The embodiment of divine masculine energy will support the transformation of our planet.

We can all heal and evolve into a higher potential both individually and collectively through the understanding and the embodiment of divine masculine energy. 

Understand how in this article. 

We’ve lived through many generations of humanity on this planet.

Eras of civilization – innovating, progressing, shifting, and evolving. 

Yet historically – when we look at the majority of hierarchical civilizations, we might notice a pervading imbalance across a subset of cultures and traditions…

An imbalance of sorts, between genders, roles, and the corresponding expectations of each. 

It is important to remember that the terms ‘masculine energy’ and ‘feminine energy’ are not necessarily referring to gender – but instead, are in reference to characteristics, and from a more nuanced perspective, in reference to the dynamics, in which energy moves and fluctuates. 

From a more historical perspective – we can see how the patriarchal cultures and traditions might of had a very specific manifestation and embodiment of masculine energy. 

One stems from a place of power, authority, and control, not necessarily acknowledging the balance between the more feminine aspects of nature, intuition, and potential harmony between genders, cultures, races, etc. 

Looking back on this – we can see the kind of challenges and destruction which has been caused due to this kind of masculine energy paradigm being at the forefront of the structures in power. 

The disempowering of women, the exploitation of children, and the decimation of nature – all facets of the way in which the imbalanced masculine energy has been taking charge over the past few centuries. 

The Return of the Divine Masculine 

Amongst all of the turmoil and chaos – there is also something else being awoken within our individual selves, and within the overall collective, as well.

It is the transformation, and the evolution – from the imbalanced, unintegrated masculine energy, into the integrated, divine masculine energy. 

As mentioned earlier – this goes beyond just gender – yet it is also included in it. 

This shift involves not only a shift in perspective but also an inner transformation. A change in which we now perceive and engage in our lives, a shift in how we relate to one another, our families, our communities, and ultimately – in how we relate to ourselves. 

The divine masculine resides in each and every one of us – and the divine masculine energy can be embodied and actualized in who we are, and in all that we do. 

Are curious about how this energy might manifest in different ways within yourself? 

And do you wonder which aspects of the divine masculine you might or might not be embodying?

You can read more about how the divine masculine energy manifests on a more personal and individual level here.

The Divine Masculine Serves as the Protector

One of the facets of divine masculine energy is to serve as a protector. 

This protector energy can be manifested by way of boundaries. 

Having strong and healthy boundaries for ourselves, for our families, for our community – and for all of life. 

Including nature. 

Divine masculine energy understands the importance of caring for and protecting nature and its children. 

The embodiment of this energy understands that we come from nature – and that we also go back to nature. 

It can see from a bigger scope, and understand that nature serves as a vital and important resource for all of humanity. 

And most importantly, through this greater perspective, the divine masculine understands how vital it is that nature, serving as a mother, is cared for and protected. 

Our connection to the plant world and the natural world allows for a greater scope of understanding of why we are here and what our greater purpose is as an individual and as a collective. 

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The Divine Masculine as The Sacred Warrior

Just as the divine masculine protects – it also defends, and even fights if and when it needs to.

Although this isn’t a fight that is coming from a place of the ego needing to prove something, or from a place of violence for the sake of violence.

This expression of divine masculine energy comes from a place of awareness of the right time, and the appropriate place to fight – along with knowing exactly what to fight for. 

Themes of social justice, environmental protection, and peaceful protests, all come up when thinking about what a warrior and a healthy fighter of divine masculine energy might look like. 

This energy uses its strength, its power, its integrity, and its vulnerability to fight for the right cause.


The Divine Masculine as Catalyst for Getting Things Done

Of course, the creation process, along with the flow of concepts and ideas, also needs ambition and drive in order to set things forth into a state of development, maturation, and completion.

Meaning things need to get done in order to have a creation be actualized – as it moves from the thought into the form.

The divine masculine energetic frequency is able to harness and channel his/her/their inner fire as an embodiment in order to fuel the energy which takes the actions, knows the steps, and creates the structure for things to become manifest in our reality. 

You can see, in this way, how important it is for each and every one of us creative humans to be able to harness and master this energy, in order to create, to do, and to bring all of our dreams and heart led ideas into form. 

Being Honorable in Integrity and Responsibility

The divine masculine energy understands that there is no such thing as perfection. 

And that each and every brave step we take, every risk we make, and every choice we have does indeed come with its own kind of consequence. 

From this place of awareness – divine masculine energy is able to acknowledge the reality of the flow of actions, and in turn, step up into a place of ownership, personal responsibility, and a consistent awareness of the possibility of improvement. 

This means, that they are able to apologize when it is fit to do so, admit to any mistakes or mishaps which may have transpired, as well as being able and willing to take constructive feedback as to how they might be able to improve in order to allow for the opportunity to allow for another potential outcome moving forward. 

The Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Vulnerability

When we see what has transpired from a more collective perspective – we can see how the concept of feelings and these other, deeper, more emotional sentiments, haven’t really been given adequate space to be expressed until the recent years. 

The divine masculine energy in its full embodiment – is able to understand vulnerability as a power, as opposed to perceiving it as a weakness. 

I want to convey that in this context, vulnerability isn’t synonymous with being ‘without a shied’ or ‘without defense’. 

Vulnerability is the embodiment of being so grounded in our own power and resiliency to which we are able to be raw, honest, and real – without the concern, or even at the frequency which would allow for being negatively affected through the external world by the sharing of the vulnerability. 

It is the ability to hold many of the layers of oneself – within our own being. 

And being able to, from that place, share our truth, our feelings, our expression, and the deeper parts of our being with those whom we trust – knowing that the truth will allow for the possibility for more connection, and also allow for the opportunity for transformation through our realness.

Bringing Back the Balance

As we transition both individually and collectively from the unintegrated masculine to the divine masculine – we will see the ripple effect taking place in many aspects of our lives. 

The hyper-driven, goal-oriented focus will lessen and become more balanced by things such as learning to be, cultivating emotional intelligence, and spending more time on creative pursuits and in fostering our connections, and cultivating healthy relationships. 

It won’t be about how many trees can be cut down to build structures, about how much power one can have, or about whose car will be bigger, etc. 

This isn’t to say that this won’t happen anymore, period.

But the more that each individual focuses on the culmination of the divine masculine energy within themself – the greater that the expansion of it will happen within the collective as well.

In deepest service and prayer, from the Strength of All I AM,

Trinity de Guzman & Your Highest Truth


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