How to Have the Most Successful & Fulfilling Year Ever! [Keys to Your Inner World]

Brothers and sisters my name is Trinity de Guzman and I’m recording this video for sharing with you how to make 2017 the best year that could possibly be I’ve received some visions or how to personally really create powerfully in this coming year and I want to share them with you and this video is gonna be short and really just going straight to the topic of manifestation and a lot of people just like myself honestly we have stresses in our lives especially around money everything I do with ayahuasca healings that is only one project that I have out of many that I bring to the world and honestly with ayahuasca healings which are our retreats in Peru.

If you want to know more about that there’ll be a link in description but we don’t do this for making money we do this just to be able to share this medicine with the world and honestly the way that we have for example priced our retreats or how much we ask in terms of our contribution is not so that we can profit but just enough so that we could cover our expenses and so we even give a lot of scholarships or discounts to people who are struggling financially and as a result we don’t always.

We’re very close to the edge of basically the question of psyche are we just gonna have enough money to pay for our retreats or are we going to have enough money to keep what we’re doing going and this does bring stress into my heart or a questioning and so as I’ve been really purifying these parts of myself that doubt because ultimately every single time that I haven’t questioned if there’s enough I’m always proven and shown that there’s always enough that there is abundance that there is like we are so taken care of in this vision and one of the most important things as I was you know really sitting and feeling and asking for this year to be a year of a lot more abundance by naturally so that I can grow more projects and share more that brings healing and consciousness into the world.

I saw that I was asking for this abundance financially so that I can have this peace in my heart and it was in that that this download came and it was it’s not for this abundance to come financially for me to have his peace but in fact it’s the other way around in order for me to have this abundance financially so that I can grow this vision of ayahuasca healings in Peru and in the States and also these other projects that I have in the world it’s not for the money to come and then I will have the peace but it’s the other way around that so it’s first for me to have that peace within my heart first sit in the knowingness that I am so provided for and though we are so taken care of in this vision in this community of this family of what we are bringing together into the world first sitting in that vibration in that feeling of knowing that faith that trust that you know that knowingness that we are taking care of and I can’t emphasize that enough but that has to come first before the money or the finances or the abundance can be received.

This is the same thing for anything that we want in our lives for example if we might want that new job where we we might want that relationship for example relationships for a lot of people we think if I have that relationship I will be happy or if we for money again or that job or whatever it might be or that house with that car whatever it is it’s like once I have that I will be happy but it’s the other way around first we have to feel that joy the vibration and that frequency of what having that will actually feel like a man and only then can we actually manifest that in the physical world and so our job is to bring our vibration and our frequency to a place where it’s like we are already receiving we’ve already received that which it is that we want so for relationships that joy that we would want in having that love in our hearts.

The most important thing is first feeling that love in our heart first and then the relationship can come for money whatever the reason we all want money is that peace of heart the peace of mind that ability to not be stressed and I want to make a clear distinction peace of mind versus not being stressed or two very different things and whatever you put your energy towards it should always be towards the positive of an experience because the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between the positive of something or the negative of something for example if you’re thinking of not being stressed you are putting your energy towards stress so the subconscious mind is focusing on stressed stressed stressed so even if you’re saying to not be stressed you’re still putting energy towards that which it is that you don’t want which is stressed whereas the opposite would be peace of mind of a peace of heart.

For example this topic of money that is personally what I have been working with and just like all of you I’ve constantly purified and working on a certain level of myself so that I can reach a deeper level of peace and with everything that is happening for example even with the church in the United States and we’ve submitted our file and applied to the DEA and we will receive a response.

When we do there’s no way to know exactly when but just praying and knowing in our heart that it’s coming and it’s again sitting in that knowings that is there and that piece of receiving that first before that can be experienced externally and is the same thing for everything their lives whenever we want whatever the reason is that we want that we first have to feel that vibrationally internally and then it can manifest in the external experience so the question is how and the number one thing that has allowed me to really create powerfully in this world has been and you cannot underestimate the simplicity of this is visualization and so taking time every day to come into my inner world and to visualize that which it is that I want to experience and what I want to create in my external reality and feeling the emotions most importantly.

The key is the emotion, the positive feeling that comes from visualizing and seeing and experiencing in my inner world that which I want to create externally because everything in this world is fibration everything is energy and so when we understand how our internal world creates our external reality and that it is first shifting our inner frequency before we experience any shifts externally that is the only way we can create what we want in 2017 and beyond because life is a mirror and I speak about this law one of my greatest teachers even Peru his name is Diego Palma in such gratitude to him for how deeply he has served and supported me and my personal healing through the ceremonies.

The ayahuasca ceremonies that I have experienced with him in Peru so many and they’ve allowed me to go so deep and heal so much and one of the things that he shares at the end of his ceremonies is how light is a mirror and what we experience externally is simply a reflection of what we are experiencing internally and so it’s like think of a mirror if you see a mirror and it is frowning at you do you get mad at the mirror and get mad at it so that enforce it yell at it so it can yell at you or so I smile at you know you first smile and then the mirror will smile back and that is what it is like with our external world if what you are experiencing externally is not what makes you happy it is not getting upset at that reality not being you know annoyed or complaining or just looking at the negative things about life that will shift that it is first shifting your inner vibration first coming to a place in your heart where you are smiling inside where you feel that joy and peace in your heart and then when you feel that internally will that manifest externally and then you will start to experience things your external vibration that creates or amplifier add to the joy that you feel inside and again how comes down to visualization comes down to spending time internally first at the start of your day before you get into you know this doing mode before you get to your computer or your phone especially your phone take time to sit and go inside and to feel that joy that you want to feel more of in your life and for me.

I used to speak about it where I would not start my day until I feel a level 10 on my scale of bliss you know I would get to a place where I would literally feel on a level 10 out of 10 on my scale of joy that I was at that 10 that I felt like I was exploding with joy because of what I create an experience internally that I wouldn’t start my day until I get to that point and once I really created the habit around that and really committed to making sure I get that level of joy first my inner vision in my inner heart and then I start my day once I committed to that everything that I experienced externally was a reflection of that joy because life is a mirror and what we experienced externally is what we are simply experiencing internally first so I really pray that you understand and feel the truth of where this is coming from and that you spend more time in 2017 and ultimately today tomorrow even just setting a goal for seven days is how it starts you don’t have to create something or create a new habit for a year just focus on a one period of time.

Twenty-one days is how long it takes to create or break a habit so if you can commit to just 21 days of spending five minutes a day inside yourself and looking for and finding things that make you feel good you know we might have an experience where there’s 19 out of 20 things that we can complain about and one thing that we can be happy about just focus on that one thing whatever it is there’s always something in your life to be grateful for and when you can put your energy towards that gratitude then you can amplify that gratitude you will be given more things that you can feel grateful for so spend time in the morning feeling gratitude and joy visualizing that which you want to experience and experiencing that in your inner vision until you experience the positive emotion and that is the key the positive emotion.

The good feeling feelings the excitement the joy the happiness that creates inside yourself and when you can experience that in your vibration then external reality follows suit so thank you so much for watching this video letting me share a little bit more from my legality how I create powerfully and if you want to know more about how you can experience something that can really support you and shifting your inner vibration your inner world this is our ayahuasca retreats in Peru so click the link in the description to learn more about what we have created as something that has been the most powerful tool for myself to allow me to heal and shift my inner frequency to create magic externally in my reality so thank you so much for being with me again today I look forward to speaking with you in my next video but so much love I’ll talk to you soon.

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With SO much love, so grateful to help support you in this journey of a lifetime, ayahuasca retreat peru


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