Why I Quit Smoking Weed (And How It Changed My Life…)

Brothers and sisters Trinity de Guzman recording this video in the Italian side of the Alps check this out it’s so beautiful and I was just inspired to record this really to show you this incredible view but what this video is about is in my last blog post I shared about why I quit smoking cannabis and the links in the description or it’s on this page.

I just wanted to share the value of being able to let go of cannabis because I’ve been through this journey with cannabis for pretty much my entire adult life smoking it and then taking breaks smoking it and taking breaks but always feeling like I need to come back to it for some reason but the freedom that I have by being able to let it go it just gives me so much more energy so much more inspiration so much more just connection to myself and it’s such a powerful plant I truly believe that and when we can learn how to use it consciously I believe it could be an incredible teacher but the only thing is it’s very difficult to use without ending up using it like a crutch and without building a dependency on it.

I truly believe that cannabis is a powerful plant that brings us to the deeper or the more powerful medicines like ayahuasca or San Pedro and if you want to learn more about that then there’s a link in the description as well but especially in regards to cannabis it’s almost like a bridge medicine it helps us when we’re in times of need especially coming from the city where there’s just so much intensity and energy that can be very overwhelming and so it helps to almost numb us from all that’s going on out there because it could just be so difficult when we really feel all the stresses of the city the pressures of the city the rushed energy of the city the need for more the constant need to do and it allows us to come back to being and personally for me.

I let go of smoking cannabis because it allowed me to really open up deeper facets of myself and only through my self-awareness and my introspection of really looking at what this plant does when I smoked it and the codependency that I built with it and needing it it was the necessary fuel that allowed me to actually let it go and so I share this video and I write this post below to really give insights into my journey so that I can maybe share some inspiration that will help you in your journey.

If you’re looking to let go of cannabis and you feel like it’s not exactly supporting you in the highest anymore then read the words below and really listen to the challenge at the end of the post which is see how you could build more self-awareness with really looking at with an honest perspective how does ayahuasca I mean cannabis affect you and excuse me I share ayahuasca because I speak so much about this incredible plant and if you want to learn more about this just read the blog below there’s links here and I really pray that my words and my journey can support you in a life of more self-awareness of deeper connection to yourself and there really tapping into and living your highest truth thank you so much and I’ll see you in my next video you.

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