This video shares a profound message with the aim to inspire you to say YES to step up when life asks you to.

Staying in the comfort zone is always the easiest choice, allowing you to feel protected by a barrier of avoidance, where you PRETEND everything is fine, instead of going all the way in, to feel it all.

This article has the objective to make you feel seen and heard, motivate you to observe your pain, and live it to the fullest. Only by embracing your darkness you can see the brightest light.

Why is it important to live your soul’s evolution?

We are all souls living a human experience, and part of being human includes suffering, grief, pain and sorrow – it’s never always easy and beautiful, it shouldn’t be that way. We ALL go through something, so if you’re aching at the moment, just know that you’re not alone, and that whatever you’re going through is happening for a reason.

I was inspired to share this message, from my own personal experience of grief – when my beloved decided to take some time off and go on her own journey.


This event presented me with two choices: Stay small or allow my soul to evolve.


  • Stay Small

Staying small is always the easiest choice. Most of the people go for this one, deciding to live in comfort and avoid going all the way through what they are feeling. There is a sense of ease in staying exactly where you are – without taking a leap of faith that might be so terrifying, but so rewarding. Staying small means closing yourself off to opportunities, it means avoiding a really painful journey, but also missing out on a really wonderful destination.

  • Evolve

Evolving is the hardest choice. Only a few are brave enough to live their own evolution, because growth is not easy. This choice happens when you decide to fully live your pain, without missing out even the most burning parts of yourself.


As they say: the comfort zone is a very beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.



It starts from you but it expands to everything else


When you take the strength to grow as an individual, the whole planet can transform as well, creating an incredible domino effect of awakened individuals that are not afraid to step up and make a change to their own life, in order to create waves in the collectiveness, it starts with you.

Imagine if we all do the work, navigating through the abyss of our own selves – each and everyone of us in the world, it could be so incredibly healing and life changing. We never think, though, that in order to make a change in collectiveness, we need to start from ourselves first. When we do conscious work to actively change, we don’t only change ourselves.

I dream this for you, for us, for the world. This is why I do what I do, this is why I share my words and wisdom with you, this why I organise retreats that can literally change someone’s life. I want to make my little difference for myself and for the community. I believe together we can rise, strive, grow, transform, evolve. It starts from you, individually, it starts from the moment you actively decide to make a difference, to make a change within you… but then it will expand to everything else – a butterfly effect of awakened individuals ready to make a conscious difference in the world.

I know, it’s not easy…

The game, and the real challenge, is finding the limits of what you can expand into.
Only when you test your limits, can you truly get the motivation to transform into a better, more awakened and conscious version of yourself.

How connected can you be amiss all the change and the unknown?

True change is painful, as it exists on the edge of discomfort, but courage is not maturity so much its courage is being willing to change when comfort is so easy, and to do it again, and again, riding the ache and the expansion to reach endless growing versions of yourself.

Do you choose?

It’s easy to escape, to avoid, to cover all the feelings that are trying to arise within you – it will always be the most effortless choice. Though, if life is testing you there is a reason, the universe deep down knows that you are capable of overcoming anything that it is given to you, and if you don’t go through all of it, you’re actively choosing to stay stagnant.

Only when you’ll take the leap of faith and change, you’ll be able to truly live your soul’s evolution and you might be surprised to see what will be waiting for you at the end of that journey!

Embody your soul’s journey, allowing yourself to transform – you are here for a reason!

External Help

Some people might be so closed up to feeling their own pain, maybe you are super afraid of sadness, you fear going in within your own feelings. That is totally normal and understandable, but the good news is that there are ways that will help you go deep within your abyss – like plant medicine! Mother Nature truly gave us everything we need, and some of her plants have the magic power of making you die in order to come back to life as a newborn, fresh, lightened version of yourself. When you experience one of our plant medicine retreats, you might not have fun, actually, you might really go through hell… but they say that to enter the doors of paradise you need to pass through hell first, right?

Plant medicine will truly face you with your shadows but only when faced with the darkest parts of you, can you truly embrace your lightest ones.


Never forget that you’re not alone on this journey. We are here to help, support and guide you!

You can watch the video on this topic here, and if you’re willing to receive better guidance, you can check some of our retreats that will truly allow you to go all the way within your pain, and feel all of it. It sounds scary, I know, but it will make you feel so free.

Sending you so much love and light, you have got this!

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[To be continued..]

In deepest service and prayer, from the Strength of All I AM,
Trinity de Guzman & Your Highest Truth


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