest joy is love and I love love I love spending time with my beloved I love being present with those who are close to my heart and that is what guides everything in my reality so this is just a short video to share this little inspiration with you and I challenge you to see where you can bring more joy in your life and make that a higher priority than is now and just watch as by doing this the things you want start to come to you more easily faster and in greater degrees than they currently may be thank you so much and I’ll see you again in my next video what’s love.

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