Buy or Purchase Ayahuasca (Iowaska) – Precautions & Sources

Brothers and sisters Trinity de Guzman coming at you right now from the jungles of Peru I just finished this incredible ayahuasca retreat and I’m just so inspired to be making this videos for anybody who’s looking into ayahuasca and this video specifically for anybody who’s looking to buy ayahuasca and I had some advice and some precautions and of course I’ll give you a place where you can buy iwasa of course too and I just but before I go into that I just had some very important things I want to share with you so if you’re looking to buy ayahuasca and brew it yourself this videos for you because first and foremost if you’re buying ayahuasca it’s really important that you know this isn’t just this isn’t a drug this isn’t something you take just for an altered experience or alters danger just to try this is a medicine that you take.

If you’re serious about your conscious expansion if you are serious about healing and letting go of the things that don’t serve you this is a medicine for you and it’s very important that you treat this medicine with a lot of respect well the light is getting totally intense behind me I’m just gonna keep filming I hope you don’t mind anyway that you treat this medicine with a lot of respect and reverence because it’s a medicine and so I really recommend that you sit with the Koren darou.

Somebody who studied with the medicine and can really understand and who’s worked with the spirit of ayahuasca because it’s not just a hallucinogen it’s a medicine and you’re working with the spirit of ayahuasca and you’re opening a lot of portals when you take ayahuasca and it’s really important that you know how to keep yourself safe and that you are safe and that’s what the curandero or the shaman does they hold the space.

So that only the beings of highest intentions who are here to help you and serve you are allowed in your space you can check out another one of my videos it’s like something like ayahuasca shamanism which teaches you how to protect yourself in your own ceremony but most importantly first and foremost I highly recommend taking or sitting with the medicine with the Cordillera or a shaman and if you really really feel the call to buying ayahuasca or maybe you are an experienced with ayahuasca or you’re working with somebody who is experienced with ayahuasca and you are just looking to ship the medicine outside of Peru in a legal safe way then this is how you do it.

It’s you buy the ayahuasca and the Chuck Runa these are the two primary plants of ayahuasca separately the borders and the customs oftentimes and this is how I’ve heard it and experienced it if you ship them together then the customs it’s it’s like duh what are you doing with this it’s like it’s very obvious what you’re gonna do with it you’re making ayahuasca so when you buy it make sure that the source that you’re buying from ships the to ayahuasca and check Runa separately in two separate boxes and then the likelihood of you receiving them is so much higher and of course needing to know how to actually brew the medicine yourself or properly that’s another video that I’ll make but just outside of the scope of this video but for this video I just wanted to share yeah that it’s a precaution and how to get the medicine or ship the medicine overseas outside of Peru and of course being in Peru.

I’ve been living here for over a year now I have made the connections with people who can actually help ship this you know and I do it myself and so I have a site just get it to the point and you know no this isn’t about came to the point I’m not here to sell you ayahuasca I’m here to help you bottom line I most importantly that’s my highest intentions anybody who’s called to the medicine I’m here to spread the medicine with the world because I’ve never seen anything help so many people so deeply and so if you really are called to getting the medicine.

I have a source that can help you and check it out ayahuasca healings it’s in the description and you know its sight that’s really a resource for anybody who’s called ayahuasca not only where you can buy ayahuasca and check runa but where you can also learn about the medicine how can help you learning about retreats that you know we hold and that are just super it’s just so powerful so deep and yeah most importantly out of anything that I want to share with you it’s follow your own truth follow your own guidance.

You know if you’re called to retreat follow your own your own heart don’t just come to our retreat center because I’m telling you about it follow the guidance of your own Higher Self and from there enjoy haha just wrapping up this video you are looking to buy ayahuasca check it out ayahuasca healings calm and check out the forum – I saw in my retreat that I’m gonna create a forum so hopefully it’s made by the time you see this video and it’s just a place where all being well people from all over the world can talk about the ayahuasca experiences and share their experiences so enjoy and thank you so much for watching this video and for feeling the call to the medicine truly thank you so much you.

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