Ayahuasca, The Tantric Path & Who You Really Are [What is Tantra?]

Brothers and sisters my name is Trinity de Guzman and I’m so excited to be making this video for you because those of you who’ve been following our organization or any of my videos so you might have noticed that I’ve sort of checked out I’ve been a little distant in my communication or what I’ve been sharing or writing and it was to really come back inside to take some time for myself as I’ve been going through a very difficult on state process recently as I you know I’m going to share something that’s a little bit more personal vulnerable that I usually do in these videos and I just recently ended a and got out of a relationship that lasts you know almost a year and a half and it was a pretty serious relationship and of course as every relationship ends it teaches us so much about ourselves and so I really took some time to go inside to recenter to learn about myself.

In certain ways that you know of course the ending of the relationship was able to show me and as I’ve been doing that I’ve come here to Thailand specifically to go to a tantra school and Tantra is the path of of love many people confuse or have a misinterpretation of what contra is and many people think it’s just about you know sex but you know many people think that because of what’s emerged from what they call California Tantra and but really contra is the path of course just like any spiritual path it is the path of enlightenment the path of true spiritual seeking and walking that path through bringing consciousness around all aspects of our existence because there’s two types of spiritual paths one is the ascetic path and that is you know if you think about Buddhist monks.

I’m here in Thailand and it’s the largest Buddhist practicing country in the world and there’s beautiful temples everywhere but coming back to the aesthetic path it’s basically there’s where you’re basically drying out or removing yourself from the world and so you disconnect from your sexuality from materialism from possession from the world entirely and you just basically cut go to solitude where the only focus is the divine and you know meditation and going inside and purifying in that way and letting go of all desire and it’s a very valid pack of course it’s worked for so many masters of course with Buddha but it takes a long time and then there’s the tantric path which is the opposite so it’s not about letting go of or you know pushing the world away but it’s about embracing the world entirely so in the tantric path it’s about living everything consciously and fully so being a part of the world including you know ownership materialism money and sexuality which the aesthetic path speaks about as you know wrong or any desires or having anything is you know to be disconnected from and included in the tundra path is of course sexuality.

Because so many people have so much unconsciousness around sexuality and the reason this is so important is because our sexual energy is one of the most potent and powerful energies that we have of course it is the very thing that creates life and so this energy when we can truly bring consciousness to it when we can truly bring awareness so that we can use our sexuality as a means for higher spiritual attainment of deep space of you in and non separation in the releasing of duality from our lives and our perspective of the world.

Then we can truly come into that God consciousness the awareness that all spiritual paths ultimately lead to and you know ayahuasca is also a part of this because you know the way that I look at it is it’s amount there’s a mountain and all paths lead up the mountain whether you’re going the Tantra paths are you going the shamanic path or you’re going you know through yoga meditation it all leads to the top to the same place to the realization of who we really are and in that they’re all valid and there is none that are better or worse but personally I found that the two most powerful paths for me have been the shamanic path and the tantric path bringing you know awareness to our sexuality to the very thing that keeps so many people trapped.

In this world in desire and so all of this is leading to the same place and I’m so excited to come back to sharing with you because as I mentioned earlier I just recently got out of a relationship and as I did that it’s allowed me to come back to myself and in taking time to myself I have come back to my purpose my reason for being here my passion behind why I share why I make these videos why I live my life the way that I do I spent a lot of time in solitude I spent a lot of time just sitting in meditation hours a day really working on myself to purify the very things that I know I need to purify.

We have a lot of work in this world and you know your work in this world is not what you do for money that’s what you do for money the real work is the inner work and as I’m a person who is so passionate about sharing this message with the world and helping people like you who are called to know the deeper understanding of who you real are your true purpose for being here the essence of your existence as I share with you ultimately I have to live that in my life because I can only ever speak from personal experience and so I’ve walked the shamanic path so deeply and I know that it’s not the only way and i’m here to show you and help you and guide you to understand that if you can’t experience ayahuasca for example you don’t have to go to Peru to be able to experience the deep states of who you really are you can do it right.

Where you are you don’t have to leave your home or go to another country and ayahuasca is not this magic bullet this magic pill that you simply take and then you know you’re going to become enlightened it can show you the door it can open the door and give you a glimpse so clearly into the essence of who you really are as infinite potential source energy manifest here in physical form evolving and remembering through the interactions that you have with other people through the difficulties and through the challenges in your life to come back to yourself because everything brings you back to you especially the challenges and I share this because ayahuasca is a door that can be opened to show you what’s there but the most important thing is that you are working with these realizations that this medicine that the sacrament can open within you in a lifelong commitment to spirituality if you aren’t truly committed to your personal evolution in a way where you’re willing to do something every day to expand your spiritual awareness and really come back and tap into and live from those dates of peace and stillness then ayahuasca is not going to do much for you it will show you the amazing possibilities it will show you.

You know glimpses of your life and help you heal so much enough single night but what are you doing or what are you willing to do to work with those teachings to ground them into a lifelong transformation and I speak about this a lot because there’s a lot of people who share this message almost like ayahuasca is all you need and once you take it your life is going to be fixed and yes it has the ability to change your life so deeply so quickly but that is based on a foundation and that foundation is your spiritual practice.

What are you doing on a consistent basis to truly continue your personal evolution and there is no shortcut there isn’t anything that you can do to escape the back that it takes energy every single day to really heal to really let go of the desires to let go of the unconsciousness let go of the beliefs that keep you stuck in this world and i say desires because i’m personally here in Thailand to purify and cleanse something that this year has really showed me and my last relationship really showed me and like i said it’s a little bit of a vulnerable share but to be completely transparent it is my relationship with sexuality and that is why the Tantra path is so powerful for me and i’m so excited to share more with you about this over time because the depth and the speed of the purification the cleansing of the densities that keep us stuck in pain and unconsciousness is so powerful when we can finally bring consciousness to our sexual energy and then use that as this fire this you know fuel like a rock shit fuel to really blast off into these highest states of consciousness and really bring us to the deepest knowings of who we really are and I’ve gone so deep into the shamanic path you know fasted for days for weeks.

Before i had ceremony and was able to experience these cosmic astral divine truths that goes so far beyond words and still the tantra pat has opened that within me and showed me the true meaning of union dissolving the separation of the illusion of separation so deeply and so I’m here purifying my sexual energy I’m here on this path so committed that I ever happen to the spiritual path and this all comes full circle and why this is important for you is not only because i want to share more with you about the tantric journey that i’m on and how we can use our sexual energy to be our fuel for the deepest awakening of our spiritual truth but how does this affect you right now and it comes down like i mentioned earlier to your spiritual practice and i want to invite you to look at the fact and see.

What are you doing what are you willing to do or what are you already doing in your life to really go deep into your healing because there is nothing that you can do if you don’t have that full time that lifelong commitment and so over the coming weeks and i’m so excited to make this video because as i’m connected so deeply again to my purpose i am so passionate to share with you more and to make videos again and to write and to teach and to guide and to lead and to open doors into possibilities.

In reality it’s that I now exist that I can help really show you how to open these deep states of peace freedom happiness and joy right where you are without you need to go to Peru so stay tuned to more of the videos that I shared more of the content more of my emails and I’m gonna really guide you to see what you can do right now where you are to really let go of the very things that have been keeping you stuck because all of that is simply rooted in the beliefs and the perception and the perspective that you have on the world that you picked up from growing up in the world that you do and the biggest obstacle is that many of us have a hard time listening to our heart many of us have a hard time being able to fully follow our truth and instead value and put higher up what other people want of them what society expects of them what they think is right from a mental perspective caring more about what other people think then what is most important to you and so all of this is about cutting out the noise so you can listen to your heart above all so you can know what your heart is really saying and most importantly so you can listen to it so thank you so much.

I’m gonna go so much deeper into sharing more about meditation why it’s so important how this purification that meditation brings and this silencing of the minds you can hear your heart how it works why it’s so important and why there’s really nothing more important than creating a lifelong and a daily meditation practice so that’s all that’s coming through for this video thank you so much I look so forward to sharing with you again soon keep in tune with our emails and if you want to visit our site just click the link in the description that’s about our ayahuasca retreats in Peru and I look so forward to share with you again soon thank you you.

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