New Year Resolutions MYTH – What You Really Need To Know

Brothers and sisters Trinity de Guzman coming at you during these beautiful happy holydays Merry Christmas Happy New Year happy whatever you celebrate and I’m making this video because i have a special message for you for 2016 and this goes against everything that you know people usually say about New Year’s resolutions because this is about the complete opposite instead of giving you a resolution or telling you how to set goals.

The importance of resolutions this is about it like I said the exact opposite because we as a collective consciousness right now are accelerating ATPase where we and our vibrational frequency is reaching places where it never has before and what that means is that the old rules that used to work the old ways of living that we used to live by no longer work in the coming years and maybe even in the experience of how you’ve been living your life these days and so you know we learn certain belief systems and certain patterns in certain ways of being in a world that is literally and physically energetically speaking very different than the lint in the world that we live in today our world is vibrationally much higher and vibrating at a frequency higher than it ever has before and as a result the patterns and the ways of being and living and thinking that used to work no longer work.

This is described as the quickening and the acceleration of vibrational frequency that we as human beings are all coming back to remember the multi-dimensional reality of who we really are and in that letting go of the values that no longer serve us and our remembering and realigning the values that really do matter of love a piece of joy of presence in this moment and remembering what really matters to us finding and discovering the secrets of the heart and that is what this video is about just a beautiful quick message give you something to enter and welcome your new year with which is not about doing something but it’s about feeling it’s about listening to your heart because like I said the old way of doing things no longer works.

I’m sure some of you are realizing that you know maybe in the past you can get away with living a certain way or doing things that were out of alignment that you knew we’re out of alignment with what you really wanted what really makes you happy and you kept doing them but now what’s happening is that those same things that you can get away with you are no longer able to and because it creates a disc lineman and a disharmony in your reality that is so uncomfortable and palpable that you can no longer keep doing those things and so what I invite you to do in 2016 is really listen to your heart stop listening to the people out there stop listening to what society expects from you stop listening to what your family expects from you your friends expect from you or even your spouse it’s just the most important thing is listen to yourself to your heart what makes you truly happy because that first and foremost is the only way that you can ever really make any of those people happy you know on a mental level they might not approve but on an energetic and heartfelt level.

They are all learning witnessing and watching you as you step forward in your life following what is most important to you and as they might really want to be doing that and on the outside they might be criticizing or you know saying something negative in context to what it is that you might be doing on the inside they are admiring your courage for many of them are not yet at that place where they can fully follow their heart and sometimes it might take lifetimes you know but if you’re watching this video it’s because you have chosen this life time to come and follow your heart discover the secrets of who you really are merge and melt away the beliefs that no long serve you and coming back to the divine remembering of one that we all are you being me being you the lack and the removing the separation from anything and everything around us and remembering that we are all of this universe spirit here now in service of the Great Awakening.

It’s not about figuring out what to do and learning and growing and reaching these new lego about levels it’s about letting go it’s about removing the layers removing the limiting beliefs that we’ve picked up in this life and most importantly coming back to the heart the momentum of your evolution is dependent on the amount of time you spend in stillness and the ride of the velocity that you can experience the velocity and the speed of your evolution depends on how well you can come back to your breath these are the keys your breath and stillness so as much as I’m passionate excited to be able to share what I’m sharing right now this is all speak to you in a way where you know your mind just likes hearing things fast it likes getting information in a way that’s easy and digestible and you know quick but really look inside come back stillness come back to what really matters listen to yourself listen to your heart follow what matters to you not what anybody else expects of you and that is the only way that you can ever create the life that you truly want that’s the only way you could ever experience the fulfillment.

The joy and the love that your soul yearns for it craves for that’s why you’re watching this video that’s why I’m here to help and we have created first public legal ayahuasca Church in America and if you haven’t learned about our ayahuasca retreats yet in the United States then just click the link in the description but more than that this is just for you to have this message that entering your 2060 set the intention that there’s nothing more important to you to follow your heart your highest truth and watch as magic and folds all around thank you so much happy new year and thank you for wealth welcoming this beautiful incredible best year ever in our collective evolution I’ll see you in my next video you.

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