What is Ayahuasca? How Can It Help You? [Great Explanation]

Brothers and sisters Trinity de Guzman coming at you right now from literally the jungles of Peru I just found a little stream to walk up to film this video for you in this dense beautiful jungle and I’m making this video because I just finished an ayahuasca retreat and it was one of the most powerful experiences of my entire life.

I’m just so inspired to share this medicine with the world so I’m making this video for you so if you’re looking at the ayahuasca like first of all I want to tell you about my experience for me I’ve been living in Peru for over a year now drinking with the medicine on a very regular basis and this retreat was so powerful because the mayor the most amazing thing about the medicine is that no matter how many times you drink or you sit with this medicine there’s always something new that you get from it that you learn about yourself that you heal that you’re able to let go of or discover about who you really are and at the end of the day and every experience connecting connects you to your truth.

Who you really are you know like spirit existence pure consciousness and you know I’m using words to describe the experience of ayahuasca but nothing can really connect you with this other than of course sitting with the medicine yourself and so ayahuasca for the people who don’t know what ayahuasca is it’s a tea or it’s a herbal combination or a brew which is made up of two different plants ayahuasca which is a vine and Chuck Runa which is a leaf and it’s boiled together and for like five six seven days over a fire and then you get the tea and the way that she works like there’s a whole scientific explanation of the team but really how I look at it isn’t it’s a spirit you’re sitting with the spirit of the plant ayahuasca they call her mother ayahuasca.

Here in the jungle of Peru here in you know the Amazon Madre because she really is like a mother she nurtures you she gives you whatever you need you know sometimes she can be tough on you but only because she loves you and you really invite spirit of this plant when you sit with you know a curandero or a shaman they help bring the spirit into the ceremony as it’s often held in a very ceremonial setting and then from there you get whatever you need most importantly whatever you need like I said I’ve been drinking this medicine and sitting with this incredible plant teacher for over a year living in Peru and even with this retreat that I was just at it was like like I said more like I just always get something so deep so profound and in this experience that I had over here it was really about understanding myself sabotage layers and programs that are of course unconscious you know.

We have these things about ourselves that are unconscious we picked them up from the people around us from our parents from her friends from her society you know where the value system is just so backwards where it’s about acquiring or obtaining and it’s about showing what you have and what other people think about you rather than being happy with yourself rather than loving yourself rather than being happy and connecting with the people who are around you and being present as you know present not about the next thing and this is a moment that’s a means to an end because you never get there if this moment is just a bridge to get to another moment and that’s how you treat the present moment then you’re always gonna have that relationship with the present moment does that make sense and so it’s about true presence how can you really come back to yourself to your heart to what matters most you know at the end of the day.

When you’re dying when you’re in your deathbed you’re not going to think about what did I acquire or buy or what did I achieve in my life yeah maybe you might think about that and smile at some thoughts about what you see but know if you’re gonna have any regrets the only regret you’re gonna have is not spending enough time with the people who matter with you most no matter to you most period that’s what matters is the connections the love it’s the heart and ayahuasca has helped me so much to come back to what that really means and not just understand it from here but to live it from here and with that being said like understanding what I’ve just been able to see and let go of in my ceremonies here in this retreat that I just had like wow the set.

There’s so many layers of self-sabotage that are so deeply rooted not only like in me but in every single human being it’s like it’s in the communal it’s in the collective and we’re because we’re taught to not be great you know that’s not like we were all powerful leaders we were all amazing great humans that can create whatever we want we knew that we are the ultimate creators and we can make anything we want happen then the people who are in power wouldn’t have as much power because they really have their power by keeping human beings playing small you know that’s a whole conversation in itself but the point is we all have self-sabotage layers.

I’m not worthy enough I don’t deserve it you know blocks to receiving every single human being has them and I was able to go into them see them where they come from why they’re there how they’ve served me thus far and let them go so that I don’t have to keep operating from these patterns where when something amazing is coming to my life I I push it away or anything of the sort you know where something great is finally like in our grasp in our fingertips that somehow in some way there’s layers within us that sabotage it and there’s so much there that I’m just so grateful to be able to want to share with you and of course let go within myself.

I’m sharing this because you know we all have these layers we all have these programs we all have these self-sabotage conditioning that stop us from getting what we want and stop us from being the most powerful creators that we can be and from being the happiest people most loving people that we can be and a lot of us aren’t even aware of them you know I’m sure if you’re watching this video there’s a part of you that’s aware that there’s you know something that’s out of alignment that means healing or integration or you know to be needs to be brought into the light to really just have consciousness around it so that you don’t need to keep operating under these patterns that don’t serve you.

I’m sure you can think of certain habits or ways of being or ways of thinking that these don’t really help you and this medicine of ayahuasca I really believe that if you’re called to the medicine of ayahuasca that’s because you’re here to really do this work of healing of letting go of the things that don’t serve you because I truly believe it’s our responsibility as conscious human beings awoke and individuals to cut the cords of these things that don’t help us so we don’t pass them on to the next generation to the people who are coming before us and we’re just going through amazing shifts in the world in ayahuasca is arising in the world because it’s needed because people are waking up and people human beings need help.

A master plan teacher from the jungles to teach us and bring us back to our truth you know Rob’s been working with this for thousands of years and there’s a reason only now that it’s coming to the Western world just like meditation and yoga did and has to help bring us back to our truth ayahuasca is and if you’re ready it’s the most powerful tool that I’ve ever discovered to come back to our truth to who we really are to have awareness and consciousness and return to the heart you know what matters most.

We with that all being said you know like I came here to the jungle because I helped a friend of mine actually launch a retreat center and we just had opening ceremony I’m so grateful to have been able to be here like to be here right now – looks like ground the intentions of healing through the center and this magical paradise you know there’s a river right over here like the most fifth-dimensional magical place I’ve ever been I’ve been traveling like for you for four years now and it’s so beautiful here and yeah I’m helping this friend share this retreat center and the most important thing that I can advise you with like you know when helping my friend share this retreat center and share ayahuasca because I’m called to it because of how much I know ayahuasca is here to help the world.

I’m not here to tell you just come to our retreat center yeah that I’ll be amazing but most importantly follow your truth you know if you’re meant to drink ayahuasca if you’re watching this video and if you feel the call there’s often obviously very high likelihood that you are but more important than anything is follow your treat follow your truth you are your own master you’re your own guru nobody outside of you can tell you what’s best for you and so you know educate yourself find out about the retreat centers that are out there find out you feel into who you resonate with most and from there if you’re really serious about your work then I hi then I come to Peru come to Peru god it’s so good here thank you so much for watching this video.

Check out actually I have a site called ayahuasca healings com that I’ve made which is a resource for anybody who’s called ayahuasca and I just saw visions that I meant to make a forum for people who have experienced ayahuasca or people who are looking into ayahuasca to come together and just like communicate you know have a conversation about the medicine for people all over the world hear about other people’s experiences like ayahuasca healings calm the links in the description check it out it’s an amazing resource for anybody looking into ayahuasca whether you want to go deeper or you never sat with the medicine before so thank you again so much truly for watching this video and for being on the path that you’re on then so many blessings so much love thank you so much for the work you’re doing in the world truly thank you.

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With SO much love, so grateful to help support you in this journey of a lifetime, ayahuasca retreat peru


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