Peruvian Cactus, San Pedro (Mescaline) vs Ayahuasca: What’s The Difference

Brothers and sisters Trinity de Guzman coming at you right now from Lake Pumacocha this is this incredible Lake can you see this thing behind me it is so incredible these mountains here in Peru are just like so incredibly magical.

I’m in the middle of a San Pedro day hike ceremony right now and I just wanted to share like more about this experience of San Pedro for those of you who might be wondering what it’s like what it’s about and really those of you who are called to this medicine path or to Peru this is just about sharing with you like how deeply transformational and part opening these medicines can be and the big difference San Pedro vs ayahuasca as many people often ask is like ayahuasca is this experience.

Where it’s a lot more cosmic but a lot more astral it’s a lot more like you know leaving your body and then having this zoomed out perspective on your life and from there being able to like get a whole new you know definition of like who we really are when we can see that we are all of it and the difference with ayahuasca and San Pedro is that San Pedro is very much more about like grounding and it’s so much more about connecting to ourselves to our heart it’s like if ayahuasca you know you leave your body it’s like you even look at the vine it’s like a vine it grows in the forest you know in the jungles and it reaches up towards the sky.

Whereas San Pedro it grows into the earth and so it’s a lot more grounding a lot more experiencing like in our bodies and it connects us to Mother Nature in a way that is just so far beyond any words that I can ever explain and I’m just in the middle of the San Pedro journey right now and I was just so inspired to just like share this but really more because I want to show you how beautiful this is so this video is not going to be very long and actually I’m actually feeling like that’s the end of this video so that’s the difference between San Pedro and ayahuasca and you know if you’re looking into these medicines check out our sites in the description and I love you take care.

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