Spiritual Strength - What Are Spiritual Strengths?

We have the ability as humans, to embody many different kinds of strengths. 

Mental strengths, emotional strengths, and of course the most obvious physical strength..

…but you don’t hear people too often talking about spiritual strengths. 

What does it actually mean to be spiritually strong, and to have spiritual strengths?

Well… this life comes with various different things that we must deal with, and give our attention to.

We are responsible for managing our own inner world, ensuring that we are mentally sound, that we have the ability to self-reflect, as well as think critically regarding life circumstances and situations. 

To ensure that we allow ourselves the right space to be able to internally process our struggles, and to connect to help and assistance when we might need it. 

We must also manage our physical health as well. 

Ensure we are eating the proper food for our natural disposition, taking the necessary supplements and preventative measures as needed, engaging in proper exercise and while also having a loving mental and emotional rapport with our bodies. 

Yet at the end of the day – when all of the tangible things have been taken care of..

like the health of the body…

the wellness of the mind…

and our very 3d but necessary survival concerns..

like food, shelter, comfort, and our ability to engage in leisurely activities, etc.

Where does the importance of our spiritual health come in?

Does it come after all of the other things have been taken care of?

Does it come before those things?

Or maybe it is moreso very intricately woven into the fabric of all of the other life things – ever so gently, as a nuance of all that is, supporting the potential of what can be, what might be, what is yet to come.

The Ever-Present Everything Underneath All of It

The Ever-Present Everything Underneath All of It

There is another layer of ourselves present within…

Underlying all of the outer stuff which we must put our time and energy into. 

And this is our connection to our spiritual health. 

Our spiritual wellness. 

Our inner world and all of its layers which are ever present throughout ALL of life…


Through the births… the deaths… the wins… the losses… the ebbs and the flows…

It is the thing that is always here ever-pervading… throughout all of it.

So we might ask ourselves – how much energy and attention do we give to this aspect of us?

It is one of the most vital and essential things which we must not only acknowledge, but also foster and actively cultivate. 

Because it is so subtle and nuanced, so refined, and most of the time, invisible – we might try to avoid it, or ignore that it is even there.

But that in and of itself is definitely easier said or thought, than experienced.

Think about it…

how often do we get the things that we want…

the job…

the relationship…

the met goal…

and yet we still feel a sense of emptiness.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that we are ungrateful or that we can’t be satisfied…

not at all. 

It usually just means that there is a deeper part of us…

a deeper aspect of self…

seeking for a deeper sense of fulfillment…

a deeper part of us, seeking for a connection to our spiritual strength.

So What Are Some Spiritual Strengths?

So What Are Some Spiritual Strengths?

Having a strong foundation of spiritual strength is what is going to get you through the hard times in life…

When things start going differently from how we expected – and life starts to take a turn…

when we endure disappointments and challenges…

when we are faced with trials and tribulations…

It is then that we are tested.

Tested in how much deeper we can trust.

Tested in how deeply we can create a stable inner foundation for ourselves regardless of what’s happening on the external. 

Tested in how we actually support ourselves in playing the cards that we are dealt.

Regardless of what the hand looks like.

So what are some spiritual strengths that it would be important for us to foster and cultivate?

Becoming Resilient..

Becoming Resilient..

I know, nobody WANTS to struggle and endure hardship…

Nobody wants to experience challenge after challenge after challenge… right?

Nobody wants to be met with obstacles after obstacle. 



But if we all are to reflect back in our lives, to when we were in those places and those spaces in time…

We might also be able to see that in retrospect, those times were great times of opportunity and expansion. Yeah, perhaps it wasn’t the easiest…

but because of those experiences, we know that we as individuals can get through almost anything in life. 

And those things which we have previously experienced generally serve as an opportunity for us to be able to not only learn, but also build resiliency as we continue on our own life path – taking the risks in order to experience the rewards knowing that we will be able to persevere and keep on going on from having done so many times before.

Practicing Adaptability…

Practicing Adaptability…

Being adaptable is what allows us to really ride each and every wave that life might want to present us with. 

Because the ebbs and flows of life are undeniable.

How often does something turn out totally different than you had expected it to turn out?

Quite often – right?

This doesn’t mean that we won’t be able to get the things our hearts want… we will.

It is just that the how of it can look drastically different than our minds might have imagined it to look.

We can so often mistakenly think that we are on the wrong path when really we are only just being redirected to another way – one which goes beyond what our mind thinks is the right way. 

And that is also – okay!

Being adaptable is what allows us to recalibrate and reevaluate according to the mysterious, yet natural flow of life as it is present to us. 

Being adaptable is what allows you to find different ways of doing things, allowing for more openness of possibilities, many times allowing us to access a greater potential than we could have previously imagined.

Practicing Openness…

Practicing Openness…Openness allows us to let go of any tight expectations of what we think we should look/do/be like, what we think others should look/do/be like, and what we think life should look, do and be like, as well.

It allows us to be a little bit more permeable, a little less constricted, and much more accepting of the things in which we can’t control, which oftentimes, is quite a lot. 

Yet, this ultimately brings us to the awareness of what we can control. 



Which is ourselves

Openness lets us stay open to those aspects of us, the parts of self, which we don’t even know about yet. 

The hero, the king, the queen, the mother, the father, the versions of us which we have yet to encounter.

Rather than staying so strongly fixed to a particular identity – by staying open, we allow ourselves to more easily transform into the version of ourselves which is innate in its own unfolding.

Finding Your Center & Staying Connected to it.

Finding Your Center & Staying Connected to it.

This is such an incredible, powerful spiritual strength. 

Having the ability to connect with your center – or not, can really make or break so many of the experiences which we have to encounter in life. 

Especially the more challenging ones. 

Having an ability to connect with our center means to have an ability to connect to a deep inner reference point which allows us to be deeply connected to something else

something more present…


and reliable…

Rather than the fleeting things which we might often attach to which are outside of ourselves, 

staying deeply connected to our center means that we have the ability to be present with a deep, inner true part of ourselves, despite external circumstances. 

This isn’t just good for our own sense of security and wellness…

but also for our ability to most efficiently interact and engage with what is happening to us externally as well.

When we maintain our connection to our center in all circumstances and situations, we are also ensuring that we have a solid reference point for us to engage from – which makes all the difference. 

Being connected to our center also allows us to be able to take more risks and chances without being too concerned about being at the whim of all of the things which might happen externally.

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Being Able to See from a Higher Scope.

Being Able to See from a Higher Scope.

Sometimes, It is easier than not to have tunnel vision in life. 

To have such a narrow scope of vision that we easily lose the big picture reality that we are envisioning for ourselves. 

To have our eyes, and our focus, on one singular thing that we forget… 

forget why we made the choice to be where we are…

why we chose the path that we are on…




why we even decided to do the thing to begin with.

Usually the reason is greater than the simple, almost mundane thing, which we might find ourselves having to do while engaging in the path towards our goals. 

This is why it is so important for us to ensure that we take moments – to zoom out, and see the bigger picture.

To be willing to see ourselves and our life circumstances – from a greater perspective. 

To take some space every now and again to tap into our deeper, and greater, why.

Seeing from this birds-eye perspective can help to refine our motivation and how we output our energy.

It allows us to go from worrying and being concerned about the little things – to being grounded in and anchored by a higher perspective of why we are doing what we are doing. 

Seeing the bigger picture also allows us to have much more acceptance and understanding when we encounter any of life’s hiccups and challenges as well. 

By taking on this perspective we will have more patience, compassion, and understanding overall..

as the bigger picture view helps us to keep an eye on what really matters.

Supporting Your Own Individuation…

Supporting Your Own Individuation…Yes, of course, Underneath all of it. We are all indeed one. 

One consciousness supporting the underlying foundation of everything that is. 

And – in order to really contribute to our path…

to our purpose…

to what we are here to do on this planet as individuals…


It is so important, for the sake of our spiritual strength – for us to also embody and cultivate our spiritual sovereignty. 

This means that we are fully connected to who we are – our strengths and weaknesses, our gifts, talents, and the source of our triggers, in a way which really allows us to hold ourselves to a strong individuated sense of self to support us in the life choices, decisions, and the actions that we take. 

Being a unique individuated being means that we have a strong spiritual connection to our higher self – the aspect of our consciousness which intuitively knows the highest decisions and truths to for us to ascribe to.

The Things Which Support Your Sense of Feeling Connected.

The Things Which Support Your Sense of Feeling Connected.

Connecting is such an implicit need for all humans to experience. 

Even if you like to be alone and think that you actually don’t need connection.

If you can stare at your phone for hours at a time – you are still seeking connection. 

Connection to stimulation. Connection to entertainment. Connection to something outside of yourself. 

And cultivating a healthy connection is such an essential part of spiritual strength. 

Connection to our friends and family. Connection to our pets. Connection to our purpose. Connection to a sense of something greater than ourselves. 

Connection to God. Connection to a higher consciousness. 

Do you find yourself often looking for a conscious, intentional space and place to experience a deeper sense of connection?

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Do you see how important it is to have a solid sense of spiritual strength

These are just a few of the ways to embody this energy.

What are some other spiritual strengths that you have had to cultivate which have not been previously mentioned here?

What spiritual strengths do you already have – which you might have forgotten about until you read this?

Sending grace, a remembrance of your sovereignty, and deep access to your spiritual strength.

[To be continued…]

In deepest service and prayer, from the Strength of All I AM,
Trinity de Guzman & Your Highest Truth


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