How To Prepare For Ayahuasca Retreats – My Best Advice [Important!]

Brothers and sisters Trinity de Guzman coming at you right now from the incredible jungles of Peru I just finished an absolutely incredible ayahuasca retreat also known as a da de or a diet giving wish and it was so found so powerful and were the biggest things that I got from it was getting so clear about how I’m here to share the word of this medicine and to spread this increment the world because I’ve never seen anything helps so many people.

So profoundly and I have some advice for anybody who’s looking into an ayahuasca retreat and that’s first and foremost you know like really check in with yourself if you’re serious about your work because it’s not easy doing an ayahuasca retreat isn’t a walk to the park you know oftentimes you feel very weak because of there’s there’s so much that you’re letting go of and so much that’s being processed and integrated and released and it’s just it’s very intense and it can often be very difficult on the body and it’s very important that you don’t leave in the middle of a retreat.

You know like there’s everything about the mind and I’ll tell you this now so that you can be prepared for it when you actually are in your retreat and it’s that the mind when it’s in the depths of its intensity at a retreat will often walk to tell you to leave or to yeah just get out of it and that’s because all the things that are coming up within you that are being released whatever they are habits or patterns or negative beliefs or limiting beliefs like whatever they are you know lot blocks of receiving of worthiness deserving of all the countless different things that we collected as human beings.

In our lives that obviously why you’re called to an ayahuasca retreat is because you know there’s some part of you that’s aware of the healing that’s needed or just the importance of going deeper with the medicine like as you’re at a retreat oftentimes the mind will tell you to leave or the ego will because these things these blocks these things that don’t serve us they’ve so to say just made a comfy home inside of ourselves and to our psyche inside of our consciousness and deep down they’ve just like rooted themselves.

It’s so important that no matter what no matter how hard your experience is no matter what’s coming up to be released no matter how difficult it is that you stay at whatever retreat that you’re at because it’ll actually oftentimes if you leave it’ll make it worse because it’s like it’s been brought up to the surface and then you leave Midway but we’re actually doing the full cleaning and it’s just even more intense and so that’s like what are the things are so important another thing is like you know with ayahuasca that’s been so it’s you know over the past ten years has to spend more more popularized or like as it’s been entering the North or the Western world.

Just like yoga meditation has I really feel and believe that ayahuasca is going to be this just as big as yoga and meditation because of how powerful that it is you know and in healing you know in connecting us with our truth with consciousness with who we really are and allowing us that goal the things that don’t serve us you know so.

I’m so grateful that you’re called to ayahuasca or the ayahuasca retreat because you know it’s so powerful if you’re doing such amazing work for not only yourself but the collective you know you’re healing not only your own self but future generations so that you don’t have to pass on these negative beliefs and patterns and also the whole we’re doing such deep cleaning because really the people who are called ayahuasca.

I truly believe are the people who are here to ground this new reality the new earth this a reality based on love on connection of community on harmony on truth on the heart you know versus divine desire and getting being and so with that all being said like with the commercialization or the popularity of ayahuasca over the past ten years or so it’s there’s been a lot of people who have been entering into this market so to say it’s not only a market I can duck the wrong word to use but who have been coming in to ayahuasca to really just make money and there’s a lot of black magic to like.

I don’t want to scare you I’m not doing this to scare you or do what he like put fear in you but I’m just sharing this for awareness because it’s so important that you’re aware of that you know whoever you sit with or wherever you go for an ayahuasca retreat that the people are cream in their intention in their heart why they’re doing is they’re not doing it for money or they’re doing it for the healing with the expansion for the consciousness but love for the purest reasons and so with that all being said it’s really important that you really check in with your guidance with whatever retreat center that you decide to go to because that’s the ultimate truth is your own guidance your own heart your own higher self your soul your whatever you want to call it and with that all being said like my best advice is following your Dinitz following your truth and knowing how to keep yourself safe in ceremony is really good like of course the shaman or the curandero is there to keep you safe and that’s their job and it’s also really good to know how to hold your own space energetically because literally speaking you’re opening a lot of portals when you’re taking ayahuasca and an ayahuasca ceremony a lot is open and if the shamans or the corner Darryl’s job to make sure you’re safe.

You know I’m not only the beings or the energies of divine love Christ consciousness highest bliss and connection to truth are allowed in your space around you in the ceremony and so here’s just a little advice for holding your own space and it’s just it’s invoking your own protection and again this isn’t for from a place of fear but from a place of awareness that there’s a lot of energies that are out there that aren’t of the highest purest love like consciousness and so to protect yourself and just create this little like bubble around you.

You say 3 times 3 is a very powerful number you say 3 times and you can use whatever words that you want I personally use divine love Christ consciousness because what you’re invoking is like the highest purest love light consciousness God like God consciousness Christ consciousness whatever words you want to use for that you can feel that you know I personally say so for me my invocation is like I call forth divine love Christ consciousness all beings who come through divine love and Christ consciousness and only the beans will come through divine love Christ consciousness and with that you’re literally – oh yeah and creating this protective space around yourself and yeah these are all just a few tips that I have for anybody who’s looking into an ayahuasca retreat.

How to protect yourself to get your guidance you know being aware of like the intentions and asking your higher self and is this person clean and their intentions of impurity and yeah really checking in if you’re serious with your work because an ayahuasca retreat is only there for you and I wholly recommended ion thoroughly if you’re serious about your healing about your conscious expansion about your growth and of course never leave it ayahuasca retreat in the middle of it and so yeah without all being said like I like I’ve created a site called ayahuasca healings calm and the medicine has shown me that I’m here to help spread word of her August medicine and I’m helping a friend here.

Oh my god I just helped have opening ceremony at this new retreat center that a friend is launching over here and I’m so grateful to be able to put my energy my talent to be able to help him share what he’s doing and you know with this retreat center that I’m helping to share with the world I’m not gonna stay like come to our retreat center I’m saying feel into your own guidance and educate yourself because that is the most important thing educate yourself feel into the people behind it and follow your truth that’s it so with that all being said check out ayahuasca healings comm links somewhere in the description and it’s just a resource for anybody who’s called ayahuasca and you know there’s documentary there too that I highly recommend you check out and yeah just visit and if you have any questions ask I’m here for you thank you so much and I look forward to see you on the site maybe over here much love.

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With SO much love, so grateful to help support you in this journey of a lifetime, ayahuasca retreat peru


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