Different Love Languages for Couples

What’s your love language? 

How do you communicate your love to your dear ones? 

This article gives you deeper insight into how to understand the way you communicate your love to others with an extensive understanding of the different love languages for couples.

Learn How to Communicate Your Love

I’m not talking about your native languages, but the soul’s language of love. 

Everyone expresses their feelings in different ways. Understanding the different love languages for both you and your loved ones can help you better the relationships with whom you surround yourself.

Whether you feel like you constantly discuss with the people you most care about, or you always feel needy without knowing why, or you don’t feel fully satisfied by your relationships… 

This article might open up your eyes and give you some unexpected answers. 

Keep on reading to discover the different love languages and get to know what yours is!

Through our words, community and retreats we aim to help you dig deeper into yourself so you can have a better understanding of yourself as well as the people who surround you. 

Only by getting to know yourself within your depths, can you create meaningful and everlasting connections with those around you too.

The Secret to Communicating Love to Deepen Your Relationships

Communicating love is not only about having a good conversation with your partner. Love languages, especially for couples, can be found in any daily act… 

And they vary from person to person, that’s why it is very important to dig deeper into this topic, and recognize what your way of communicating love is, how you like to receive love, and the way of your beloved is, so that you can both have a deeper understanding and a more intense connection.

Have you ever had a lover surprise you with a gift while leaving the bathroom messy? In such case, the gift was meaningless to you because you would have chosen a clean bathroom to an “unnecessary” gift.

What if, instead of responding to your heartfelt love words your partner simply gave you a hug in return?

This doesn’t necessarily imply that you and your partner aren’t compatible, get along, or have a close relationship.

It simply means that you have different love languages and different ways to communicate your love to each other.

Once you understand love languages for couples,  you can deeply transform your relationship.

What are the different love languages for couples?

  1. Quality time
  2. Words of affirmation
  3. Acts of service
  4. Physical touch
  5. Gifts

Quality time:

This alternative form of love is all about cherishing quality time spent with someone.

If spending time with your partner makes you feel loved, then that person is speaking your love language.

It could be vital for you to have their undivided attention, and making time for others is essential for you too.

Not every example of quality time looks the same.

Some people need to go on a date, while others just just need to snuggle, and yet others need to find a time during the day to talk about their days.

Signs that quality time is your love language are:

  • You get upset/sad/insecure if you don’t spend enough time with your partner
  • Spending time with your partner and making time for your beloved is more important for you than anything else
  • If you don’t spend enough time with your partner you start feeling disconnected from him/her

Understanding that your love language is quality time can better your relationship. Try speaking to your partner about your needs, explaining that for you it is essential to spend time together in order to feel and share love.

Some ways to incorporate quality time into your relationship can be:

  • Create a daily routine where you make time to share all about each other’s day
  • Save one day of the week for a date night
  • Set up an earlier alarm in the morning to make time to cuddle before going to work

Words of affirmation:

This love language is all about expressing your love verbally.

This is your love language if you constantly feel the need to hear someone tell you they love you, appreciate you, feel good with you, etc., and if you feel the need to share it too. 

If this is your love language for couples, facts might be secondary to you since you prioritise words, and the way people speak and share their affection.

Words of affirmation are your love language if you:

  • Need to say ‘I love you’ every time you greet your partner – and need to hear it back
  • Feel the most loved, encouraged, and inspired when hearing uplifting words 
  • Feel disconnected to your partner if he/she doesn’t express loving words

If this is your love language, sharing how important it is for you to speak words of affirmation is essential.

Remember, though, that openly sharing feelings is not easy for everyone. Some people might struggle and find it really hard to open up their heart and soul. 

This doesn’t mean that they do not love you, they simply show it in a different way and you cannot force them to act differently. Be open by sharing your needs, but at the same time be understanding.

Your partner might not be telling you ‘I love you’ as often as you would like to, but he/she might be making time for you in the moments of need, or showing his/her love in a different way.

Some ways to incorporate words of affirmation into your relationship can be:

  • Express your love verbally everytime you greet or say goodbye
  • Express words of pride or encouragement when your partner accomplishes something (you don’t have to wait for a big occasion, the smallest details count too!)
  • If saying “I love you” often is not your cup of tea, try complimenting your partner physically (compliment the outfit, the smile… visible signs that can make your partner feel loved and seen through words)

Acts of service:

This love language is all about action!

No particular words, nor time… simply do things that come from your heart all the way to the heart of your beloved when you feel you’re doing something they might truly appreciate.

If this is your love language, it means that you absolutely love doing things for the people you love, whether it’s about leaving the house clean, offering a massage to your partner after a stressful day, or making their day lighter by offering some help.

If this is your love language you might:

  • Feel truly loved when your partner shows support in house chores/job/a moment of need
  • Get frustrated when your partner doesn’t show up for you
  • Feel disconnected when you have to ask your beloved to do something for you (you wish he/she could notice it without you having to say it)

If acts of service are an essential way of communicating love in your relationship, you can actively share it with your partner with openness and love. 

Many times our ego and pride prevent us from sharing what we truly desire and need. 

You might not be feeling like sharing it with your beloved because you hope he/she could notice it without you having to say it. 

This is why it’s so important to understand the different love languages- what is obvious for you might not be obvious for another, what is essential for you might not be essential for your beloved, and vice versa.

Some ways to incorporate acts of service into your relationship can be:

  • Offer a massage to your partner after a long day at work
  • Take initiative (if your partner usually cooks but one day he/she is more stressed or busy than usual.. Let him/her find a cooked meal)
  • Show support in moments of need without being asked to


Physical touch:

This is your love language if you deeply crave and need physical contact – a hug, lovemaking, holding hands.

Yes, everyone needs physical touch in a relationship… but this might be your different love language if you don’t only crave physicality, you actually need physicality to feel loved and show love.

Signs that this may be your love language are:

  • You require to constantly show public displays of affection by always holding hands, hugging and kissing in the streets/in front of your friends and families
  • You feel particularly disconnected if your partner won’t get physical with you
  • Hugs, kisses, lovemaking or holding hands make you feel safe in your relationship

If this is your love language it definitely needs to be expressed with your beloved. 

There can be two opposite extremes of people – some who are extra touchy, and others who get annoyed by too much physicality.

It’s really fundamental to find a balance between you and your partner where you both feel safe, loved, and comfortable in the way you express your love for each other.

Some ways to incorporate physical touch in your relationship can be:

  • Make time for regular lovemaking (you can check out this article on sacred sexuality too if you wish to sexually go deeper with your partner)
  • Kiss and/or hug before leaving
  • Hold hands or show any other display of affection in public


If you tend to give and receive gifts to show your affection, this is your love language.

It just implies that you value the thought that went into the present, regardless of how pricey it may be.

If this is the way you communicate your love, you give great value when your spouse brings you flowers, chocolates, a movie ticket, your favorite takeout, or that one something you really wanted but didn’t buy for yourself.

If receiving and buying gifts is your love language you:

  • Feel mostly loved, seen, and appreciated when receiving something (it can be anything material) from your partner
  • Spend so much time choosing the most beautiful gift for your beloved and often feel like going back home with something
  • Feel really sad and disconnected to your partner if he/she doesn’t gift you something, especially for special occasions (birthdays, anniversary, valentines etc)

Communicating this love language with your beloved might be harder than the others, as it can appear needy. 

Though, it’s important to share how you value love’s communication. If receiving your favorite piece of cake every now and then makes you feel most loved, it’s important to let your partner know. 

They might have a different love language, so remember to always be clear and value your needs, no matter what they are.

It’s important to feel safe in your relationship

How can you expect to experience healthy love if you don’t feel safe in your relationship?

Knowing and expressing your needs and deepest wants is one of the finest ways to feel secure, protected, and treasured, but in order to do so, you first need to examine and comprehend them.

If after reading this article you might still feel confused on what is your love language and how you can safely experience a deep relationship with your beloved, there are several other ways to dig deeper within your soul, your traumas, and your desires.

You can join a community of like minded souls who aim for deeper understandings of themselves and the collective or go even deeper by participating in one of our life changing retreats in Mexico which have the aim to make you voyage into your profundity.

Don’t forget that getting to know yourself is a beautiful, fundamental, essential part of life and evolution.

We are here to support you, always!

In deepest service and prayer, from the Strength of All I AM,

Trinity de Guzman & Your Highest Truth


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