Brothers and sisters! Trinity de Guzman coming at you right now. From beautiful oh, hi! I’m just making my way back to Vancouver. But up amazing brother here and we’re at this meditation garden and I’m just sitting here on this beautiful bench with this incredible view and I just really wanted to share the inspiration that I got and it’s slow down to speed up.

This has been something that’s been a reoccurring theme in my life a lot lately which is really just slow down and it’s like the more you strive less you accomplish, the more you hurry the last you actually get done, the more you rush less you ever achieve and so it’s like we live our lives always wanting to do, do and do and get things done.

Whatever it is, we a lot of us are in these lives where it’s very centered around accomplishing something or getting something done so that we can get to the next thing and then get that done and it never ends. And we often forget how important it is to just breathe slowly to take a moment to enjoy life.

That’s a beautiful life that we have this gift of existence of this incredible marvelous creation that is all around us. Nature connection with others or maybe just a moment of stillness with yourself whatever it is, just take a moment, even just one extra moment.

Let’s see how often you can remind yourself to just slow down even just for a little bit. you just burn one breath I hope this inspires you in some way to just breathe more love more enjoy more. Thank you so much for watching. Wow!

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