How to Manifest – The Art of Receiving (Love from Mt. Shasta!)

Brothers and sisters Trinity de Guzman coming at you right now from the amazing Castle Lake up by Mount Shasta in Northern California I don’t know how many of you know about this place or have been to this place but it is pure magic and I actually lived here at Mount Shasta for about four months in the woods by myself around 2012 and oh and this video is gonna be so awesome I’m just so grateful to be updating you right now and sharing this adventure that we call life together.

So let me tell you a little about a little bit about my story living in Mount Shasta and actually it’s a great segue with the fact that a person messaged me with a video a couple days ago or just like a week ago and one of the things that he shared with me was like you seem like such a happy guy doesn’t look like you’ve had a very difficult life and you know my response to him was actually it’s because I’ve had probably the most difficult life or the most intense life full of like hardships and challenges that I am the way I am today the reason that my vibration is as high as it is and I am as light as I am is because of the difficulties and the hardships that I’ve experienced and the work that I have done with myself I have spent years literally just doing nothing but my own inner work.

Unfortunately I’ve been able to no manifest a reality where the daily mundane things of a job and having to pay living expenses didn’t worry so much because you know living in other countries you can survive off like a few dollars a month and really there was a friend about of mine actually that messaged me a few days ago amazing amazing brother one of the most amazing people I know on planet actually and he’s this you know incredible heart-centered like coach and international like speaker and leader and a TEDTalk speaker and he is just so inspiring to me and vice versa we just help each other level up so much and with that being said it’s so important to surround yourself with people who inspire you and people who lift you up people who make you feel like you want to keep leveling up and who are inspiring to you not people who bring you down all the people who bring you down.

I will say boldly right now get rid of those people in your life it’s not exactly the easiest thing but it’s a thing that will serve you the most and it might sound selfish but honestly selfishness from this perspective of serving yourself first so that you can have so much more to serve with the world and share with others is the greatest form of service so take care of yourself first don’t surround yourself with people who bring you down surround yourself only with the highest vibrational beings only with people who you want to be more like you know not the opposite and I know like I said it’s not exactly easy and you know I’ve had my fair share of difficulties with this and a lot of people won’t understand don’t expect them to understand.

You don’t even to explain it but really it’s about just being so much more deliberate about who you share your energy with because when you’re in the space with somebody else who you know isn’t a vibration that you most necessarily want to be like then you as energetic beings are literally like on top of each other in and on each other and you guys are sharing each other’s energy you’re getting their energy they’re getting your energy and you know that’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with people who you really enjoy their energy because you don’t want to be getting anybody’s energy who you don’t like and you don’t want to be no sharing your energy or being drained of energy for with people who do just that drain your energy so that’s just a little tangent about Phil this brother Phil drill a he’s the owner of the feel-good lifestyle so much love to him and he messaged me a few days ago he’s like dude can we talk do you have uh any time right now like I.

I’m going through some things that I feel like you would really understand and so I you know I’m message him I was like yeah I’m here for you brother and we got on the phone together and he’s like so this is the thing I won’t go to the details of it but he was going through these emotional releases and he’s like but it’s so draining like I don’t really have much time or energy more so than time more I don’t have as much energy excuse me um to be doing all the other things I want to be doing in my life and I was like you know this is the most important thing he’s like he specifically said I don’t really have time to do my work you know and I responded to him because this is what someone shared with me I had this incredible teacher and master come into my life and many of them actually and this one person shared with me it’s this is the real work what you do for money is what you do for money that’s not the work this.

This work that we’re talking about this inner work of like coming back to remembering who we really are is the most important work our souls journey is why we are here you know this whole thing that like we’re operating in this physical world of like you know having to get a job and you know figure things out this family and things like that passions and excitement and fun those are all you know kind of just like thrilling around the cake the most the meet of you know the core is the souls journey and that is why we come here that is why we come into these physical bodies and we script this beautifully scripted play and we acted out with ourselves as the self serving the self and we go on this journey to remember to learn to come back to who we really are and we have all these you know ups and downs and twists and turns and apparently difficult experiences.

Sometimes are good sometimes you’re not you know but essentially they’re all amazing at the core why is because they’re serving you come back to yourself everything that we experience in life does just that it brings us back to ourselves and that leads me to this video that I shared or this video response that I got from a brother amazing brother who was sharing with me how much you want to be a part of this vision and I appreciate that so much and if any of you want to make videos for me let me tell you now that I will watch it and I will respond to you and I love them so much and so he was sharing that it seems like I haven’t had a very difficult life and in fact I’ve had probably one of the Meuse me.

It’s a mourning time right now I haven’t had my water yet actually and I have had one of the most difficult experiences in this physical life then probably anybody you’ve met the reason I was living in the woods for four months was because I got married and divorced within six months that is a whole story in and of itself and I will I look so hard to going into what that taught me and but in a nutshell it showed me all the unconsciousness that I had around relationships and fortunately brought that all into the light so I can have nothing but consciousness around what it really means to relate with another what love really it shattered everything that I thought I knew about love and allowed me to come into the woods into the womb essentially and be reborn figure out and relearn what love really is unconditional love what that really is what that really looks like not possession or ownership or expectation or sexuality which we all mix into this one word we call love you know.

Ovid this is something that I am so passionate about this whole conversation especially around relating with another being because this journey taught me so much about that and I just have so much to share about it but continuing on with the story of the difficulty is you know I have I was married I was divorced I’ve been to jail I was I went to jail because I’ve heard too many stories about people who fled from the cops on a motorcycle haha I thought I could have but it wasn’t as easy as you’d expect it to be that’s again another story that’s so amazing and I’ll go into all these stories in you know my emails that I share with you actually and love telling stories and those emails and you know on top of that I’ve had everything stolen for me.

I’ve lost everything again and again I’ve hitchhiked one time from Nicaragua across six countries across Nicaragua Honduras El Salvador Guatemala Mexico and the United States I hitchhiked with no money to San Diego Southern California and that like I’ve had everything stolen from me again and again and again let me tell you that much and so and that’s just scratching the surface you know I’m just sharing this because I want you to know that it hasn’t been all smiles and rainbows and leprechauns and pots of gold because you know it’s just been this journey and I have taken my opportunities the difficult times to really go within and do my work find the things that were out of alignment the beliefs that I thought were true that weren’t because if anything doesn’t feel good all that is is it’s a sign of a thought or a belief that is not true let me share that again if anything doesn’t feel good that you are thinking or in your life.

It’s simply a signpost to a belief that isn’t true and so we have to do the work to find those beliefs and clean them up and come back to our central truth and that is what this whole journey is all about and so I’m here in Mount Shasta because I just bought an RV I just had an amazing ceremony with Madre about a week ago and she showed me as we are together creating the first public you’d like the first public ayahuasca Church in the United States this is about receiving this is a another topic.

I’m so passionate about because we grow up in this world and we feel like we have to or we don’t feel we feel because we are taught we are taught that we have to like do and create and strive and go for the next thing and the next thing and the next thing and so we’re in this endless loop um you know like rats in a little hamster wheel or hamsters in a hamster wheel and for a lot of people they don’t even know that they’re unconsciously spinning living the same mediocre life and again and again day after day and it’s up to us as a conscious of woken beings to recognize in our own lives that we cannot live these patterns and that we need to live life as choice.

In every moment as what really inspires our own growth and our own service to the world and for me this conversation about working is so fascinating because when it comes to receiving and receiving isn’t art you know a lot of us are taught how to not receive that we’re not worthy that we don’t deserve it that we’re not good enough and these are the beliefs that I’m talking about that we need to you know come with them to remember that we deserve anything and everything that we could possibly desire and I know these are just words right now.

They’re entering your conscious mind but when you sit with me when you come into the space now we are here to create as awoken beings together these beliefs seem to just vanish and it’s because of the vibration that we hold as a woke and self actualized beings who understand who they really are who we like are as spirit source God divine I am manifest into the physical world capable of truly anything that we set our minds to and together unstoppable in the awakening that we are here to bring to the world and so I’m sharing this because it’s this conversation of receiving that is so profound and there are so many facets to it but really receiving happens when you are in the space of stillness in the state of bliss in the state of joy and gratitude when you essentially as simply stated when you feel good when you feel good feeling feelings you are in a state of receiving all that you could have ever wanted in your life and if you do not feel good because it’s empty there’s only two emotions and this is the you know the 101 of manifestation.

If you feel good you’re manifesting and attracting everything that you want in life and if you don’t feel good you’re attracting all the things you don’t want to learn it’s really that simple and so our job is to make sure that we are so aware of our vibrational state and every moment now-now-now and now excuse the sound there’s just a bunch of people coming around talking but the point that I’m getting to is your job our job as vibrationally aware beings is to be present to how we feel in each moment and when you do that and you set your intention your number one intention to be nothing more than to feel good in every moment.

Then you are in the most powerful state of receiving that you could possibly be in and so that is my job right now our job together as we are creating this Center is to receive the funds for this and that’s incredibly like progressing you know it’s not something you can rush the conversations with the investors are going so well we’re having meeting number three very soon it’s an incredible like round table meeting where there’s the two investors their partners and then there’s me and my partner’s you know high-level core team people and then both of our attorneys and we’re gonna get together.

We’re gonna start talking about numbers and the ask is 2 million and like this is for real we’re really going to be receiving this I feel that to the depth of my core and our job my job specifically as somebody leading this or leading us together is to receive and be in a state of vibrational alignment that I can most powerfully be in so I was shown to get an RV and to go spend as much time in nature.

This summer as I can because when we are in nature we are in the most powerful alignment with who we really are because nature is who we really are ha ha and of course when you surround yourself with this vibration of your source then of course it becomes easier to be that and so I’m going to be spending a lot of time in nature making videos all over amazing beautiful places and of course still work moving this forward doing.

What I need to do working with my team and bringing this to the world for all of you there’s nothing that excites me more than my service for the awakening and a chorus serving the feminine that is what my life is about and when I say serving the feminine I look at myself as a servant of love a servant of the goddess and a servant of awakening and that again is a whole story that I could go into it’s just so beautiful and it’s very much related to my experience with the marriage and getting divorced and really learning.

You know what our world needs how we as men need to step up and what it really means to be in a woken masculine in the world with purpose with certainty with direction with service and with the gentlest love every being we come in touch with and how we are here to serve the feminine so that she can blossom bloom and you know be the awakening.

I really see that the keys to our awakening lies in the Divine Feminine for she loved and I say feminine and masculine not as male and female but as energies that we all have we all have masculine and feminine and so we thus need to honor the masculine and feminine within ourselves first and foremost and then when we are balanced centered here now.

A lot of you have seen my tattoos in my videos and that’s essentially what they represent you know divine masculine and divine feminine it’s the way of the warrior and the way of the wizard it’s action intention direction vision focus and then there’s receiving receptivity love allowing flow in the center there’s balance there’s their Celtic runes and ah you wanna see how I see em you.

You can’t really see them uh-huh that’s strength that’s a nation and that is balance ha ha ha god I love making these videos I have so much fun with them and so I continue my adventure asking the question every day how can I make this day and how can I make this moment as fun as I can possibly be let’s make an adventure for not only ourselves but for everybody around us continuing to serve not only ourselves like I said first and foremost making sure that we are solid connected aligned full of bliss and joy and gratitude and then from there serving everybody around us.

So we’re receiving the amazing funds to be able to build the Center in Portland and I’ll just keep updating you as everything progresses it’s not something that we can rush it’s just a state of knowingness that we can sit in and receive from the highest place of expectation and gratitude as you know that really is the most powerful place that we can receive anything in our lives and from here.

I’ll just keep sharing I’m so grateful so much thank you so much for watching this video for being on this journey with me and I look so forward to seeing you in my next video check out the links in the description if you want more information on our ayahuasca retreats in Peru or in the United States not to the first public Center in the United States and oh my god I’m so happy to be bringing this with to the world with all of you thank you so much and I’ll see you in my next video.

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