Do you define yourself as a conscious leader? If you’re unsure, this video shares some of the qualities embodied by a conscious leader.

Who’s a conscious leader?

Conscious leaders are people who are here, in this exact time of life, to shift, change and master the journey of the soul.

They don’t feel satisfied with the mundane, with the superficiality, with the basics. They’ve embodied this human form to truly make a difference – and they know it! Their awakening brought them back to their soul purpose and since then, they are on the move – shifting, being, doing, changing!

One thing is sure: we need more conscious leaders in this world!

Fact is, this world’s rulers are not conscious, awakened or spiritual leaders. They are ego oriented humans who lead for power and money purposes, without prioritising the collective’s needs. Their only aim is to gain more for themselves, without bothering about the collective’s energies shifting.

I’ll repeat it: we need more conscious leaders in this world!

So if you think you might be one, just step into your power and know that your presence, your empathy, your confidence, your power and your will to make a difference are SO needed!

If you’re doubting if you are or not a conscious leader, I’ll make it easier for you.


These are 4 important qualities that, according to me, should be fully embodied by a conscious leader:

  1. You act out of service
  2. You embrace challenges by always gaining a deeper self awareness
  3. You choose to expand and you’re willing to walk the inner journey
  4. You ride the edge of comfort and have an entrepreneurial spirit. 


You act out of service:

When you act out of service, you act for the betterment of humanity. This means that whatever you do, comes from an empathic place in your heart which cares for your loved ones, your family, the collectiveness, as well as you. When you act out of service you care for something better for you and for the people around you.


You embrace challenges by always gaining a deeper self awareness:

A conscious leader knows how to step up again, and again, when life demands it. If you resonate with this point, you know that there is no final destination, on the contrary, change is constant and the more you embrace evolution, the more you’ll gain self awareness.

You choose to expand and you’re willing to walk the inner journey:

Doing the inner work will allow you to unravel the mysteries of the universe within yourself and awaken it not only within you, but within the collective. Only when you awaken yourself, can you awaken others too. The real work here is to expand yourself in alignment with your soul’s purpose, to then share it with the world.



You ride the edge of comfort and have an entrepreneurial spirit:

If you don’t like the comfort zone, you’re already one step closer to embodying the conscious leader within you! Conscious leadership is not comfortable, it is driven by challenges and motivated by them. A conscious leader is mostly someone who runs a business, or wants to run one, is someone willing to do something new!



How can these points inspire these traits deeper within you?

If you resonate with any of these, we are here to support you, in any way we can! So you can make a greater impact on this planet.

Plant medicine can bring you in touch with the conscious leader hidden within you, because deep down, we all have the power to be one, we simply forgot how to unleash it and show it to the world. You can join some of our retreats to get in touch with your soul’s purpose.

Remember that we are all here to learn to BE conscious leaders!

Stay tuned for what’s coming! With love and power! 

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[To be continued..]

In deepest service and prayer, from the Strength of All I AM,
Trinity de Guzman & Your Highest Truth


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