This video gives you a new view on death & rebirth, comparing it to the beauty of the spring equinox.

Nature & its cycles

Nature is not different from us. In fact, if we sit and observe nature, throughout all its cycles, we can understand so much more of ourselves. In the end, if we truly notice everything in life, we can come to the conclusion that nothing is different from us – and that we really are one.

In fact, just like us, nature works in cycles, which are distinguished by seasons: winter, autumn, spring and summer. Each season has a particular trait and a very fundamental role on Earth and on its evolution.

Without summer, winter wouldn’t exist, and even if many of us might dislike the coming of winter with its dullness and greyness, we have to admit that without winter, the beauty of spring would not subsist.

Think about the spring equinox – probably one of the most reviving and happy moments of the year. It’s the bridge between winter and spring, when nature moves from death to life.

Winter is dull, lazy, grey. Winter has a deathly energy, leaving the trees bare and the flowers gone. Winter makes people sleep more and go out less. Winter might be sad at times, nostalgic, and introverted.

But then comes spring, with her aliveness. Spring comes with flowers, colours, vibrant green leafs, longer, warmer, sunny days and happier spirits. Spring is coming back to life – it’s the rebirth.

Without the dullness of winter, would we even be able to appreciate the vibrancy of spring?

Without the coldness of winter, would we even be able to appreciate the warmth of spring?

Without death, could we even be reborn?


So, don’t you think that we go through the exact same?

Our human cycles are truly not disparate from the natural ones. There are times when all we have to live is death. Our soul will die over and over again throughout our human existence – it’s a continuous occurrence and something we really cannot escape from. We need to die, in order to live. We need to die, in order to evolve.

No, we definitely cannot escape from our “inner winter”, from the cyclic death of the soul. Though, we can learn to observe it, understand and recognize it.

Without our inner death, we cannot rebirth, nor transform into the individuals we are meant to be.

Observing the importance of nature is inspiring not only because it is a mirror of our human cycles, but also because through nature’s evolution we are given some really important lessons, such as:

  • Only when you allow things to die, you can truly give space to the new

Winter allows the natural cycle of the leaves to end, letting them die, leaving the trees naked so that spring can plant seeds and make them bloom into their most colourful, alive versions. If the winter’s trees didn’t leave space for spring, how could the seeds ever bloom?

Don’t be scared of death – when something dies, something new is being planted.


  • Practise the ability to let go

Letting go is hard, oh so hard! It’s definitely easier said than done, but humans have this incredible ability to find attachment in everything. We get attached to places, people, stuff, clothes, objects.

Attachment can be really negative, because it doesn’t allow people to truly be free, on the contrary, it makes them dependent on something or someone. Nature teaches us that by letting go of what is no longer serving, we can attract new, beautiful and powerful possibilities.

Observing nature with a deeper, more understanding heart, can be life changing and really motivating. It can be the most concrete example of how death can lead into a beautiful path, and how we should not be scared of it.

I know that death can sound terrifying, but it’s indispensable in order to evolve.

Our retreats are all based on death and rebirth experiences, we work with plant medicines that will allow you to go to places within yourself that have always been there but you might have always been too scared to visit.

Our retreats will take you to those “scary” places, but I can assure you that they will take you back as a brand new version of yourself ready for a whole new chapter of your life.


Whenever you feel too scared to go through those depths, think about nature!

If you ever need any guidance or support in your transforming journey, just know that we’re here for you!

May you embrace the incredible power of Mother Nature, now and forever! 

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[To be continued..]

In deepest service and prayer, from the Strength of All I AM,
Trinity de Guzman & Your Highest Truth


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