We are divinity in human form and our purpose is to love ourselves. In this video, you will understand the importance of loving your humaness, as well as learn to love yourself unconditionally. 

In order to come into this human experience – a forgetting is required. We must let go of the deeper knowing of that which we truly are…

An infinite being of source consciousness, made of pure potential.

This is what truly resides within each and every one of us.

But as we come into this form, we forget. Forget all of this about ourselves – in order to remember again. 

So that we can experience the joy of remembering again, the unconditional love of remembering again, the magic, the beauty, and the infinitude, of who we really are. 

We are part God consciousness and part human…

part divinity and part animal

And, along with our humanness, we have all of these urges, desires, and habits that we acquire while being in this form.

Whether it is binge eating junk food, spending too much time on TV, or escaping into other things like porn or addictions. 

Any of these vices which we shame within ourselves, the ones which we keep within the shadows, to ourselves, without telling anyone. 

These are the parts of you that I am speaking to

And these are also the parts of you that you are here to learn about, know, and integrate. They are aspects of yourself that you are here to ultimately learn to embrace as a part of your makeup. As you move towards healing the shame that binds you and love yourself unconditionally.

Whether these aspects of you are innate to you, whether they are true within the highest divinely-led parts of you, whether they are going to continue to exist or not, even as you continue to move forward in your evolution and evolve into the highest version of yourself which you want to be…

you must learn to heal the shame which binds you, and love yourself unconditionally.

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Understanding Your Nature

As you learn about who you really are, you will discover that on one level you are the divine essence, the spirit that has come into the body..

and on the second level, you are the human, as the personality, the ego, the character in this play which is simply being guided by the strings of spirit.

We are all being played by something so much greater than us – as our lives take up roles in this grand play that is coming together in our personal divine remembrance, as we embody this human form.

The remembering of who we are – behind the mind, the history, the stories, and the concepts which we have accumulated.

We are here to remember to hold and remember both of these layers and hold this awareness simultaneously.

Which is why sacred plant medicine is so important and profound – and such a powerful tool, to open that door, and to show us.

Not through a mental understanding, but through an in-depth knowingness, experience, and first hand glimpse into your own being.

And through this, we must remember that the human experience is a play, one which provides access to experiencing the depth of who we really are. 

Through healing the shame that binds us, and embracing all that makes us, US. 

All that we are.. 

All the parts of us, especially the parts of us that we shame, the parts that we try to hide, those especially, are also the parts of us that we are here to accept about ourselves and love unconditionally.

We Are All on the Journey to Our Return

Ultimately, we are all here to go to, to return to the sacred paradise, land of eden, which is a metaphor from where we all came.

The sacred place which birthed the vision of humanity and consciousness..

which birthed the vision of the play, the paradise, the joy, the bliss, the creative expression..

and the shamelessness.. of being naked.

This nakedness.. on the deepest level…

Not just on a clothing level.. but the nakedness of your soul…

Can you bare.. and share.. all of yourself… to the world, without shame?

Will you… 

heal the shame that binds you

and love yourself unconditionally?

This is the YOU that I am speaking to. 

Are you ready to dive deeper into this aspect of you? And take your truth and love to the next level? 

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Learning to Accept All of You

Love Yourself

May these words plant a seed, one which gently guides you deeper into the parts of yourself, which you maybe are afraid to embrace – that which you have not yet been willing to see, up until this point. 

That which you have not been ready to accept about yourself. 

What if the solution is not to change these aspects of yourself?

What if the point isn’t to try one thing after another to make these parts of you different?

Even in the realm of plant medicine – if you approach it with a desire to change who you are, so these parts of you will no longer exist, you might be fooling yourself, because this is no guarantee.

But what can happen is a greater acceptance of these parts of you. 

And in doing so, some will transform, some will transmute, and some will shift to a different energy and pattern in your life. 

And what if – the solution is not to change these parts of you – but to maybe instead – dive into them completely. 

Would you be willing to? Would you be willing to go into these patterns which you judge, shame, and feel ‘wrong’ about?

Your Soul has a Compass 

Your soul will never allow itself to get lost.

And every step forward, is another step closer, to god, and to the remembrance of this connection – which is the source of who you are.

Even if it feels like we are going backwards. Even if it may look like we are not making progress.

Every move, every step, every decision, brings us closer to this source.

So if you can make the decision to go completely into the patterns that are most wanting to change, those which you shame, without needing to make a change, with loving yourself unconditionally…

You might be surprised to receive a gift..

A gift of what these patterns are here to show you..

what they are here to teach you. 

So let these words be, an ever opening door that continues to bring awareness to see these parts of yourself that you are still afraid of embracing…

And your challenge is to start allowing yourself to go into these desires and these experiences and these habits..

And gently notice which layers of shame and guilt that arise.

And as you do this..

set the intention to be able to LOVE and ACCEPT these parts of you SHAMELESSLY.

Unconditionally, LOVE this part of you.

You are here for ALL of it.

You are here for ALL of it.

You have come here into this human form in order to experience all of it. 

All of it. 

Whatever your soul wants – it can have. 

We have food, and sex, and pleasure, and sensation.. 

and we come here, to experience all of it. 

There is nothing wrong with any of it.

Sexuality, desire, these parts of ourselves which we often push down because of society, religion, and the church, which has made us feel so wrong about sexuality..

All the parts we judge and shame…

the unconditional love of these parts is the liberation which we are all coming back to. 

We must look at these deep shadows that we are still not accepting about this human experience. 

And if we could remember, how perfect, and how infinite the possibilities are…

remember that you have come here to experience all of it…

none of it being limited by the definitions of being better or worse.

Seeing it all simply an experience, knowing that when you die, you have lived in such a way that you can look back and say that you fully-experience all that you were here to live and embody – all of it. 

THIS is the experience of what we are here to live for.

THIS is the liberation our soul seeks to experience in this human form. 

THIS is the art of releasing our shame and loving ourselves unconditionally.

Are you owning your desires?

How are you embracing this fullness?

How are you fully embracing yourself?

Where can you release your shame by giving more unconditional love?

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Thank you for being here today – may these words plant the seeds of a prayer, to experience more love, more freedom, within yourself, and within the entire collective. 

With SO much love, so grateful to help support you in this journey of a lifetime,

Now, is your time..

[To be continued..]

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