We live in a world that at times, might seem like it is moving a million miles per minute. A world where we also have many obligations which need tending to. A world where we need to pick the children up from school.

A world where we have to meet assignment, or work deadlines. A world where we have to make sure dinner is cooked and the family is fed.


All the meanwhile trying to make time to take care of our mental and emotional health.

If we even have time to fit that piece in – right?

But the piece we so often don’t have the most time for oftentimes ends up being the one that is most vital.

Think about it – mental health and emotional health. It is not only ourselves who are subject to the repercussions of our own stuff. At times, it is also those who are around us who are subject to it as well.

When we aren’t feeling our best – that energy can often ripple onto the things around us as well.

This isn’t to say that we should avoid feeling a certain way, pretend we don’t feel – or feel guilt for our emotions – no, it’s actually quite the opposite.

What would be best for us to consider are the following questions…

1) What do I need to feel better about myself/my life at this point in time?
2) What are some productive, healthy things I could do to ease my nervous system?
3) What do I need right now to calm myself down and relax into my being – regardless of what is happening on the outside?

A similar thing also pertains to our physical health as well – right?

But with this one – we often take it for granted until it is too late – or until our physical needs or discomfort is to the point where we can no longer avoid the thing that needs attention, or needs to be taken care of – whatever it might be.

Taking care of ourselves can be simpler than we might imagine it to be.

Our Connection to Natural Health

The Ever-Present Everything Underneath All of It

Opportunities to access and utilize natural health are all around us – if we are willing to step outside of our comfortable boxes, even if for a moment – to take advantage of it.

In this respect – the importance of nature is something I cannot emphasize enough.



I think that we may tend to take nature for granted – given that for the most part, it is something that always has been and is always abundantly around us.

Of course to some extent, it depends on where you are and where you live – but even considering the simpler treasures, from green grass to shade trees – it is so easy to look past it and not always consider the powerful impact that nature has on us.

Both subtle, and obvious.

Like how the trees literally absorb the co2 that we exhale – and then convert that co2 into oxygen for us to inhale.

Something so simple, mostly invisible – but also so incredibly vital.

Nature is the simplest access to mental health.

We have been trained by society to put the care and support of our health into the ways and techniques which can often err on the side of extravagance.

Extreme dieting, extreme weightlifting, an excessive popping of pills and supplements, etc.

It is not to say that these things are innately bad – it is only to say that these extreme ways are not the only way – and that things don’t need to be 100 miles per hour in order for it to be fast or effective.

It can be subtle, easy, and much more simple.

We often underestimate the importance of natural health – and how the importance of nature connects to our health and wellness overall.

Nature isn’t only significant for the air that we breathe – but also for our mental well being, our peace of mind, and our ability to remember, and reconnect with the power and frequency of nature and the medicine which she provides.

If you would be interested in working with the medicines of nature in a conscious, coordinated, and intentional setting, feel free to check out our retreats here.

Nature works in miraculous ways.

So What Are Some Spiritual Strengths?

It’s almost baffling to understand how powerful nature is as well as the greater impact of which it has on us humans.

Research done on hospital patients who were in recovery from various illnesses, found that the ones who were exposed to sunlight and had a window view looking out onto any kind of nature view, tended to recover faster and feel a greater overall sense of contentment and peace compared to those who did not have a view of nature, or a window in their room.

Nature has the power to:

Improve your overall mood
Reduce tense emotions, stress, and anger
Support you in having downtime
Improve your physical health (going for walks/runs, etc.)
Help you to be more active
Be a reason to support you in getting to connect with more people
Improve your overall confidence and wellbeing

This is just a small example on the importance of nature and how it impacts your natural health.

Nature also has other ways of supporting and healing – such as the methods and modalities which utilize natural and alternative medicines.

Many of these natural health modalities are techniques which have been used for generations amongst many different nations and cultures.

The thing about modern medicine is..

well, I mean..

It’s pretty modern.

Not to say that it hasn’t helped us in a multitude of ways..

…but what did our ancestors utilize before that if not the natural herbs and medicines which were abundantly found – laid out across the lands of which they lived on.

Not only for physical health issues and ailments, but also for mental, emotional, and spiritual health issues as well.

A good example of an age-old medicine which has been used for generations, is Ayahuasca – a sacred brew created from 2 plants which grow abundantly in the Amazon jungle.

This medicine has been used for centuries to support individuals in recalibrating their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

It is still even used nowadays in conscious, intentional settings in order to support individuals experiencing all kinds of issues.

You don’t even need to have a particular issue to take it – but having an intention of why you are working with the medicine from a place of deep reverence, is important.

An intention which allows you to access the depths of yourself through medicine.


Another powerful medicine and natural health tool which can greatly support your wellbeing is San Pedro.

San Pedro, also known traditionally as Huachuma, is a beverage which is made from a cactus. It is a psychedelic medicine that is also great to help to balance and heal various mental and emotional issues.

And finally, another incredibly powerful natural health tool, which is also a psychedelic medicine, is Bufo Alvarius.

This is a medicine which is obtained from the Colorado River/Sonoran Desert toad.

This particular medicine is incredibly powerful in supporting individuals in a multitude of ways – mental, emotional, and spiritual.

It also greatly supports the expansion of consciousness.

Are you looking to explore and work with these medicines in a safe and intentional setting?

Are you curious about how best to work with these natural health tools?

Check out our beautiful retreats here.

And if you’d like to learn more about these medicines overall – check out our other blogs and articles to learn more.

There are an abundance of natural health tools that are available for us to utilize which can support our health, wellness, and state of being.

Those are only a few of which I mentioned above – but the list for different herbs, medicines, and experiences can continue for much longer than this article.

And if you are looking to connect with a community who has also explored the benefits of this aspect of Natural Health – check out our global community here.

Nature is here for us.


It is vital that we make the most of what nature gives us.

The plants, the flowers, the trees, the waterfalls – may we appreciate it all – consciously, lovingly, sustainably.

As I mentioned earlier – it is so easy to take advantage of it when it is so abundant – but if we can really take the time to take advantage (in a healthy way) the abundance of nature which we have been given – we can then really start improving our lives, our health, our well being and our way of living.

We can easily access this by just choosing to do the simple things like:

Going outside for some fresh air
Taking deep conscious breaths
Going to the park
Having a cup of herbal tea
Taking a hike
Getting some natural sunlight
Drinking adequate amounts of water
Visiting a waterfall
Bathing in the ocean

Really refreshing ourselves, our lives, and our inner and outer well being – by accessing the abundance of natural health which we have all around us – as well as understanding the importance of nature and the impact which it has on our lives and our overall well being..

If you are seeking to learn and experience more..

perhaps to connect deeper to nature and its beauty…

as well as a connection to nature’s medicines and the profound healing and transformation which it provides…

Check out our powerful healing retreats here.

[To be continued..]

In deepest service and prayer, from the Strength of All I AM,
Trinity de Guzman & Your Highest Truth


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