How To Experience Sacred Sexuality

Sex is mostly associated to something dirty and at times forbidden.

In this article we will dig deeper into how sex & spirituality go hand in hand. We’ll share how to truly connect with divine energy and allow yourself to experience pleasure in a completely different way.

If you are here, reading this, there must be a reason.

Maybe you are unsatisfied with your sexual life, or you feel you give your body out too much, or you crave to experience a deeper connection with another person.

Do you resonate with any of these?

There is so much disinformation around sex and its power. No one teaches us how to connect with our own body in order to be able to connect with another one. Most people grow up learning about sex through porn, ending up getting the worst example that will eventually lead them to an unsatisfied sex life, without even knowing what it means to be made love to.

Our aim is to share a different perspective on sex, allowing you to feel the presence of the divine while being intimate with a beloved.

Spirituality can be experienced in different ways: our words, community, and our retreats in Mexico are our offerings through which we aspire to make you feel seen and understood, while growing together in a conscious way, to bring profound enlightenment to our planet Earth. We long for deeper connections and profound intimacy, all walking each other home.

Sex & Spirituality

Sex & Spirituality

The biggest issue is that Sex and Spirituality are not commonly placed together, and there is such a big judgment around sex: it is dirty, forbidden, something do in secret.

Sexual energy is connected to the creative chakra – Svadhisthana – which means that if you are lacking creative energy, you are most probably struggling with your sexual life too.

It’s so common nowadays to be unsatisfied with your sex life. Whether it’s because it is unfulfilling, boring, empty, or it’s just a momentary pleasure that gives such a brief useless moment of pleasure. There are so many examples of how a sexual life can be incredibly empty and unsatisfying… and if you are here, I’m sure you are screaming for help, and hoping to find some light in these words.

I want to tell you, wherever you are is where you are supposed to be! We have all been there. We are born in a society that brings us to believe that sex is only physical, no one teaches us nor shows us the way to our pleasure, it’s a treasure hunt that we have to do by ourselves.

Though, if we truly try to connect with our deepest essence and merge the spiritual connections with the immense power of sex, we can unleash incredible possibilities, opening portals to transformation, healing and pleasure.

So, keep on reading and let’s try to understand the root cause of unsatisfying sex.

Why don’t we experience Real Connection?

You might be wondering why you are not able to experience real connection during your sexual life, or why you don’t reach that delicious level of pleasure that everyone keeps on talking about, or why sex leaves you so empty.
The main reasons might be:

1. You are too much in your head

You are too much in your headYou are in the middle of lovemaking with your beloved, and your mind starts going places… whether you’re asking yourself if you’re performing well, or thinking about what you will eat for lunch…

if your mind is not fully, deeply, purely present into the moment, there is no way you can experience a deep loving connection.



      2. Sex = Race

Sex = RaceThis is such a common misconception.

No, sex is not a race, but a long, slow, delicious journey that needs to be savoured every second along the way, with nothing excluded.

It should not be rushed, nor put pressure on.

3. You have no connection with your partner

You don’t necessarily need to be deeply in love to experience profound sex, but a meaningful connection with your partner is absolutely necessary if you don’t want your sexual experience to be tasteless.

How to have sex with intention

How to have sex with intention

Sacred Sexuality is a commitment. If you are willing to go deeper with your partner and experience a level of intimacy and connection that you’ve never experienced before, then you will truly have to set the intention and communicate the will.

Here are a few steps that you can follow to merge the spiritual world with the physical one.

1. Connect with you Sacred Self

Remove all ideas you ever had around sex as dirty, unsafe, forbidden. Allow all of yourself to embrace this new journey as a spiritual journey filled with new possibilities and growth. Then connect with your body and your divinity.

Feel your soul having this human experience, allowing it to be an interconnecting bridge – from the physical to the non-physical. Enable you to feel all of you, nothing excluded.

Take some time to be present in your body: meditate, breathe, feel your essence.

Only when you truly connect with your own self, will you be able to connect with another, and allow the energies of a beloved to fully merge with your own.

Remember that through sex, you are becoming one with someone else, so make sure your energies are positive and relaxed.

2. Worship the Divinity within your partner

Once you connect with your God-self, you can see your partner as Divine too. We are all living energies, we simply forgot our true nature and lost connection with our true nature.

Tune into your divine masculine and divine feminine energy to fully step into your power. (You can check these videos about Divine Masculine and Feminine energies to dig deeper into the topic too – NEEDS TO BE LINKED).

Only when you see your partner as divine you will have the chance to fully become one with the sacred energies and merge into a unique power, touching parts of each other that cannot be touched physically.

3. Create the vibe

Taking care of the environment is just as important as taking care of yourself. You need to feel comfortable in your body, with your partner and with your surroundings. Making sure the atmosphere you’re surrounded by matches your vibes and your needs can be a massive game changer for your sexual life.

Creating the space can be lighting up some candles, perfuming the room with incense, clearing the space with sage or Palo Santo, adorning the floor and the bed with rose petals, putting on some music that gives you the chills.

Make sure everything around helps you connect with your senses – the sight, the smell, the sound, the touch.

4. Get your body ready

Get your body readyOk, now you have connected with your highest self, your divine partner and your surroundings.

After the spiritual connection, comes the physical one. Make sure you feel as good on the outside as you feel on the inside.

Take time to shower, adorn yourself with your favourite accessories or perfumes, simply prepare your body to


feel the best it could ever feel: the most sensual, confident, beautiful, powerful, version of yourself on the inside out.

5. Connect with your senses

Connect with your sensesTo initiate Sacred Sexuality, the first thing you need to do is connect with your senses: hear, smell, touch, taste, sight. This is the main interconnection between the tangible and the intangible.

You start with a physical act, which ends up becoming a link to the spiritual world held between both of you.

Breathe together, while listening to the sounds created, smell each other’s fragrances, play with your skin, savour your lips, look deeply into each other’s eyes.

From a physical sense, you’ll slowly get lost (or better, find yourself) into a different dimension.



6. Foreplay

ForeplayWe are brought to believe that sex is limited to penetration, while the “before” and “after” are simply as important. The way you initiate the sacred sex is absolutely fundamental.

After connecting with the senses, join each other’s third eyes, keep on deeply breathing together while not losing eye contact, so you can remember to be fully present into the moment and into the sight of your beloved.

Then simply allow yourself to follow your intuition, and be guided by your soul and physical senses.



7. Sacred Sex

Sacred Sex

There are no rules on how sacred sex should be, as long as you allow yourself to surrender to the power of pleasure and the present moment, while opening yourself up to all the possibilities.

If you’ve never experienced sex in a sacred way, probably it will feel like making love for the very first time, as it will open senses in your body that you’ve previously never experienced before.

It might feel scary at some points, definitely unknown, but it will be such a deep transformative experience of pleasure never lived before.


8. Orgasm

OrgasmWhen you reach the peak of pleasure and orgasm, allow yourself to feel it with every inch of your body. Don’t resist it, don’t rush it, don’t run towards it.

Allow it to come and feel it in every corner of your body, granting access to it and holding it in your heart space, where you may allow it to stay for a while.

Feel the pleasure pervading your body. Own it! That’s the most precious gift we were given as human beings – being able to feel pleasure. It’s our right, it’s one of the most divine donations, live it with full authority.

9. Afterplay

AfterplayAs mentioned before, sex is not limited to penetration. Once both of you feel satisfied in receiving and giving, here comes one of the most important parts of sacred sex. The moment when you embrace each other into passionate hugs filled with love, kisses and cuddles.

Moments of deep intimacy and connection. Maybe shower together, take the time to be present and to allow both of your bodies and souls to calm down and get grounded, coming back to this human reality, together.


10. Communication


Sacred Sexuality would not be what it is without communication. It is important that after it, you both share feelings, and transparently talk about everything that you both experienced.

About each other’s needs, wishes, sensations and literally any single thought that passes to your mind.

This is the time to truly open the heart, and reveal your naked soul, with no shame, just openness and acceptance.



Natural way to deepen your sacred sexuality

plant medicinesIf what you’re struggling with is to connect with your own spirituality, you can try to connect with plant medicines.

Plants are teachers, they are divine tools gifted to us from Mother Nature to help us heal, connect and transcend.

Plants can nurture spirituality, and spirituality reconnects us with the experience of the sacred. It is absolutely normal to struggle finding deeper layers held within yourself, but plants show you the way to reach yet undiscovered worlds that can reveal within you first, and in another then.

Sometimes, plants can point out the route towards our inner self. It could be everything you need to fully feel free and connected.

Mama Ayahuasca, psilocybin, kambo and more plant medicines can help you find the divinity within you, so that you can divinely connect with another.

We are here for you

So, basically, society led us to have the wrong beliefs around sex, making us neglect its sacred power. There are many ways to help you connect with the sacrality of your own self + of an intimate connection with another.

Whether you want to join our community, to feel part of a soul family who aims to grow and discover deeper layers of themselves, or you want to try to connect sex and spirituality, we are here for you. Virtually holding your hand, with the hope you feel inspired and filled with a bright motivating light.

You deserve to own your pleasure and to make sure you truly allow your body to feel it in all its power and the precious gift it is.

May you connect with your Divinity, and with your beloved, in ways you are yet to explore.

We have this one life, and we deserve to live it to the fullest, in all its depth.

[To be continued..]

In deepest service and prayer, from the Strength of All I AM,

Trinity de Guzman & Your Highest Truth


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