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Ah brothers and sisters Trinity de Guzman coming at you right now from Portland Oregon right now I’m here by this incredible River over at a dear brother and partner’s place who if you don’t know yet we are bringing ayahuasca to America to the United States and we’re gonna be the first ones to be doing this and really making it public.

You know there’s been other churches that have been doing this for a couple decades now actually but they’re very closed in terms of like who they allow to sit with them and experience the medicine with them and it’s very church like in terms of like rules and very religious and what I like to say or the way I like to see it is like with the church that we’re building is like the religion of non religion it’s i per for me personally i believe in all religion i believe every single religion points to a truth that is a so bright and so divine and so like real at its core you know every single religion every master that brought that it’s not like they plan to bring a religion to the world but they were awakening people to the truth that they are their own God they are their own divinity they are spirit manifest and like.

I said like the church the ayahuasca church that we are bringing to the United States is like either looked at as the religion of non religion or the religion of all religions and it’s so non dogmatic but really about how our own personal connection with the creator with the divine is and how that manifests so for us to connect with that spirit of Mother Earth and father sky you know whatever words that you used to describe your connection with your spirituality whether it’s spirit the universe mother earth father sky whatever it is this medicine of Iowa Mosca allows you to connect with that so deeply and I really look at it like the spirit of Mother Earth and like a mother she can just like take us in her arms and show us the deepest love that goes so far beyond words or you know give us a little smack on the behind just to like push us in the direction that we need to go because she loves us because she supports us because she wants to see us live our truth who were really here to be in the world and no matter where we’re at in our journey mother ayahuasca can give us exactly.

What we need that’s always what she does she always gives you exactly what you need and the whole point of this video actually is to Wan just keep sharing the word of this vision that’s manifesting that is just like blowing me away every single day that just unfolds there’s just something else happening in terms of like the creation and the manifestation of what I like to describe as these fifth dimensional villages that completely redefines what it’s like to be a human being on this planet to live here on earth and completely show and pave the way for the new humanity that is about to be birth and that is being birth right now a humanity.

That is so connected to the values that really matter a humanity that is so connected to their truth to their divine purpose of unfolding consciousness in the universe in the galaxy in not only the planet Earth but the entire universe and it starts within our own hearts it’s not the world that needs peace it’s us as human beings that need peace and when we live that within our own hearts the world cannot help but have that and be that and express that in every single form that we observe and experience and so it’s really up to people like you and I to come together to hold each other vibration ally accountable that’s how.

I like to describe it is we hold a vibration and a space for everybody to lift up and live their highest truth whatever that looks like each and every single one of us have our own genius that I like to describe it as and this genius is simply a combination of our natural embarrassed and talents that we were just like handed to on this like as we came into physical manifestation these gifts whether it’s you know these things that we just like love to do deep down in our heart what is that for you.

I want to leave that with you like to ask yourself what are your natural inborn like yeah innate abilities and gifts that you came here just like already equipped with you know they were just like in your back pocket they’re already yours and then as you developed throughout your physical adult life or you know continuously evolution like whether you’re not like fully and adulate or here in your teens I don’t know what’s up but I get a lot of people watching these videos where actually in their late teens.

I still totally consider you adult more so adulthood is about who you are inside not necessarily age but it’s your responsibility and your awareness of your path of your calling and that’s what I feel really creates maturity which is the acceptance of responsibility and the lack of complacency those are the two things that I really feel make somebody mature and an adult which is the inability to just accept things to be the way that they are to see things in a greater light to see things better than that they can be and do not just accept that this is the way things is are and so that’s just the way it is but an ability to see through the illusion and be like there’s something about this that just feels off it doesn’t make sense and see but there’s a better way you are the people that I’m talking to because you are the people that I am here to bring together in these fifth dimensional villages that were creating and they’re literally gonna be all over the world and it’s so magical to watch that the first ones the first and second ones they’re going to be happening very much the same time the first and second one are both coming to the United States were bringing not only ayahuasca to the world and to America but more importantly a holistic multi-pronged multifaceted integrative approach to your evolution to your expansion and remembering of who you really are and you see like people in Peru bless them for everything.

That they’ve done to bring us to this point in our reality in our evolution as on a collective scale people and shamans have been working with the medicine of ayahuasca for thousands of years and they’ve taken us to this point where we are in our collective evolution and we need as I so clearly see right here not thought but vision very different things and I clearly see that we need a different way of working with the medicine of ayahuasca to take us into the next phase of our evolution.

You see people who work with the medicine of ayahuasca and Mother they’ve you know a lot of the people grew up in maybe Peru or the Amazon and we’re disconnected from what we as North Americans have to face the societal pressures and the programming that we are born into of having to you know chase the money chase the dollar next best thing whatever it is the values that are just so backwards and disconnect us from our truth people in the Amazon don’t grow up with this and so there’s a certain understanding that has to be had in order to bring forth the healing and the awakening to liberate the human beings who are so caught in the illusion and the system and are not able to yet see through the fact that they’re really just cogs in a system running through this hamster wheel feeding this greater power.

That is actually draining energy from them you know I don’t want to go too much into that but the main point is that you know we as North Americans have a different requirement then people in Peru and the Amazonian tribesmen who grew up in Peru yeah you can sit with the medicine and have a deeply profound life-changing experience and going to Peru is so powerful and there’s nothing that can replace going down to Peru having that experience for yourself and really going deep with the medicine and as Americans as Canadians as people who live in North America that we have like lives that we have to like sometimes are difficult to get away from and basically the point is that we have to really understand as people who are bringing awakening to the world what the requirements are of North Americans and I so clearly see that we need something that’s more holistic that is not just based in tradition and because they’ve been doing it for hundreds and thousands of years that that’s just the way that we’re gonna continue to do it know we are here to bring the modalities from all over the world whether it’s and like Eastern medicine path of yoga and meditation or from South America of ayahuasca and different plant medicines and animal medicines that come from the Amazonian jungle or even the Western path of understanding psychology and what who creates like the mental and subconscious reprogramming that we mean so that these experiences that we can have cannot just be like this glimpse into enlightenment and consciousness and who we really are but can really grow and be integrated into a lifelong way of being and that is what.

I’m here to bring to the world and that’s what I’m here to bring with all these centers that I’m creating and that’s being created through this most magical team you know it’s not me I don’t like to use or say that it’s me creating it’s coming through me and it’s something so much bigger and I’m just this divine puppet letting it unfold as I find the other puzzle piece other puzzle pieces are really the other people who are here to bring this into reality and so that leaves me a quest for you which is do you see yourself to be a part of this vision do you see yourself to be someone who is called to bring this to the world whether that’s you know learning how to be a healer or maybe you already resonate with the fact that you are a healer or that path without calling and you want to hone that capacity or that ability you know like I am we are creating every time.

I use the word I it’s kind of a habit but you know whenever I use the word I want you know it’s really coming from the I am and as spirit the I the greater I the non-local I the I am creating through the little I and so what we are really creating is this kind of like X Academy if you’ve ever watched x-men you know it’s this school for gifted children and Professor Xavier helps these beings hone their innate abilities and capacities to help save the world just to help like bring about a new wave of consciousness into humanity and that’s really how I see this whole unfolding to be whether you call it a mystery school or the X Academy.

I really see that I’m here to help visionaries way seers revolutionaries like rebels people who just know that they’re here to make a change in this world indigo children crystal children earth angels whatever word that you resonate with you know Light worker whatever it is I’m here to help the beings who are just in the knowingness that they are here to bring about the new level and the new paradigm of consciousness on planet earth and to pave the way for the planet to come back to that remembering and it’s up to people like you and I to hold that vibration so high that people cannot help but come back to that remembering of who they really are and live their truth find that path and then bring that and their gift to the world and so I’m calling you forth I’m calling the people who know that that’s what they’re here to do to come and be in touch I have a link in this description that will like give you an opportunity to apply to come live at the center be a part of this vision bring this to the world.

Whether that’s how to learn how to brew and share ayahuasca with the world if that’s your calling or if it’s you know calling for the people who know that they want to bring a healing center or a retreat center in the world because we’re gonna be building these retreat centers all over North America all based basically near every major city in North America and first starting with the United States and so that’s obviously a good handful of retreat centers that are gonna be like popping up and I’m calling forth the people who are called to bring that to the world you don’t need to do this on your own the resources are here like.

I the funding and the understanding of how to spread a message and the people who are masters at law and the people who are masters of you know like technology and energy and permaculture and the people who are just like all here this is all one vision you’ve been seen your you’ve been shown and you’ve seen something that you’re here to bring in the world and I truly believe that it’s the same vision we’re all here to bring about the same vision to the world of this new race of humanity you know fifth dimensional multi-dimensional beings that are so connected to our truth our alignment and who we really are beyond these physical forms and that just cannot help but transform lives in our presence that is who we are coming to be and that is who as we come together we are going to lift up to even more easily and more powerfully.

So whether you see yourself to be a healer whether it’s sound healing acupuncture and like natural medicine whatever your path is whatever you’ve studied in or trained in or or that’s something that you want to study and learn how to do or especially the people who want to bring ayahuasca to the world and hold space and ceremony especially people who actually already have that gift of musical talent the most important thing I want to say about like learning how to share ayahuasca is that I’m not the teacher she is Mother this spirit of Mother Earth is the teacher and all you need to do is sit with her enough and she will teach you everything that you need to do and what I will do is I’m gonna teach you how to hold space vibration ally how to keep us base clean energetically because I might not be an amazing musician in fact I don’t even call myself a musician but what I am is somebody that can keep a space clean energetically and that’s why people who sit with me say that it’s the best ceremony that they’ve ever had and I’m not saying that from an egoic place but simply from a knowingness.

That I can keep a space so energetically clean from any entities or any beings that are not there to serve the highest divine love Christ consciousness and keep each of the people in that clean energetic high pure space and that’s something I can teach that’s something that my whole life has really been about which is vibrational atonement and it’s a practice and as you come live at the center and as you grow with us you learn to hold a higher and higher and higher vibration and have that be a way of living and so people who are caught stirring ayahuasca people who are called to build a retreat centre people who just love you know maybe working with the land people who love maybe building or working with food or teaching yoga whatever your genius or your mastery is or whatever it is that makes just your heart sing that you are called to like live more freely and fully in the world.

I call you for that this is a vision that you want to be a part of it this is a vision that you’ve already had that you see yourself bringing forth this new race of humanity this fifth dimensional village conscious community eco villages whatever you want to call it imagine being in a land where you’re surrounded with people who lift you up you’re surrounded by people who inspire you who are masters and experts and there whatever genius that it is that is theirs and I was saying earlier sorry a genius is something that is we have a natural born ability with and then we also hone and develop in our lives so what are your geniuses you know what have you been born with and then what have you developed and really honed into a mastery or a genius that you’re here to bring with the word to the world.

I would love to hear what your genius is what makes your heart sing what you want to be a part of in this vision and whatever it is like I’m sure there’s space because this is all about the team this is all about the family you know the biggest thing that will make this community and these villages and like all of this happen and I say villages because it’s really gonna be be like this handful of people who live there serving together growing together learning together you know there’s gonna be.

I awoke retreats every weekend there’s gonna be yoga retreats every weekend there’s gonna be detox retreats every weekend we’re gonna serve guests together and then throughout the week we’re just gonna alert live and grow and be the most blissful beings that we can be yeah it’s gonna be like paradise on earth and that’s what the fifth dimension is no longer is it gonna be a third dimensional experience which is separation from the truth of the I am separation from God essentially but what it really is is the fifth dimension there’s the remembering that we are one and so with separation in the third dimension.

There’s a separation of experience from bliss from love and so that’s why we have this contrast of good and bad feeling feelings whereas in the fifth dimension as we ascend as human beings and come back more and more to the knowingness of who we really are soar to live from that place on a daily basis and then surround ourselves with people like that then truly we could have a reality we’re no longer is there.

That’s good and bad experience but simply just different shades of light and love and that is really a reality that you can have that we are bringing to the world that’s the reality I already live in as this Ascension process is happening it’s no longer like good and bad feelings it’s just bliss and less blissful or like feelings that feel good and great you know and that’s what we’re here to bring to the world and the space that’s gonna be held in these communities and it’s really happening it’s really happening.

I am left in awe every single day as I see the team of experts who have like been groomed their whole lives to bring this to the world oh man I can go off on the Masters that I am working with to make this a reality for you and I’m really just like the spokesman I’m the face of or one of the faces is to bring this and to like keep that excitement and that energy high and so with that all being said click the link in the description if you want to be a part of this if you want to come live in the community if you want to drink ayahuasca for free you know the community and all the funds that come into the community.

We’ll take care of everybody who lives there so really essentially it’s gonna be a moneyless system but really based on the value that we bring all serving and sharing for this one unified vision of awakening for the planet and if we can the biggest thing is that we can let go of our personal egoic needs for the self gratification of being like look what I did you know look at what I’m doing like as a part of this we have to be able to still of course have our personal expression and our artistic expression of who we are a creative expression and that’s whatever your genius is and but more importantly that being not about this egoic need to have to be recognized but really about the most important need to serve a unified vision together and bring awakening to the whole and if you can let go of that little ego that needs to be gratified that has to be recognized and be like oh look what you did you know like for me this is never about what I’m doing this is never about like.

Ooh look at what I’m creating no this is absolutely about each and every single one of you know this could not happen without you without the team that I’m bringing this forward to the world with and so that’s a really big part of but what will make this successful is if we each do enough of our own personal work to let go of the egoic need to have this be like ours you know mine whatever that is whatever that little ego needs and that’s just an ongoing process but I’m sharing that awareness with you now so you know what will really allow us to grow and flourish as this really spreads across the world over the next year’s and decades and centuries as we really redefine what it means to be a human being and just a fifth dimensional being who’s aware of who we really are and so with that all being said this videos are even 23 minutes I give so much things and I love you so much thank you so much for allowing let’s passion to just enter your life and if you feel called click the link in the description and let me know how you want to be a part of this and I’m so looking forward to reading those share this please if you feel inspired like subscribe and I’ll see you in my next video.

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