How Do You Determine True Wealth?

We live in a society, and a global culture overall, that has, at least for the past few hundred years (and from a wider scope if we take the concept of hierarchy into consideration) favored materialism and money over most other things, such as health, mental, physical, and spiritual wellness, and the more simplistic things like nature and the different forms of connection.

These ideologies haven’t only been programmed by the people around us – but have been ingrained deep within the constructs and mechanistic structures of our society, it is pretty much impossible to get around it, lest we live our lives in a way which is only supported and sustained by the fundamental basics, like food, water and shelter.

This has created within us, an impulse and desire to create, achieve, and remain on the ever-moving train to be more, do more, and acquire more in order to sustain our lives and comfort in a world where an avocado can cost as much as a cup of coffee and most of our paychecks go towards paying for a roof over our heads.

And of course, with the excess of funds that many of us are so blessed to get flowing through our hands, we are able to relish in the finer things in life, like good food, vacations, and other material pleasures which might be tikling our fancy.

But every now and again – we might have to ask ourselves – do these material pleasures dictate true wealth? And how do we actually determine true wealth?

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Exploring the Idea of True Wealth

Exploring the Idea of True Wealth

Well first off, what is wealth?

Oxford’s Dictionary describes it as such:

‘An abundance of valuable possessions or money.

  • The state of being rich; material prosperity.
  • Plentiful supplies of a particular resource.’

So yes, of course – it is referring to money.

But if we are able to consider this from a deeper level, we can start to unpack the words synonymous to wealth, such as ‘richness’ and ‘prosperity’.

Perhaps these words entail having material wealth.

But material wealth is only an aspect of true wealth, it does not encompass it.

So then – what is true wealth?

Well, when we think about prosperity – we might also think about the idea of abundance.

Being prosperous isn’t just being wealthy, it is being resourceful, it is having an abundance of things to do, choose from, and be a part of.

It also entails a connection and a commitment to a deeper, inner fulfillment.

A deeper devotion to a part of us which can’t necessarily be fulfilled by the things which are on the outside.

So how do we determine true wealth?

You can have a million dollars in your bank account but still be miserable.

You can be broke but still be content with what is before you.

Obviously there are basic needs that every human needs (for the most part) but when we have moved past the necessities to narrow down what true wealth actually is – we might find that it is more accessible than not.

Embracing the satisfaction of what is here.

If we are to always be chasing the next thing, we might find that it is rather difficult for us to actually fully be with, and in turn appreciate, what is here for us now.

Whatever car we have, whatever home we have, whatever opportunities are here, etc.

I’m not telling you to settle – if you know you are in something which is absolutely draining you and not aligned with who you are finding or wanting yourself to be, then it might be wise to ask yourself “why am I still in this?.

But what I am suggesting is that if you are experiencing the sentiments like joy, peace, fulfillment, happiness, and also perhaps at times a healthy challenge – then know that you are already experiencing an aspect of true wealth that perhaps even some of the richest millionaires might not have access to.

What most of us have been taught – especially if we grew up in a consumerist, capitalistic society, which pretty much ends up meaning anywhere nowadays considering we are living in a world that is run by money, then we may have been programmed, whether consciously or unconsciously, to be running on the metaphorical treadmill.

You know the one..

…where your mind is already onto the next thing before this thing has finished presenting itself to you.

Not to say that an abundance of opportunities is a bad thing..

…but what is a bad thing is when you aren’t even able to enjoy, appreciate, or make the most of the things that are present because you are so busy trying to get onto the next thing…

when you are operating from an underlying anxiety of not-enoughness and having that propel you towards an escapist way of dealing with reality and what is here now.

It is such an easy trap for us to fall into. I get it.

Especially when we’re taught to reference off of what everyone else has or what everyone else is doing..

But really this kind of way of living is the opposite of true wealth.

So once again, I ask,

What determines true wealth?

Perhaps it is how much gratitude you can find in what is already here.

Or maybe in the sense of inner-peace and contentment you feel overall – despite what is happening in the external world.

Or maybe even in finding the joy in the momentary day-to-day things which we often find mundane.

Perhaps it is the amount of peace we can feel regardless of our external circumstances.


your highest truth


Remembering that Health is Wealth

Practicing Adaptability…

Some of the things which we so often take for granted are at times the things which are naturally the most abundant and obvious to us – yet it is also those things which we are the most oblivious to as well.

Our health is definitely one of those things.

How many times do you not alter or change your behavior until something so drastic happens that you don’t have any other choice?

How many times do we wait to take care of the simplest things only to have them add up and become much bigger than they should have been or would have been if we would have just taken care of them to begin with?


Finding True Wealth in our connections.

I feel like connection is so intricately woven into the fabric of what it means for us to experience true wealth.

Our relationships and the quality of them are such an essential part of what makes us experience contentment, helps us to deeper understand ourselves, and serves as a potential space to experience the richness of life.

Having supportive people on your team – ones who understand you, love you, see you, and encourage you, make an absolute world of difference.

This feels like such a vital aspect of true wealth.

When you are down and out – do you have people you can talk to?
Those you can trust with your secrets and vulnerabilities?

Those that you can play with – be silly with – and those with whom you can completely be yourself?

If you answered yes to any or even all of these – then you have indeed had the blessing of this particular aspect of True Wealth.

Having even 1 to 2 people you can deeply trust – or perhaps a whole network or community, depending on your style – can make all the difference when it comes to our wellness, and is a key factor in how we might determine true wealth.

True Wealth goes Beyond our Bank Accounts


Finding Your Center & Staying Connected to it.

So as we can see now – there are many factors which determine true wealth. Many aspects of reality which entail what it means to have true wealth.

Our ability to be fully present with all that we have in life and the inner peace and fulfillment which requires and simultaneously is a by-product of..

Our willingness to prioritize and acknowledge our health and wellness and our ability to see how it is a part of what it means to have true wealth

And the abundance which unfolds from having quality connections and relationships which support and serve as an experience of what it means to have true wealth.


If you would like to connect with other individuals who are exploring the many ways to experience what it means to have true wealth – you can check out our global community here.

Now that you’ve gotten this far…

How might you be able to better understand and reflect upon all the ways in which true wealth is already a part of your life..?

In what ways do you already have true wealth that hasn’t already been mentioned in this article?

And how can you continue to determine what having true wealth means to you?

[To be continued..]

In deepest service and prayer, from the Strength of All I AM,
Trinity de Guzman & Your Highest Truth


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