Cactus San Pedro (Huachuma) – San Pedro Ceremony at Machu Pichu!

Brothers and sisters Trinity de Guzman coming at you right now from of course the one and only Machu Picchu today on the winter or summer solstice of 2014 and I’m making this video today because I did a San Pedro ceremony here today and I really just was so inspired to share with you about my experience.

Now first of all it’s like the like number one was I got permission to be able to share publicly about my experiences with medicine you know I’ve been taking medicine consciously for about a year now all of it pretty much in Peru and I just got permission that it’s okay to be able to share it because there’s a big difference between a medicine and a drug you know and I want to make that distinction with you so it’s like a drug is in my definition something if you’re taking it to escape something to reach an altered state just for the sake of reaching an altered state to have fun or to you know get to a place that maybe you don’t know how to get to without and so you keep having to go to this drug to get back to that state to get that level of happiness from Throne and that’s what I consider a drug now a medicine.

Sacred medicine is something you take that all with intention you know the only thing that separates a drug and a medicine is the intention behind it and so you’re taking something which is a substance which is coming from Mother Earth you know and completely natural and your intention is to grow to evolve as a human being is consciousness is expanding yourself in consciousness is to learn and have self-awareness to see how you can grow how you can heal how you can be a better human being for yourself and everybody around you with those intentions then if anything can help us and there are so many things to help us if those are our intentions you know we are in this world and there are all these sacred medicines that that I just keep learning more and more about here in Peru.

You know what Joomla or San Pedro ayahuasca combo Chun I can just keep going but the point is there are so many sacred medicines if your intention is to grow and to heal and to evolve as a human being and to expand in your consciousness and that is literally my number one intention is to evolve you know and serve that is it and so if the and so that’s why I take this medicine that’s been this incredible San Pedro ceremonies day has given me so much to be able to share about that because you know.

Today I’m getting clarity around consciousness and creation are one and of the same and I had a little block of course to sharing publicly about my medicine journeys even though I knew how much they would be valuable because how valuable they are to me which is obviously why I keep doing them but I have let’s say I guess I don’t know where this like a name in business that made me think that I couldn’t combine the two but I’m perfectly okay with the understanding now that you know I take medicine I have to speak about that publicly because of my intentions behind it and what San Pedro or what Juma is able to do for us is show us so deeply our conditioning or self-sabotage or patterns or living beliefs that don’t serve us.

You know a good friend of mine said to me the other day we are born great but we learn mediocrity and that couldn’t be more true unfortunately and so in order to be the most amazing people that we could be here in the world it isn’t about learning new things it’s about clearing away all the and all the living beliefs and all the patterns and things that aren’t even ours that you know we got from our parents or our society or whatever it is you know self-sabotage here there we don’t even like know what they are but the medicine shows it to us to such a deep degree you know in each person’s individual and it expands consciousness.

You know the only reason to create powerful in this world is because of consciousness is understanding creation show you where you can heal so you can stand more fully in who you’re here to be in the world your purpose you could give more fully to the people around you and deep down we all just want to give it’s such a deep motivator and driver for each and every single human being but a lot of us are just to focus on our own reality you know before we can but the medicine could just show you how you can step more fully into that remind you how you are help you turn that door reality.

You know I totally understand there’s our difference between a reality where you can’t really pay your bills and a reality where you never have to worry about money and if that’s if wherever you’re at in that spectrum the medicine will serve you because it will give you exactly what you need heal whatever you need to get to your next level whatever that next level is so.

I was just really inspired to share this with you today of course for the one and only Machu Picchu anybody is interested in experiencing San Pedro or what Yuma or even ayahuasca any of the sacred and medicines for themselves to grow I’ve created a site called ayahuasca healings calm and it’s simply here to share and a spread word of these medicines no cuz I’ve never found anything that’s helped so many people so deeply and myself you know like it’s helped me step into my purpose and to such a deep degree.

And I’m just so passionate about sharing this medicine with the world now because it’s what our world needs you know healing how we’re gonna evolve past all the problems in our world are going on you know it’s consciousness and it’s by helping each individual person and so I really invite you if you’re called to obviously watch this video or you’re called to the medicine of San Pedro or ayahuasca what Yuma whatever you’re just called to this journey of consciousness then come to Peru if you feel the call trust your intuition that’s all I could say the site’s been created to really just help anybody have their questions answered you know and that’s it to give people a resource for to go so that’s it but brothers and sisters thank you so much for watching this video trainings been so much love.

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With SO much love, so grateful to help support you in this journey of a lifetime, ayahuasca retreat peru


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