Brothers and sisters my name is Trinity de Guzman and I’m recording this video for you today to share with you a very valuable lesson around receiving it’s around the holiday season right now and this conversation and topic about giving and receiving is one that’s very much in the air and through an experience that was inspired through just something that happened yesterday I am very much feeling the need to be able to share how you can be able to receive more of all the things that are most important to you in life because all that we ever have in life is what we believe we deserve nothing less and nothing more again all that we have in life is what we believe we deserve and nothing less and nothing more in other words everything that we experienced in our reality is met at a level where we are able to receive and so every experience everything we have materialistically and even the experiences that we enjoy whether that’s a relationship whether that’s a job whether that’s whatever it might be traveling going to Peru going to something that is deep in your heart that inspires you or having that type of experience that can only unfold if you believe that you deserve that experience if you can truly allow yourself to receive that and so why is this conversation of receiving so important one of the things that a lot of people struggle with is money and in order for us to be able to receive more of these financial resources.

You know money is just an energy and so whatever we’re talking about whether it’s money whether it’s a job whether it’s a relationship whether it is this joy and peace within your heart it all comes down to your capacity to receive and so the overarching point of all of this the overall goal of expanding our capacity to receive is understanding or that we live our lives so that we can receive and lift our vibration so that we can also serve and support and give back to others the whole point and the whole reason why it’s important to be able to have these amazing things in our lives most importantly the joy and love in our hearts the peace and the stillness of being the inspiration to be able to so follow our path the reason that is so important is because when we follow our heart when we follow our truth we give other people permission to also do the same and in living your highest truth your deepest purpose and passion in allowing yourself to receive that life and that reality that the divine is waiting for you to accept when you allow yourself to say yes thank you to living your purpose and this is what I’m going to show you how to do you in liberating yourself and allowing yourself to enter that reality give everybody else permission around you to also follow their heart follow their dreams follow their passions and it is a gift that you give through your receiving and so when you are able to receive.

When you truly allow yourself to be able to allow and receive the gifts from the divine to come into your life I have to put an emphasis that that is your greatest way to give to others many people believe that it’s better to give than it is to receive and that is actually a something a quote that was lost in translation and the original quote as it was originally taught to me I heard about this many years ago but it was it is better to be in a position to give than it is to be in a position where you need to receive and of course that is true it’s better to be in a position where you can give where you have that abundance not just in money because money is just energy and giving comes from the infinite source of all the different types of energies that there are whether that is a hug that is a smile whether that is a little note to someone you love whether that is a compliment a genuine compliment whether that is just your presence these are all gifts that you can give that have nothing to do with money money is just an energy and you can buy gifts you know physical monetary or materialistic things with that money but it’s all just energy and so the point of this is yeah it’s better to be in a position.

You can give than this to be in a position where you need to receive not it’s better to give than it is to receive and so this whole conversation is around receiving because we as a society have learned that it exactly that quote that’s better to give than it is to receive but that can’t be further from the truth and if we believe that stops us from fully allowing life to unfold in the beauty that it is meant to because the divine is giving to you to me to us in every single moment everything that you want in life is wanting to come to you see the moment that you have a desire you exist here right now as a physical form and at the same time you exist your higher self your inner being your guides whatever it is that you want to call it there’s a part of you your soul your spirit exists at a much higher frequency and so this part of you as you exist in two places right now in this very instant this physical part of you and your higher self your inner be let’s call it your inner being for sake of simplicity your inner being the moment you have a desire you create it.

In this higher frequency of where your inner being resides so you exist here in this physical plane and you will vibrate at a certain frequency and at the same time your inner being vibrates at a much higher frequency and so when you have a desire it is instantly created in a higher frequency and all you need to do your main work and your role is to receive and to allow that desire to manifest into the physical world so how do you do that first you need to become more and more aware of where are your limits to what you can receive in your life where are your blocks to receiving in your reality and the easiest way to see this is when other people try to give to you because if you ever have a block or a difficulty in receiving from another person that is just a reflection a mirror to show you that there is actually a deeper block in your capacity to receive from spirit from the divine because again the divine is one to give to you in every single moment and all we really need to do is be able to say yes thank you and to allow that to be given to us and so look especially around the holiday seasons especially around your birthday or example and what people are trying to give to you are you rejecting their gift to you are you saying no thank you like no thank you do you feel like it might be better for you to do that become aware of this expand your consciousness and awareness into the moments where you are possibly rejecting another person’s gift to you and also realize that you know you might think for whatever reason that it’s better to just reject that gift.

It’s unconscious because if we really analyze and look at the different elements of what is unfolding here it is you are robbing the other person of the joy of giving to you when you reject their gift you are stopping them from the joy of being able to give to you they want to give to you whatever it might be and there is a joy in giving especially when that can be fully received imagine yourself you a plan this beautiful gift and you you know you put all this effort to this energy and this thought into planning this gift that you want to give to somebody and let’s say it’s like your mom your dad your lover whoever it might be someone think of someone that’s important to you and you put all this energy into it and you gave it to them and they’re like no thank you I don’t want it you put all this energy into it like no thanks I’d rather not and it’s like just this disappointment almost right there’s like but I put so much energy into this and it’s like and then they don’t even open it they don’t even open the gate and that is what we are doing think about what that experience feels like for you and you put yourself on that side of a giver if you reject someone else’s gift you know I explained it in this way to put emphasis on the fact that this is what is happening when you aren’t giving or supplying when someone is giving to you and you are not allowing them to give to you and so this is one small example of you know an exchange from one person to another and something like material something that can be given that can give you more awareness in your capacity.

Your limits are to receive and you are being given to in every moment and so look at it in this way it is not this person this individualized aspect of consciousness and with a main that is giving to you but it is God it is the divine it is the universe Great Spirit giving to you in every opportunity every moment is wanting to give to you and this comes to you in many countless different forms whether it’s you know you find a $20 bill on the floor or it’s coming from your friend or your parent or you know someone you work with or this job opportunity that comes in whatever it might be even the experiences in your life that are difficult these are gifts from the divine because they are lessons and especially the experiences that repeat themselves again and again and again that are painful stressful experiences the only reason that is happening again and again probably increasingly more difficult each time is because there is a lesson that you need to learn there and that is a gift because once you learn that lesson you no longer need to keep replaying that loop of suffering so in other words these experiences that are created around you that ultimately you are creating especially the painful experiences you are creating those because on a deeper level your inner being is trying to teach you something so that you no longer create those experiences again and again and in my other videos.

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