Divine Feminine Healing


Do you feel disconnected to your feminine energy? This article will give you insight on how to embody divine feminine healing in your daily life.


Although the word “feminine” sounds like something only for women, it is actually an energy within all of us, just like masculine energy. We all embody both energies. Before being humans, we are souls – and souls have no gender!

Many times, though, we can feel disconnected from either of them, causing pain, confusion and lostness within our spirits. Some elements we embody more that others and through interactions we can often see the polarity of where we might be dancing in the shadow feminine or masculine.

Keep on reading and discover more about these divine energies within you and how to welcome divine feminine healing.

What are feminine & masculine energies?

Masculine energy is more mind-oriented. It is the logical, practical, clear, focused, action energy held within ourselves. The energy that desires to protect and build.

Feminine energy is more soul-oriented. It is creative, emotional, fertile, empathic, intuitive. It’s the fresh and pure energy held within us.

It’s important to feel connected to both energies and recognize their power. Tapping into each energy whenever we feel the need to embrace that side of us that is needed in a particular moment.

Both energies are required to create life on the planet and every form of creation you can imagine. Without harmony between both energies, there is disharmony.

But now, let’s focus on the feminine energy.

We can see these energies as divine when we want to tap into the goddess energy that exists within all of us. Many ancient cultures made this concept easier by idolising the divine feminine into a figure – the Hindus with Shakti, the Egyptians with Isis, the Greeks with Aphrodite. They gave an identity to one of the most powerful energies we could ever embody.

When we embody divine feminine energies, we can attune tune with our soul, our creativity, our sensuality and our emotions.


Though, it’s not always easy to be fully in tune with this mystical energy. Your feminine energy might be wounded and you might be in need of divine feminine healing.

When your authentic feminine essence is prevented from fully blooming, when you’re unable to authentically express yourself, or if you carry wounds from your past… your feminine energy may be in need of healing.

Signs your divine feminine energy might be wounded are that you:

  1. Feel disconnected from your femininity
  2. Don’t have a great connection with your mom
  3. Resist feeling or expressing your emotions
  4. Are not feeling sexually satisfied or have no sexual desire
  5. Struggle to slow down and always need to be busy

You feel disconnected from your femininity

Being disconnected from your femininity means you are unable to see yourself as the divine being that you are. You might feel unable to touch yourself, to love your body, or to feel good in your skin.

You don’t have a good connection with your mom/struggle to connect with her

One of the reasons your feminine energy might be wounded, is because the wounds & traumas are passed from many generations. If your grandmom or your mom had unsolved traumas, they passed them onto you. It’s important to heal and truly work on ourselves, not only for us, but also for our future generations. Trauma can run 13 generations deep according to epigenetics.

You resist feeling or expressing your emotions

Feminine energy feels deeply. It’s the part of all of us that is not afraid to be vulnerable, to feel all the feelings. If you are resisting your emotions, whether you’re unable to cry, to fall in love, or to express genuine happiness… resisting your emotions can truly harm you. Anything that you feel needs to be lived and expressed, not stored within you.

You don’t feel sexually satisfied or have sexual desire

Sex is such an important part of our feminine nature. If you are unable to orgasm, feel pleasure or even feel any sexual desire… you might be in need of some feminine energy healing! Sexual energy is absolutley normal and primal, through feeling disconnected from it the body is trying to communicate something.

You struggle to slow down and always need to be busy

Masculine energy is active, always on the move, mostly in the mind… but feminine energy is present, slow, calm. If you’re finding yourself always on the move, too much in your mind with difficulty to stop and simply be, this is a sign that your feminine energy needs to be nurtured .


If you resonate with any of these points, don’t worry. It’s ok to feel disconnected from this energy sometimes. The most important thing is to acknowledge this disconnection, observe it and take action (in a feminine way, slow and gentle).
The good news is that there are so many ways to reconnect with this sacred energy and practise divine feminine healing.

Some ways to reconnect to your feminine are:

  1. Practice self love
  2. Reconnect to your sexuality
  3. Say feminine affirmations
  4. Journal daily
  5. Express yourself using the voice of your soul
  6. Surround yourself with feminine energies
  7. Participate in a retreat
  8. Take time to rest & be

Practice self love

Loving yourself should not be underrated. To reconnect with your feminine energy you can embody your inner mother, nourishing yourself in every way possible. Practise daily positive affirmations, give yourself hugs, treat yourself to your favourite meals, take yourself for a massage, and move your body daily. Find ways to reconnect with the love held within yourself!

Reconnect to your sexuality

You can heal your sexuality by feeling more of your body, try spending more time naked, admire your body in all its forms and in all its beauty and don’t be afraid to touch it. Try to feel intimate within yourself before being intimate with others. Practice self pleasure, self love & dance. If you are the first person not feeling comfortable with sexuality, you can’t expect to feel comfortable with another. You can also check this article about sacred sexuality, to have more specific insights on how to spiritually connect sexually.

Say feminine affirmations

Affirmations are a game changer when it comes to your subconscious mind. What we say to ourselves, we become. Here are some feminine affirmations that can help you heal and activate your divine feminine energy:

I honour my femininity.
I am divine feminine energy.
I express my femininity in all its forms.
Like flows through & from me.
I embody goddess energy.
The mother is within me.
I am proud of my sexuality & my femininity.
I love my body.
I am beautiful as I am.
Journal daily

Feminine energy is very creative and it easily flows. Journaling can support you in reconnecting with your creative flow. You don’t necessarily have to think about something specific to write about. You can start writing about your day, your thoughts or whatever comes to your mind.


Express yourself using the voice of your soul

Whether it’s through art, voice or movement… Expressing yourself is really important while healing your wounded feminine energy. It can be through speaking your voice and your truth, or by dancing/yoga/moving your body, or by drawing or creating something new. Challenge yourself to feel expressive, to speak from your soul.

Surround yourself with feminine energies

Energies are contagious! Surrounding yourself with sisters and overall powerful, inspiring feminine energies can be truly motivating. We subconsciously grasp a lot from the people we spend most of our time with. Surround yourself with what you want to attract and what you aim to be! At first, spending lots of time with feminine energies might be triggering… jealousy, shame or competition might occur, but they’ll all be mirrors to show you where you are ready to heal.

Participate in a retreat

Healing is not meant to be easy but you can find ways to support you. If you’re feeling like your wounded feminine energy needs more support, there is always the choice to participate in a retreat, filled with like-minded people that are in your same situation. Plant medicine retreats can support you to voyage through the depth of your soul, giving you profound insights on how and why you might be feeling disconnected from your femininity. Going all the way within your wounds and pain is not easy, but it is truly necessary in order to evolve.

Take time to rest and be.

Resting, sleeping, nourishing your body and feeling deeply present, are all ways to reconnect with your divine feminine energies. Try your best to find beauty in the present moments, don’t rush, don’t run, don’t stress… breathe and be present.

It starts from you, it expands to everything else

Divine feminine healing is not only necessary in order for you to expand, evolve and feel better within your body and spirit. Divine feminine healing is also absolutely important in order to raise the collective’s energies and the ones of our future generations. It starts from us, but it expands to everything else. When you do the work for you, your future children will not be passed on with these blocks so they can step more into who they really are without as much pain as you went through. We do not just do the work for ourselves, it’s for the entire interconnected web of creation.

Working on your personal healing, creates a ripple of positive change.


Don’t be afraid to heal … you’re not alone! We are all in this together, trying to heal, evolve and reconnect with our truest nature.
If you’re reading this, it is our hope you feel held, supported and inspired by these words. You can connect with us, check out our community of like minded souls, our blog filled with inspiring articles, or participate in one of our life-changing retreats in Mexico!

Sending you love and light for this healing journey you’re embarking on!

You got this!

[To be continued..]

In deepest service and prayer, from the Strength of All I AM,
Trinity de Guzman & Your Highest Truth


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