How To Make Ayahuasca Tea – Ayahuasca Recipe

I’m in the jungles of Peru right now in the Amazon near Pucallpa Peru and we’re gonna make ayahuasca today let’s go this is a fire where we’re going to be cooking the ayahuasca and the kupuna and the beautifully rustic plates where we’re going to be doing it over there they are masta candle which is hammering and flattening ayahuasca vine let’s go check it out here’s the big pile of ayahuasca or we’re going to be hammering it flattening it the ayahuasca vine.

This is where we’re going to be hammering it smashing it up flatten it before we boil it she is chopping off the parts that are rotten you have to separate them separate them and then throw away the parts that are rotten answer termites or eating it then you can’t use that part since the pile of parts that you cannot know the pile of parts that are good to use then you cut them into about 1 foot long pieces like this guy is doing right here before you boil it hammer it just like this because this is what you’re going to boil and mix with the chacruna vine we were actually missing the chacruna leaves so I’m going to the town Apple kalfa to the market to go buy them here we go here we found it.

Dear brother azzam chacruna for us KSS oh it is chapter una para para Cocina latina hasta la gracias Saguna fresca da-rae we’re here at the market mission complete let’s go get a taxi here are piles of ayahuasca smashed up the end of the day I’m gonna start to boil it sometime soon and when you’re ready you put it all into a big pot and you have your chacruna take an ayahuasca fine dice and you layer them together.

Actually we’re going to be making the ayahuasca and then you cover it with water this is actually where we’re going to be eating boiling the ayahuasca covering the pot to make sure that the vapor steam doesn’t shape with banana leaves or a pot lid of this case banan leaves now letting it heat up make sure that the fire always has wood making sure you’re always bringing more wood to the fire drying it spits wet hard part is done now making sure that the fire stays burning with lots of wood we let this boil for about 12 hours need to add more water so that it continues to extract components it boils down blah and after it’s done cooking you take out.

All the plants almost finished ayahuasca brew you just have to come up well boiling this down for about an hour and a half as your liking – how thick you want the tea to be or anybody who is learning how to make the medicine the sacred sacrament of ayahuasca this tool that’s been used for thousands of years to help us connect with our highest truth now our deepest self who we really are and this is a very important message as a warning not from place of fear not from a place of you know worry about something but from a place of awareness and that is it’s really important that you don’t just go by the you know the vine of ayahuasca and the leaf chuck rune or anything similar and then just go make the medicine on your own just to you know have this experience on your own.

It’s so important that you have a ceremony with somebody who is trained and experienced in how to hold space it’s kind of like if you have to have surgery would you go and cut yourself open and do the surgery yourself no that’s extremely dangerous and very very malpractice of any type of you know surgery or healing that you might need and the same is with ayahuasca.

It’s so not recommended to just go make the medicine on your own and drink on your own because you when you drink the medicine our opening doors and portals to so many dimensions that are beyond our regular scope of vision and these portals these dimensions that you’re opening the doors to are what bring in all the guides and the spirits and the angels and the beings were there to support and that’s what makes the healing process so powerful and the curanderos job the shaman the healer the person who holds a space guides the ceremony their job is to make sure that only energies that have your highest intention that is there to support you and help you are there because as at the same time as you are opening these doors you can also bring in energies.

That do not have your highest intention that are wanting to you know like basically suppress consciousness this is you know the world that we live in of course there’s this dualistic reality that we exist in on planet earth and that is you know good and bad light and dark you know positive and negative etc and there are these beings these angels these guides who have positive intentions to support us in our awakening and these guides or not guides but spirits that do not have our awakening and our like the.

Expansion of consciousness in their intention and of course this is all just like this dualistic game it’s all one it’s all God it’s all perfect but at the same time it’s important to understand that if you don’t want to go down that path and you know enter a ceremony and then leave feeling worse leave having you know thoughts that are so not healthy for example it might be an experience where some people if you do not have a shaman a curandero.

Who holding space for you sometimes you can catch these energies or these energies can get in and convince you of certain things that you should do that do not support you like even to the extent of like suicidal thoughts and it’s really important that I again I emphasize this isn’t from a place of having fear but this is from a place of just awareness and it’s just simple black and white you don’t have a ceremony on your own you have to have a ceremony with a curandero with a shaman with someone who is trained in how to protect you so that you only have beings who are there to support you in your experience.

If you’re just looking to try ayahuasca recipe for all I say just really look at your intention because if you’re just looking for a psychedelic experience then this is not for you if you’re just looking to try it to see what it’s like what everybody’s talking about then that is an intention that can lead to something that is a very you know negative experience the only way that you can really get the true benefit of this medicine is if you have the highest purist intention of your healing in your heart in your soul in your mind for the service of yourself and the service of everybody else and so right here we have you know two pots of ayahuasca being prepared with a massive pile of this ayahuasca vine.

Yeah I’ve been making this video for several days as you might have noticed I just cut my hair and shave a bit but the whole point of all of this is to share from an educational standpoint how to prepare the medicine of ayahuasca the sacred sacrament and to really emphasize the importance of the respect that you have to have when having a ceremony with this medicine so if you’re called to this medicine go find a curandero or shaman all over the world there are ceremonies privately being held and you can find them you just need to ask around have that intention put it out there and if you’re in the United States and you’re looking to attend an ayahuasca retreat at our ayahuasca Church that is legal in the United States then just click the link in the description and learn more about.

What we are doing to bring this medicine to you know the part of the world where we feel really needs it most and just you’ll find out how powerfully this can really help you to come back to your truth to yourself to your purpose to love to be who you’re really here to be in the world and there’s a lot of information there I really hope you enjoy everything that I’ve written for you on that link in the description so please visit our site if you feel the call and thank you so much for watching I look forward to seeing you in our next video.

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