Understanding the Kaballah Tree of life

The Kabbalah Tree of life can be utilized as sacred and powerful tool, one that takes the form of a diagram made of 10 different spheres, which are also referred to as ‘sefirot’. . 

Originating from Jewish traditions – The Kabbalah Tree of Life is used to determine and unveil how and why certain energetic themes manifest in our reality in relation to the creative process. 

Are you curious about how creative energy moves and manifests?

Do you wonder about your own creative process – and how to bring things into form?

What about how the Source, Creator, brings things into form? 

Interesting to think about – right?

Well, the Kabbalah Tree of Life as an archetype can serve as a model for how creative energy moves from inspiration into form.

Each sphere, or sefira, is associated with a certain color, number, symbol and sound.

The spheres are along 3 pillars – with each pillar having a specific representation. 

The right-hand pillar is connected to the masculine archetype, and is connected to the energy of mercy – and the left-hand pillar is connected to the feminine principle, and is connected to the energy of severity. The middle pillar represents a balance between the two energies. 

Each sphere, or sefira, is connected to one another through 22 pathways which move and intersect along the tree. 

Each pathway also corresponds to a letter in the Hebrew alphabet. 

They also correlate to astrological, tarot, and planet symbolism.

The energy between the sefira and the pathways represent a relationship between an objective state (the sefira) and the subjective state (the pathways).

It is through states of meditation and focus that the varying states can be explored. 

There are 3 main pathways of symbolism for the interpretation and to understand the Kabbalah Tree of Life.

  • They are connected to the Hebrew letters and symbolism following a particular pattern.
  • The correlation to the astrological signs and the elements of earth, air, fire, and water.
  • The association to the Tarot Trumps.

pathways of symbolism

(Kabbalah Image Credit: From ‘Medium – Introduction to the Tree of Life’)

The Symbols of the 10 Sefirot

This piece is a very important aspect to Understand the Kabbalah Tree of Life. 

Each symbol serves as a representation of the creator – in both seen and unseen form. 

And each sefira serves as a metaphor for understanding the different ways in which the creator manifests themself, to bring the creations to form, as well as a metaphor for the way in which the creator wants the creative energy of us, as in the individuals interpreting the Tree of Life, to be expressed and embodied. 

As well as the way the creator speaks to us through these higher teachings. 

What does the sefirot in the Kabbalah Tree of Life mean?

Keep reading to deeper Understand the Kabbalah Tree of Life. 

Each one represents a different archetype.

This will allow for a better understanding of how those who practice the Kabbalah work and deal with all things involving spiritual matters. And also will give you a better understanding of the different ways to interpret the energy of the creator.


Keter represents that which is untouchable, unknowable. 

Referred to as the crown, it is also the crown on the tree of life. 

It refers to the things which we might experience, or try to understand, but after all, can’t really know.

We can try to grasp it, and we may do so already in many aspects of life. 

But it is there as an understanding of an aspect of reality that exists, yet goes beyond the knowings of the mind. 

It floats above, in order to represent that which is beyond. 

We must ultimately surrender to this – knowing that we can’t possibly know everything, and yet there is so much yet to be known. 

In what ways might the awareness of this otherworldly energy play out in your life?



Chokmah represents wisdom. 

Known as the first instance of conscious intelligence within creation. 

It is connected to the right eye, and the right hemisphere of the brain. 

If you are able to fully focus on harnessing its potential – then Chokham will have two different manifestations. 

The first one is called ‘Abba IIa’ah’ – which is known as the higher father. And the other is ‘Yisrael Saba’, also known as the Elder. 

Your willingness and ability to delve into the many layers of reality, and obtain a deep focus of abstract concepts to the point where you can find the undeniable truth of what you are diving into – is what at the end of the day, will give you the understanding which you need to serve to fuel the primary force of your creative process. 

Because the wisdom of that which you are studying, learning, or diving into  is required before you can fully embody the expression, sharing, and teaching of whatever it is. 

Where have you and are you experiencing this for yourself?

What do you know – unquestionably?



Binah is the understanding of something’s potential. 

You can think of this akin to one’s intuition.

It can be found on the opposite side of the tree.

Binah is associated with the left side of the brain, and the left eye. 

It represents a different kind of understanding. One of which we utilize after we have a more factual and real understanding of something. 

It is the information, the knowledge which comes forth after we have a full comprehension of something. 

The knowing in which we are willing to break the confines as well – expanding from what we think we know in order to open up to what might be. 

Binah has the ability to transform the wisdom we know into something more substantial and powerful than we have previously thought.

This energy embodies more of a feminine principle as it is more aligned with the feminine way of doing things. 

Once this energy has been fully developed, Binah also has two different manifestations. 

‘Imma Ila’ah’ is known as the higher mother – and the lower which is known as ‘Tevunah’, which is known as comprehension. 

Both of which form ‘Imma’, known as mother. 

Where might you be able to invite the space for an intuitive expansion and understanding of your life and whatever you might be creating?



Da’at is at times referred to as an empty space, serving as a resonance and expansion of the wisdom and understanding which come from Chokmah and Binat. 

You can see this energy as a kind of intellectual amplification of the integration between the two sefira above.

An essence of Da’at isn’t necessarily a sefirot on its own, but instead, serves as a symbol for the combination and unification of all of them – in one space. 

In this way, you might be able to look at it as a kind of energetic anchor point. 

It serves to balance the energies of all of them as well – ensuring that the intellectual power of this expression also stays in balance. 

Through this – everything remains in harmony and unison. 

Otherwise, without this energy of Daat, everything moves into chaos and is not able to be held together. 

This is powerful energy to work with to ensure that all aspects of life are remaining in a state of unison. 

What themes in your life might you be able to focus the energy of this sephira to invite more balance and stability overall?



Where the previously mentioned sephira might have more of a mental and intellectual focus…. 

Chesed is most often associated with the themes of love, compassion, and kindness. 

This energy feels much more connected to the heart – and is the first more emotive expression of the sefirot. 

This is the energy that will serve as a healing and loving panacea for the positive transformation of individual and collective energies and influences within our life. 

This energy asks that we care for and provide for those who are in need, support those who might need support, and help others from a place of love – when we have the ability and means to do so. 

All with an emphasis on the healing which happens in community.

How can you bring more energy of the heart into all that you currently do?



This sefira represents the energy of justice. 

It is the righteousness that fuels the ambition to enact the actions of divine law. 

This is about righting the wrongs – and is the Creator’s way of bringing forth justice for the wrongdoings which have been created and done upon the planet and one another. 

This is associated with the energy of fire. 

This is the other side of Chesed – as it is the actions that are required by divine law in order to bring things back into harmony

Many say that Gevurah is your ability to hold back your primal desire to do good upon another when they are unworthy of it and require due punishment. 

This is the ability to calibrate the world as a reflection of divine law and to bring back balance through righting the wrongs. 

Where might you be able to embody the energy of divine justice and healthy boundaries in a conscious and aligned way?



Is the balance between the goodness of Chesed and the justice of Gevurah.

This is the ability to understand where compassion is needed and where justice has its place – bringing balance from a depth and understanding of mercy. 

Because justice and consequences must be in balance with love and mercy in order to truly embody and live from a place of divine resolve. 

It is a part of the middle pillar of the tree – meaning it has the ability to bring the two energies together into one and spread it out throughout the rest of the tree. 

Tiferet is required to keep one’s emotive powers in check – and to connect to the seen and unseen aspects of the creator.

Where in your life might you need to create healthier boundaries around being more compassionate and standing your ground?



Netzach is a representation of eternity. 

It is the perseverance and the endurance of the Creator. 

It also represents an indication of what is happening in the world around you – with the understanding that we don’t see things as they are – but we see them as we are, and see them for what they might lead to.

This one is focused more on man – and the most appropriate way for man to receive the Creator’s knowledge. 

This is the perseverance, resilience and endurance to follow through on your passions. 

This energy is also the ability and leadership to gather those who might support this higher mission into coming to fruition. 

What creations are you taking aligned action towards? 

And do you feel you have the right support to bring them to fruition?



Hod means glory, victory, and majesty. 

It serves as the ability for you to take action in the accomplishment of your goals. 

Hod is often compared to the feet. It is through the hands that tasks are done – but it is the feet that bring us to those tasks.

It is the ability to overcome the problems and obstacles which get in the way of you taking the right action. 

It is the energy that will truly support you in getting things done and in accomplishing your goals. 

Now that you’ve moved into the journey of bringing your dreams into reality – will you continue to put in the effort and have the patience to bring your dreams to fruition?



Yesod represents the foundation. 

It stands for your own foundation, your own understanding, and your ability to know exactly what it is that you are doing. 

It is both your spiritual presence and the energy which you embody in your 3D self. 

Take a look at the foundation which you are in – as this will also support you in the power to change this foundation.

This foundation, your foundation will also give you the foundation to impact the world around you. 

These things are all a part of creation – and you contribute to the creation through whatever it is that you create. And what you create will also change all of that which is around you. 

This foundation within and without is what you are focusing on – in order to expand, evolve, and heal. 

How stable is your foundation? How supportive is your environment? What around you are you contributing to?



Malkuth is the very last of the sefirot – and is also at the very bottom of the tree of life.

This represents the actualization of the spiritual kingdom of the Creator.

The epitome of all which the rest of the tree is ultimately working towards. 

It is the culmination of all of it – as well as the force that changes and transforms everything. 

In the end – this is the powerful fruit brought forth from everything which led us here. 

Can you see and acknowledge the completion of the efforts you have already made – as well as the fruits of your creations?


Using the Kabbalah Tree of Life

As you can see – this tool can serve as a powerful metaphor for the way in which we can use these archetypes and the Kabbalah Tree of Life as a guide for the way in which we move through our own lives, as well as any creative endeavors we might be engaging in. 

You can take time to contemplate the sefirot, study it more in-depth, or even use the symbolism as a tarot spread to support in gaining guidance. 

If you’d like to explore more ways to dive into some of these archetypes and bring balance and healing to some of the things you might be experiencing in your life, check out our sacred plant medicine retreats. 

And if you are interested in connecting with other like-minded individuals who are on a similar path of expansion, healing, and growth – our Global Healing Community is waiting for you. 

In deepest service and prayer, from the Strength of All I AM,

Trinity de Guzman & Your Highest Truth


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