Mescaline, San Pedro & Ayahuasca – Mescaline as MEDICINE

For other than sister’s Trinity de Guzman coming at you right now from Lake kinsa Cocha in Peru.I just did a San Pedro ceremony and I was so inspired to record this video of here with an amazing friend she’s just right over there behind the camera and I am just honestly just so in love with life this is all this video is really here to share with you which is how deeply can we love life.

You know this medicine of San Pedro is so powerful in its ability to connect us so deeply with gratitude with love of life and basically this ceremony all that’s happening for me right now is I’m just getting so clear that this is what I’m here to share with the world you know this is it like this medicine of San Pedro I’ve never seen anything allow us to just connect into such deep levels of gratitude and love than San Pedro and like.

I’m here to bring people to Peru like Pierre you straight up that’s it like I have I know that is such a big part of my mission and it’s just share this medicine because it’s like this deep connection with love with gratitude with presence with you know connecting with nature like I’m here to bring people to amazing places like this do you want to come to an amazing lake like this because this is what I do and I’m here to help you by inviting you to Peru giving you the opportunity to sit with San Pedro.

Yourself and more importantly ayahuasca you know San Pedro is an amazing medicine that the valley of you know Peru has to be able to offer us but San Pedro combined with ayahuasca not necessarily at the same time but I mean like ayahuasca is a medicine that is just here for such deep healing for ourselves in the world.

You know like there are so many different things that we as human beings have to be able to heal to just step more into who we’re here to be in the world you know purpose Dharma you know everything that we know we’re here to be in the world in terms of like you know there’s certain things that we know that we have to do or certain patterns that we have that don’t serve us but this medicine of ayahuasca has an incredible ability to show you that in a different perspective in a different light.

So, that you can heal it you know so that you don’t keep doing the things that you know are out of alignment that you don’t keep doing the things that you know don’t serve you know and to bringing those habits and that’s that way of being of who you’re really here to be in the world like if I can sum up ayahuasca into any one thing its purpose you know who are we here to be in the world like in our best self and that’s exactly what the medicine of ayahuasca is able to do and on the on the contrast of that Sam.

Farrell is just a deep deep medicine that here that’s here to like really just connect us with gratitude with love with bliss and it’s amazing to just go out and meditate and you know I’m very external right now but after this I’m literally just gonna go and meditate.

Just come back into my bliss and love of life and so I was just so inspired to share this video to let you know that it’s available for you to you know come to Peru and experiences for yourself you know we can talk about it you can read stories you can watch videos but nothing even compares to experiencing it yourself and I want to tell you about a website that I’m actually creating right now it’s called ayahuasca healings calm and it’s a website that’s just here to give anybody who is called to the medicine.

You know answers to show people and just share like real life experiences I do a lot of interviews with people so you know you can check out my channel I have a lot of videos that are very much centered around the medicine you know and of course my travels and me as a person .

I just love teaching and sharing and giving and helping and loving and so like that’s it you know check out the website more so just if you feel the call come to Peru and I’m here to help you with that I’m a resource that you know I’m just here for you whatever you need ayahuasca healings calm and I look so forward to maybe meeting in Peru what’s up thank you.

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With SO much love, so grateful to help support you in this journey of a lifetime, ayahuasca retreat peru


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