This article is an offering to Mother Nature’s power, enclosing facts about the importance of nature and how to practise natural health in your everyday’s life. These words are for you if you’re willing to incorporate a healthier and more natural way of living.

Natural health – how to incorporate a raw way of living

Mother Nature –  the guiding force of creation, the creator of forests, rivers, oceans and soil that provide us with the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat in order to survive. Mother Nature is a primal energy in this world, without which we wouldn’t be able to live, as we depend on her for our life, health and prosperity.

This article is an offering to the incredible power of nature, while giving you insight on its importance and precious role in our lives. If you’re interested in incorporating a raw way of living through natural health then this article is for you!

The importance of nature

Have you ever thought about the importance of nature?

We take for granted the oxygen given by the trees, the warmth gifted by the sun and the nourishment donated by the soil.

When was the last time you connected with nature to truly express gratitude and appreciate everything she has given?

The human race is surrounded by this immense source of creation and most of the time forgets to value it or to connect with its endless power, forgetting that we are nature itself and if we do not connect with this primal force, we can disconnect from our authentic nature and our soul.

The five elements

The five elements: air, water, earth, fire and space are not only present all over nature and the Earth, but also within all of humanity,animals and living beings. We are not separate from nature, if we carefully observe the outside world as well as the inner one.

Air – from the trees to our lungs. We breathe in nature and we become air too.

Water – not only do we need it for clarity and freshness to our skin, 60% of our bodies are made of water too.

Earth – from the soil, to our body’s fuel, giving us living energy through the food we eat.

Fire –  the sun’s temperature keeps our body warm and alive, giving us the energy we need. 

Space – without space the combination of the elements could not combine into oneness. 

We are the combination of nature’s elements.

Nature heals

Nature heals in infinite ways, three of the main ways to find healing through the environment are:

  • Being in nature
  • Eating natural food
  • Experiencing plant medicine

Being in nature

Simply being in nature can have countless advantages such as reducing anger and fear, it can have a significant impact on stress and anxiety too. It is statistically proven that people who live in the city are more likely to have anxiety.

Walking, staring, being in nature can be one of the most effective medicines and making nature time a priority can be life changing in your day to day life. Besides the health advantages, spending time in nature can also help you look at the world through different lenses. 

Nature is vast and filled with wonderful spectacles. Being on top of a huge mountain can truly make you realise how small you are in such a big world. Nature has this crazy power of making you feel invincible yet almost meaningless too, making us wonder how minimal we are compared to the creation.

Staring at the strong water force of a waterfall can make you observe this world in awe, allowing you to be in awe of the simple things in life. Nature can truly make you disconnect in order to connect, going back to the appreciation of a primal power that we had forgotten until then. Why stare at the phone when there are suns setting, mountains awaiting and oceans to dip into?

I can assure you that if you make being in nature a priority, or incorporate it in your day to day life, your life will intensely change for the better. Whether you decide to have daily walks in parks, make watching the sunset an everyday plan, find ways to daily connect with a water source… it will create an intensely positive impact in your life!

Eating natural food

Natural health can be found through eating natural food too. Food is our fuel, what we put in our body we become. Unfortunately, due to consumerism, we got used to feeding our body with toxic, unhealthy, low energetic food that doesn’t serve our highest good. They satisfy our taste, while forgetting to feed our soul.

The importance of nature can be also found in the way you nourish your body. Start connecting with it deeply, listening to its needs and feeding it with the freshest vegetables, fruits and anything that makes you feel alive and revitalised – food is not supposed to make you feel sleepy, lazy, heavy… it’s supposed to make you vibrate higher, giving you the energy and fuel needed to be your highest, most inspired self. Remember that what you eat you become… What do you mindfully choose to become? 

Experiencing plant medicine 

The importance of nature can expand in so many ways. Besides connecting with the environment and the beautiful treasures that Mother Nature has donated to us, there are several other ways we can experience natural health.

Nature has given us everything we need in order to heal: from the bees’ honey, to the soothing mint, to the calming chamomile, to the life changing experience donated by psychedelics.

Through plants we find all kinds of medicines for all kinds of pain. Think about a problem, whether physical or psychological, you name it and Nature will have the cure for you!

Some life changing plant medicines are: psilocybin, mushrooms, ayahuasca, San Pedro, bufo. Natural health can be found in these plant medicines (and more) as they activate serotonin receptors on brain cells in a way that reduces the energy needed for the brain to switch between different activity states.

It is statistically proven that the substance held within these plant medicines has positive effects in the healing process of depression, anxiety, mood disorder, traumas and more.

There are so many different plant medicine retreats that truly have the power to change a person’s life to the better. Nature voyages to the depths of your core allowing you to find yourself in the profundity of your own spirit. 

The importance of nature and to take care of the environment

Pollution, plastic, global warmth… How many problems are we causing?

Being disconnected from nature is not only bad for our health, body and spirit… it is also terrible for the collective, for the future of our planet and our future generations.

When we experience a connection with nature, not only we better the connection with ourselves, we also learn how to protect and value this force’s magic. Through taking care of mother nature we heal – not only ourselves, but we help protect the time ahead too.

Participating in a plant medicine retreat, spending time in nature, connecting with like minded souls, are all ways to observe, embrace and appreciate the divine power of nature. Only by appreciating its truest gifts can we begin to take care of them.

What would we be without nature?

Where would we be?

Could we even exist?

If we keep on taking this power for granted, we will stop existing as we are, sooner than we think. Only by connecting with this force can we understand its massive power and actively do something to make a change.

  • Imagine a world where we deeply connect with each other and with a massive power that we have forgotten.
  • Imagine a world of harmony and connection.
  • Imagine a world where we listen to our soul’s whispers in order to create a positive impact.
  • Imagine a world where nature and humans are not separate beings, but they merge into oneness embracing their power.

Can you imagine? We have the power to make it happen!

If nature hurts we hurt too, don’t just do it for the planet, do it as an act of self love for yourself and love for your family and friends.

Let’s connect and make a change

We truly believe that through natural health and the understanding of the importance of nature we can create a ripple of positive change!

Through our words, our retreats, our community we hope to inspire you to reconnect with your immense power plus the infinite one of Mother Nature.

May we rise! 

To be continued..]

In deepest service and prayer, from the Strength of All I AM,
Trinity de Guzman & Your Highest Truth


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