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This article is for brothers and sisters who strive to find deeper connections within their soul and with like-minded people.

Keep on reading if you’d like to know more about other ways to meditate, the power of dance and how to allow your soul to feel free.

Brothers and sisters, thank you for being here and sharing this space with us. I’m sure you might be wondering what is this “ecstatic dance everyone keeps on talking about” or “is it really a way to meditate through dance”?

Well, we’re here to answer your questions and doubts and make you feel seen and heard through our words and community.

What is Ecstatic Dance?

Ecstatic DanceEcstatic dance is a conscious, unchoreographed, mindful, and free-moving journey. It is usually held in a sacred and safe space that will allow your inner self to fully bloom while connecting with the community and source.

Very often the music is played by live musicians who will allow you to connect with the physical energy of the instruments, other times it will be facilitated by a DJ playing a personalized set designed to make you travel through spaces beyond physicality.

We usually associate dance with performing art.

Yes, of course, it is, dance can be a beautiful form of expression, to entertain, to showcase something amusing to others.

It can be the combination of hours of training and hard work that make you strive to find the perfect form held within your own skin.

In this case, though, dance is nothing like that. It has nothing to do with performing, with appearing, with finding the perfect form.


It is, instead, all about feelings, emotions, and connections.Forget everything you’ve ever thought you knew about dance.

Forget about the dance classes that force you to look at yourself in the mirror, to make sure you look perfectly aligned and your movements are clean.

Forget about the clubs, where you need to drink to make sure you feel confident enough to slightly move your body a little bit.

Forget all of it, reset the ideas you had about dancing, and think about it in a whole different way.

Think about it as a precious space where you can be free, authentic, and move your energy!

What exactly happens when you dance?

Dance is a bridge between the physical and the non-physical. It is the perfect connection between body and spirit.

It is a conversation that you can have with your cosmic soul through the outside world.

It is a great way to connect with the depth of your own self, in this physical realm. Through dance you release, you stay fit and flexible, you reduce stress, and mostly… you have fun!

Free Side view of graceful woman leaning back with raised leg while dancing between shrubs in countryside in back lit Stock Photo

When you dance, you can include everything: the good, the bad, the frightened, the insecure… nothing excluded.

You simply dance, moving every single corner of your body, with no rational explanation. You start to dance through it all.

Through the suffering, through the pain, through the sadness. You dance with happiness, joy, and excitement.

Yes… you really unconsciously dance through it all, until your insecurities slowly fade away.

What’s making everything feel even more amazing, is that you meet other brave souls on the same dance floor, connecting with your spirit in ways you were yet to experience.

While dancing, the whole collective will transcend the boundaries of time and space.

Everything around you and within you will feel One – your breath, your moves, the music, and the whole community.

While dancing, we realize we are truly not alone – feeling one with the cosmos.

It is not a coincidence that shamans used to ask “When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories?”

When someone complained of being disheartened, dispirited or depressed. – Dancing can truly be a medicine, a way to connect with the spirit and heal the body!

Meditation and Dance

Mediation and dance Ecstatic & Meditative DanceHow can dance and meditation be related? – you might be wondering.

Meditation is a practice that allows you to reach inner peace and stability, clearing out the thoughts, to find the emptiness held within.

Only from a state of emptiness we can create – create what we want and what we are.

The truth is: that meditating is not easy. It may simply look like closing the eyes and sitting in a crossed-leg posture, but it’s so much more and definitely not an easy practice.

It requires a lot of patience and resilience.

You will need to get through the uncomfortable pain of sitting with your own thoughts and demons before being able to fully feel good and comfortable at the moment.

But once you finally reach that level of comfort everything becomes easier, and you can be truly liberated from this physical realm, into a world filled with peace, clarity, and emptiness.

So, how does dance fit in all of this? How do I reach the same level of peace while dancing?

By letting loose. Allowing yourself to feel the totality of your essence, then letting go of that physical touch and connecting with the higher source of your being. The merging of your own energies, together with the energy of collectiveness will create waves of incredible transformation that can literally change your life.

Ecstatic dance events come with some rules – it is usually mandatory not to carry any phones, or talk or record while the event takes place. This will help you to unbound from this physical world and disconnect, so that you can truly feel confident in your own skin, stop thinking about other people’s opinions, not judge yourself, and allow yourself to be seen.

The connection with external sources:

The physical world can offer infinite bridges to the inner world. Whether you connect with the power of plants and their incredible medicine, you find a like-minded community of inspiring people who can help you better yourself, you participate in a retreat, or you simply connect with your own skin… the physical world can be a bridge to the infinite possibilities held within your own self.

When you connect with your body, surrendering to the music and to the present moment, you reach a sort of trance that will allow you to become one with the divine, with sacred energy filled with bliss and ecstasy.

We came to this Earth for a reason – this planet gave us everything we need to help us reconnect with the highest form we can ever embrace. We sometimes simply forget about our role.

Allow yourself to let loose, and to be guided by nature, by the community, or by your own body! 

Benefits of Ecstatic Dance:

Benefits of Ecstatic Dance Ecstatic & Meditative DanceSo yeah, ecstatic dance sounds really cool, right?

Besides being a really fun activity, it is an extremely powerful event that truly has the potential to transform and heal.

So let’s dig deeper into what actually are the benefits of this meditative art.

1. It is both a physical + emotional activity
2. You don’t have to learn choreography
3. It is mostly held in a judgment-free environment
4. It gives you permission to let go
5. You can connect with your inner self
6. You can connect with like-minded community
7. It’s healing
8. It’s liberating
9. It Increases hormones that make you happy

It is Both a Physical +
Emotional Activity:

Just like yoga, ecstatic dance allows you to connect with both your body and your inner self. Through ecstatic dance you’ll feel the power of shaking off your bones and feeling that workout sensation.

Getting a good sweat, making your heart beat faster than usual, and feeling that adrenaline pervading every corner of your being. Merging the physical workout, with the emotional/spiritual results, is such a blessing.

When you participate in an ecstatic dance event, you’ll work with every cell of your being – nothing excluded, and it will feel so incredibly good!

You Don’t Have To Learn Choreography:

choreography Ecstatic & Meditative DanceYep, I get it…many people are frightened by the thought of performing, of learning or memorising steps, of feeling weird while they move…. Well, ecstatic dance will not face you with any of that.

It is completely free, with no need to use your mind, but allowing only the soul to speak.

There is no pressure at all, no pressure to perform, nor to be better than the others, nor for your movements to be perfectly clean. It is the freest dance form you could ever live.

Just you, your body, your spirit, and your community.

It Is Mostly A Judgement-
free Environment

Just like you don’t have to worry about learning choreography, you also don’t have to worry about people staring at you and your moves. Ecstatic Dance events bring people together into a movement where consciousness automatically rises, allowing everyone to become one with a higher source.

Everyone will disconnect, to then reconnect with something higher, stronger. No one will even think about staring at you, and especially judging you. But, of course, this can always vary.

There are all kinds of people in the world, we never know who we can come across… Usually, though, ecstatic dance events bring together like-minded souls who are focused on their personal journeys.

It Allows You To Let Go:

Let Go! Letting go is something we all struggle with. Being able to express a feeling is way harder than we could ever think of. But through dance, expressing becomes so much easier, and through expression, we can truly let go.

Whether it’s a feeling we want to remove, a feeling of sadness, pain, anger… or it is joy, excitement, love… Dance will be like the closest friend ready to give you the warmest hug, whispering “it’s ok, you’re safe now”. Through this safe place you’ll have the chance to truly let go and feel lighter.

You Connect With Your Inner Self:

Inner Self Ecstatic & Meditative DanceMeditative Dance is like a conversation. A conversation between your body and most inner soul. It’s a moment of intimacy that you’re allowed to have with your spirit and your skin.

Through this sensual affinity, you’re free to be naked, completely naked of thoughts, assumptions, and ideas you have created of yourself.

Naked of an image you present to others or of the mask you wear.

You can free your mind for a few hours, moving your energy into yet undiscovered directions.

Your inner self will speak to you, with a language you’re only able to understand, and I can tell you… it might be the best conversation you will ever have.


You Connect With A Like-Minded Community:

The beauty of Ecstatic Dance is that it’s not only an individual activity. It is through community, through the connection of like-minded energies and souls who get together to reach higher potentials, that we can realize that we are one and in togetherness, we rise.

Realise that you are not alone, you never were and you never will be. You can choose to connect with others or with yourself. It’s beautiful!


all-natural remedies Ecstatic & Meditative DanceDancing, letting go and connecting are medicines, all-natural remedies which are good for the soul.

Through natural medicines we heal – they have the power to heal trauma, pain, and yet undiscovered aches that might be buried within you.

Dance, meditative dance, and ecstatic dance will help you navigate through the pain and let it go.




Through body-soul connection, community, inner discovery, letting go, feeling good, and feeling one…. We set ourselves FREE. We feel liberated, light, and empty.

We reach the level of emptiness that we always strive to achieve during meditation but that at times seems so far away. Through liberation we reach emptiness and through emptiness, we can become everything we want, everything we were ever meant to be – reconnecting with authenticity, together with source.

How to Find an Ecstatic Dance Event?

Ecstatic Dance Event Ecstatic & Meditative DanceI would truly recommend experiencing an Ecstatic Dance event. It is a life-changing experience, a medicine for the soul, and a different way to meditate and connect with the divine.

How to participate in one?

If you’re not living near a spiritual community that may offer ecstatic dance events, it might be difficult for you to participate in one.

There are a few websites like where you can find the closest ecstatic dance near you.

If there’s nothing close to where you happen to be in the world, don’t worry! An ecstatic dance event is something super easy to organize! Call your closest friends, write a post on social media to invite as many people as possible, then gather in the middle of nature or where it feels good to be free and safe.

Purify the energies of the space with sage or Palo Santo, and if you cannot find live musicians, just find an ecstatic dance playlist on Spotify that will be prepared to make

your travel through spaces!
Then just dance, dance, dance!
Let loose! Let go! Feel free!

Other ways to connect with the divine

Ecstatic Dance is one of many other forms of meditation, with which you can truly feel free, let go and reach higher potentials held within your own self. Its benefits are deep and powerful, and experiencing it might truly feel like medicine!

There are many other ways to connect with the divine and with higher spirits. You can join our community to feel part of a soul family filled with people who strive for higher truths and liberation.

You can also check out our retreats to explore more ways of healing and connecting.

May you set your soul free!

[To be continued..]

In deepest service and prayer, from the Strength of All I AM,
Trinity de Guzman & Your Highest Truth


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