How to be Happy In Life – A Flawed Concept?

Brothers and sisters Trinity de Guzman coming at you right now from this magical mountain here in Peru I just did an amazing hike this morning for about three hours hiking up this mountain to find this beautiful magical temple place and I’m just on the side of this cliff right here with these dogs that we brought the mountain it’s just so powerful here the energy of these mountains are just so transformational in and of themselves.

The reason I’m making this video is because I’d received such beautiful powerful clarity in a San Pedro ceremony that I had just a couple days ago and an ayahuasca ceremony just a couple days before that yeah it’s really deep powerful intense work and for those of you who are not familiar with these terms San Pedro or ayahuasca these are medicines that come from here in Peru that have the ability to just bring us back to our truth to our hearts to all the things that truly matter and to be able to open and unlock a joy inside of us that I truly believe and I saw so clearly in my ceremony is what we are here to do it’s to enjoy life in my ayahuasca ceremony,I was sitting in the mountains just surrounded by these powerful spirits.

I was just sitting on a little bench and I looked up and I felt so small I looked up surrounded by these mountains but even more so than that looked out into the Stars and they were it was such a beautiful clear night. I just reflected and was guided to hear these messages let you know like how small I really in this world with what was shown to me not only how small I am in this world but how small the earth is in the universe and the reason that’s important is because we get so caught up in our problems in our challenges in the things that we you know we believe are such a big deal in our lives all these things that yeah for sure when we’re experiencing them can be very difficult but what it did was it put things in perspective for me.

It really showed me my problems all the things that I think you know are a big deal all the things I worry about or stress about or think about they don’t matter at all my life in this world yeah I’m wanting to do amazing things in this world to help people like you to be able to unlock and remember the deep joy that you are here to live and all the things that I think I try to worry about or all the things that my mind runs with and tries to show me is like important that brings stress etc into my life they don’t matter for rainbows and why is that important is because you know I saw even if I die you know it doesn’t matter world doesn’t need healing the world needs people who are happy that’s all that matters that is the greatest thing that I can do to share with you and to really serve this world in our evolution.

Our transition process that we’re going in through right now is it’s all about remembering the joy that we are here to experience and I just saw like you know in all of the animals and all of the beings on this planet you know we are the only ones human beings are the only ones who probably spend time thinking and be worrying about what’s gonna happen in the future or what’s you know happened yesterday and all these things that are just so rooted in the mind and essentially by being able to see how small I am.

This was given to me by this medicine ayahuasca it’s like it showed me my problems don’t matter at all even if I die today then it doesn’t matter even if this earth just blows up in the grand scheme of things it’s all perfect and really just understanding that everything in the world is unfolding exactly as it’s meant to even the things that might not look very good it’s all exactly as it’s meant to unfold and there’s so many deep truths to this that this medicine has you know revealed to me and shown me that we are all just here as you know God fractured itself into infinite pieces of consciousness into a dog into a human into a frog into a bird into a rock so that it can experience its own beautiful creation from all the different perspectives.

Angles that is our world and so I have three things that I really want to share with you about how to be happy you know how can you really unlock that joy that is inherent in our own hearts to be able to enjoy this life the way that we are meant to we’re not here to you know live and work and pay bills and then die that’s not what we’re here to do we’re here to live a life of passion of joy of excitement to see and be in nature like you know I just spent my day doing.

I want to inspire you the people who are watching this video right now to do more of the things that make you happy and so the first thing that I want to share from those three points is really getting clear on what makes you happy truly what makes you happy see there’s a really big difference between what really makes you happy on the soul level and what you think will make you happy based on your conditioning and so we grow up in a world where our conditioning teaches us that the things that are gonna make you happy are going to school getting a job saving money and maybe retiring you know and that is not what’s gonna make you happy it’s not a bunch of money in your bank account it’s not you know for men it’s not being with a bunch of women these are the things that are so imbalanced and unconscious that our world teaches us is what will make us happy but and the reason I can say this so wholeheartedly.

I walked down that path I walked down the path of honestly chasing money for years when I first left high school until I finally had that and I realized that’s not what make it made me happy it left me more confused it left me with more questions than anything it left me really seeking what am I really here to do with my life and it’s the greatest gift because it was first by chasing these things his carrot on a stick that society taught me is what I wanted it was by first chasing that eating the carrot and then realizing I was still hungry that I realized there’s so much more to life.

When I started to ask the questions of what am I really here to do in this life and so yeah we are all here to be happy and you know for some people that manifests in being able to serve others to be able to help other people in their healing for me I built healing centers. I share the medicine here in Peru why because it makes me so happy to be able to know that I’m bringing this level of joy into people’s hearts in a way that they’ve never been able to experience before no it’s not me it’s the medicine and if you want to learn more about that just click the link in our description.

This is really about sharing with you like these keys that I feel are so important if you really want to live a happy life then first get clear on what truly makes you happy on a deep soul level not what society thinks or says is gonna make you happy the next thing is understanding that this life is full of ups and downs it is a part of the human experience to have this contrast good and bad because it is only through the bad that we will be able to enjoy the good as deeply as we can and so through that understanding that life is full of happy moments.

Once he was dog uh he right away hahaha it’s such a beautiful dog you just followed me from the streets anyway so continuing on I wanted to share that the second thing is all about understanding that with life being this experience of ups and downs the real work is being able to understand and learn how to enjoy the parts that aren’t enjoyable so how do we do that because it’s inevitable that life isn’t just gonna be this constant experience of bliss that there are experiences that are challenging and so the real work is about how can we enjoy those moments and that is about just really surrendering really coming to the trust and understanding that we are not the ones in control we try to believe or many of us you know try to act like we’re the ones in control of our lives.

When we really look at it in the big picture that these medicines can help us understand so deeply from the heart not from the mind that this we are here as a part of this greater experience that is unfolding in the world and it is not us and our minds and our egos that are the ones that controlling it when we can come to really just surrendering and trusting and loving this all that is how we can really enjoy those moments that are difficult.

When we are having these experiences that are so hard they’re challenging that are just you know like almost paralyze us it almost feels like our back is against the wall like our level of faith is just like questioned that is when we have to justice a render and Trust and the best thing to do in those moments is just feel to those feelings of that you know whatever is going side of you because it is that energy that needs to move.

This is a great way to explain it is that if you try to ignore your feelings which many people do if you try to ignore them that energy stays stagnant in the body so if you feel bad if you know there’s a part of your heart that is saying you need to do something different you’re at a job that you don’t like or you’re in a relationship that’s miserable or something that you’re doing in your life that is just out of alignment and your heart is telling you you need to change what you’re doing and you don’t pay attention to that and you don’t feel that that energy will stay stagnant and the way that you allow that energy to flow and to move is to but is to just spend time being completely present with how you feel and going into those feelings not judging them not trying to get rid of them not you know labeling them as good or bad but just feeling them fully.

When we feel our feelings fully pay a lot that’s when we allow them to be clear that’s when we allow the energy to move and that’s when we can fully listen to the messages that are coming through from those feelings because they’re just here to teach us something and so it’s so important that we learn how to listen to our heart to follow our heart to feel our heart because a lot of us live this world live a life where we’re not happy and we keep doing the things that don’t make us happy why and that’s a third point which is really understanding why do we keep doing the things that make us unhappy if we know that you know they’re not bringing us joy why do we continue to do them and that is all about understanding so deeply the conditioning inside of our own minds.

I mentioned in the first point and that excuse me and that is all about really understanding that we grow up in a world that teaches us a way of living that is not supportive to our freedom that is not supportive to our joy to living a life that brings us so much bliss and experiences that are the things that we truly seek on a soul level and so our core we all really want the same things the same things make us happy that is connection with other people connection with nature that’s freedom being able to explore that’s you know good food it’s celebration it’s music it’s dance it’s our passions it’s connecting to their creativity it’s community it’s gratitude these are all the things.

I invite you to create more of in your life and you know I’ve been sharing in this video for a little bit now and I really just want to invite you if you are called to really open your heart in a way that will unlock so much joy so much happiness so much clarity as to what will really make you happy so much clarity as to what your purpose your passion really is because that you know those are all things that bring us joy in our lives then I invite you to Peru I truly invite you to Peru why because Peru is a land that brings so much transformation I have been living here since 2013 you know a few years now just keep constantly coming back because it brings so much transformation.

I dedicate my whole life to sharing the gifts that this land has to offer and if you want to know why I’m inviting you to Pruitt’s because of these medicines that I had mentioned you know San Pedro and ayahuasca but most importantly it’s not the medicine that will fix you or heal you if you have to commit to a path and a journey of really wanting to walk and discover what is most important to you what brings you the most joy what will make you the happiest in your life what will make you and free you from a job that you don’t like and what will truly open you to a life where you can be happy every day that is truly available to us and that is the path that I walk and that is all I’m here to do is share my joy my passion to be able to help other people to live that as well so I really hope you enjoyed this video and please click the link in description and I look forward to you know hopefully serving you in your journey with this unlocking of the deepest joy in your own heart thank you so much I’ll see you in my next video you.

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