Brothers and sisters Trinity de Guzman coming at you right now from just a little north of Vancouver British Columbia Canada there’s this amazing lake on the Sunshine. Coast a little bit near Egmont or Earl’s Cove check it out it’s amazing. I have a little chair over here and I’m just sitting here by myself as I’ve been on this little solo journey the past few days.

I’m making this video for anybody who’s ever suffering from depression or any lack of clarity or purpose or direction or just feeling lost or confused or it’s just like struggling to find peace in your life so the reason I’m making this video is because I over this past summer fell in love with this amazing woman from France and just a few days ago she went home back to France.

I’m gonna go to France in a few days and gonna see her and her family before she moves over here with me and you know we’re gonna share our life together and we’re looking so forward to it but the point of this video is like the story of the inspiration of me doing this Vision Quest this solo journey was her departure left me feeling like there was a part of me that left of course that’s only understandable right.

I was sad of course and so I knew that with this feeling of sadness that there was some sort of illusion there that I was believing in because whenever we feel sad all that is some form of fear or separation that is rooted in our beliefs and so let me go a little bit more into that see anytime we’re ever feeling less than unhappy it’s because there’s a belief that we call true that is not true and so there’s an illusion that we are believing to be real in that feeling of sadness and of course it’s easy to say that but if you’re experiencing this and if you’re unhappy and you’re depressed or you’re you know you’re not at all.

You were close to peaceful then it’s all just like blah blah blah so how do you actually get to that place of peace and how do you find those beliefs and how do you clean up the things that are rooted in fear that’s leading you to feel that way or that’s rooted in separation because ultimately that’s what this is all about you know when we’re born and we come into these physical bodies as from spirit we are a source we come from source we are a part of the absolute the all of creation the universe spirit.

We come into these physical bodies and for all of us there is this separation from divinity the separation from whatever you want to call it God the universe spirit the absolute from the source of creation and that is the root of all pain in this world being in this third dimension being in a physical body all pain all sadness all feelings that are less than amazing are rooted in the separation from the one I am we all are and so this is about giving you the tools that are necessary for you to be able to see the illusions for you to be able to see the separation and see the fear or the insecurities or the both excuse me or the beliefs that are causing you to not feel very good and so the first and foremost thing is that you cannot try to numb yourself to the feelings so many human beings do that they use substances like marijuana or alcohol or even their social life as a form of escape.

They use these different things whether it’s substances or their friends as a way to not have to feel or deal with their emotions and that is the surefire way for you to keep feeling it and keep needing these band-aids if you want to finally release the root of the pain of the negative feelings you have to go into it you can’t mask it you can’t put a band-aid over it.

It’s like if you’re driving a car if your check oil filter comes up or check engine filter or light comes up do you just like put a piece of tape over it so you don’t see it or do you like look into the engine and see what’s wrong there of course you would go to the root and fix that not just cover it so you don’t see it but that’s what so many human beings are doing why because that’s what we’re taught and so that’s what everybody else is doing around us but you don’t have to do it just because everybody else is and it’s up to people like you.

I to recreate and repave the path for what it means to be awake for what it means to be a human being who can be an example and an inspiration to the people around us not just following the herd because everybody else is doing it and so just because people are you know distracting themselves from their pain through sex through their social life through alcohol marijuana drugs unconscious use of substances that is the way you don’t want to do it and so bring your first awareness to that now, I can bring awareness to how do you actually deal with it and that is why I’m out here and it’s what I call a Vision Quest it’s what I call solitude introspection alone time because one of the biggest things that many people suffer from is feeling lonely but being lonely and alone are two very different things osho speaks a lot about this and osho is this guru.

He speaks a lot about like the non guru which is like the fact that you know there’s so much that he speaks about and I don’t want to make this video very long so, I just want to tell you a little bit about like what he says about alone and loneliness and so loneliness is coming from the lack of it’s coming from the separation it’s coming from wanting somebody in our lives and not having that and feeling like there’s a part of us it’s missing feeling like there’s a part of us that should be there but isn’t feeling like there’s a part of us that’s just lacking and so there’s this kind of empty feeling and that’s what loneliness is whereas alone sea alone doesn’t have to mean you feel bad whereas loneliness does loneliness is us is associated with a lack feeling whereas being alone you could be so full so whole being alone and that is one of the biggest things that many human beings suffer from is feeling lonely and not being okay with being alone and see if you ever want to manifest our relationship if you ever want to manifest your ideal lover.

Somebody who you know you can share life with and enjoy this beautiful experience this third dimension with then it’s important that you don’t that you release the roots of loneliness because you can never attract a companion from a vibration of loneliness you can never attract an abundance of love while feeling the lack of love because everything is a vibrational mirror and so everything we experience in our external world is just an affliction of our internal vibration so if we’re feeling lonely then our external experience will reflect that back to us whereas if we’re feeling full with love then and only then can we manifest the love that we want in our lives.

The question is how do you get from a place of feeling full of love if you don’t yet have that person in your life and so that’s what this quest is about this Vision Quest this time alone and this is where I encourage you especially men and yes this goes for everybody but especially men I truly believe every few years men need to spend some time alone in the woods or wherever in nature by themselves to really come back to themselves to ground to get clarity on their purpose on their vision for just come back to being grounded and solid and whole whereas many people come from a place of neediness or needing other people outside of them to fill them or needing experience outside of them to fill them.

This is about getting rid of every stimulation and having nothing but you and yourself and nature mother but yo mama mama Gaia just her all of her majesty wherever you feel called around your wherever you are it doesn’t need to be very long you know it could be even one day it could be a few days it could be a week I’ve spent as much as four months alone and in the woods where I haven’t really seen anybody in that time and that has been absolutely one of the most powerful and transformational times of my life and that was inspired by the book iron John if you haven’t read it men especially read this book iron John by Robert Bly highly beyond highly recommended it will change your life.

This Vision Quest this time alone is about sitting with yourself and in this time all your fears all your insecurities all of your pain all of your sadness all of your worries will come up and instead of finding a way to mask it instead of running away from it instead of hiding from it you feel it you go into it you go into the roots of where that came from you just witness it not judge it not try to get rid of it but you watch it you observe it you experience it.

You ask that’s what it’s all about it’s about asking Mother Earth asking the spirits of the land around asking the trees in the water or the Sun and the air asking the elements asking the directions asking the angels the ascended masters. The guides for clarity for peace provision and when you as long as you stick it out it will come to you it might not be right away might not be after even like a day or a week but stick it out be the eye of the storm.

I was connecting with this massive 500 year old tree yesterday and I asked it how did it get so big and it’s dead when it said so many things and one of the things one of the messages that I got from it was how regardless of anything that was happening around it it stood its ground it weathered the storm until eventually the storm didn’t even faze it and that is applicable in infinite ways and that is a little side note you can ask anything in nature to teach you you can ask the trees the Sun the water the little bugs all the animals you see that come across your path if you’re so blessed to have them all of it are teachers if you ask and sit in stillness.

Allow the answers to come not think of the answers there’s two they’re two completely different things thinking and receiving visions are two very different things and so this quest this Vision Quest and this time alone in solitude is not about thinking yeah you’ll have contemplation and that’s gonna be a part of your process it’s gonna be very valuable but as much as you can sit and stillness in silence by yourself breathe stay focused on your breath listen use your senses and in that your vision will come your guidance will come and who knows for those of you who stick it out long enough you’ll pop and you’ll get to a place of peace so far beyond anything you’ve ever known it’s not an easy journey and that’s why very few people do it how many people do you know go out and spend months on their own in the woods very few and only those who are willing to do the work.

We’ll receive the benefits of the joy of the love of the highest vibrations of the peace that comes from this so this is my message to you to any of you who is suffering from sadness depression loneliness no lack of vision or Direction confusion any of that if you are seeking purpose direction or joy again in your life spend some time by yourself in nature for as long as you need make whatever you need to make possible in your circumstances in your life experience so that you can accommodate to this experience for yourself.

There really is nothing more important nothing is more important than your joy your peace your love because when you are living from that place you were a service to everybody else around you and when you’re not you are a suck like how do you even describe it like like an energy vampire from people around you because of your negative vibration you suck the energy from people around you and do you really want to be doing that I wouldn’t think so and so this is my message for all of you.

I really hope this inspires even just one of you to go out spend some time by yourself in nature even if it’s just for a day even if it’s just for an evening do this and it will serve you infinitely thank you so much for watching this I’m so grateful to be able to make this and share this inspiration that I had with you right now and I look so forward to seeing you in my next video you.

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