In this video, you will have a greater understanding of how to persevere and find the light through any of life’s challenges. This article will guide you to open your eyes to the gifts of change.

If you are in the process of transforming loss into light, and embracing change, may the transmission of these words plant the sacred seeds which will support you in embracing the loss that comes with the transience of being in human form, and allow the continual bloom from the fruits of transformation.

Transforming Loss is something many of us on the planet are having to experience right now. 

Change has always been a constant, but the current times are calling for more grace and resilience from all of us. 

At times, our natural human inclination during such times is to evade the pain of loss, and/or run to that which is pleasurable, and avoid the embracing of change.

Which makes sense, because we all want to feel good – right?

But the thing about this is that regardless of how natural it may seem to escape loss, those behaviors often keep us in a state of survival.

We begin racing towards what we feel will satiate the void we feel within, while running from the thing deep within which might actually be our pathway towards true freedom and sovereignty. 

And on the other end of the extreme, we may deepen into the attachment while ruminating in the stagnation in an attempt to avoid change. 

In order to release ourselves from the self-imposed shackles and societal constructs keeping us from this liberation – we must be willing to lean into any fear of loss which we may experience, while embracing change, and allow ourselves to go deeper into the innate transformation which arises through the space created by the loss. 

Because whether we see it or not, we can transform the loss, and realize that there is always a bright side. 

When we can see the embodiment of our experiences as energy, we can understand that releasing, and letting it go, will allow it to transform into something else, something new.

These words are coming from my own perspective of experiencing a deep loss. Which was a powerful opportunity for me to transform loss and dive into that which was coming up during this time. 

It was an opportunity for me to understand the process of transforming loss, in order to truly uncover the gifts and bright side.

I had to ask myself:

What exactly is this?

Why is this here?

What is it trying to communicate to me?

Going into these feelings allowed me to uncover the wisdom which you are now receiving through reading these words.

They gave me the wisdom to see the light and step into embracing change. 

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Change is Quickening as Global Consciousness is Rising

Transform Wounds into Wisdom //Transforming Loss Embracing Change

The collective awakening currently occurring raises the frequency of the form which resides on this planet.

So many humans on this planet are experiencing the fear of loss as they move towards the natural evolution of transformation while embracing change.

It is calling us deeper into our own alignment, into sacredness, and into community. 

The acceleration of this transformation, the quickening, is calling for all of us to release the fear of loss with more speed than ever before – as we step into the frequency of what the present energies and the planet are calling forth within us as individuals, and as a collective.

Yet, if we really allow ourselves to feel into what is present, while seeing it from a greater perspective, we will know that nothing is actually lost.

As physics conveys, energy is neither created nor destroyed – it only transforms. And the same goes as well, in our human experience. 

In this way, you can see that really, nothing is ever lost. 

Take a moment to let those words set in. 

This applies to all things in our lives – it could be our career, our relationships, our homes, and our inner aspects of self. 

Anything which we’ve dedicated a significant amount of time and energy to.

And when we realize that none of this is actually being lost, but only transformed, we are able to have a much easier relationship with the entire process and learn to harmonize with transforming loss while embracing change.

Through this greater perspective, we can then embody more curiosity and wonder – as we remain gently, curiously wide-eyed open, to that which is yet to arise and enter our present reality. 

This shifting will allow for much more ease and grace for the expediency of the transformation of loss, as we trust in that which is meant to be, knowing that there will be a bright side.

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We are Always Moving Deeper Into Our Evolution


As we move through time and space, the greater workings are always moving towards constant order and harmony towards our evolution. 

Towards the order of consciousness, order of frequency, order of what is truly aligned with the heart and spirit. 

And when we can move through the pain of the transformation from a place of deeper trust, deeper surrender, and a deeper open heart…

When we can ask..

What is here for me to learn?

How is this experience serving me?

What am I here to receive through making space for this?

When we can allow the release of the bonds that keep us in attachment…

When we stop hoping and wishing for that which is gone to come back…

We can give ourselves a chance to really see the doors that are open for us.

We can give ourselves a chance to really open to what might be in store for us – that which may be currently unfathomable – that which is beyond words and the projections of our mind.


The Illusion of the Fear of Loss


The Illusion of the Fear of LossWe fear loss because we think that we are alone. 

We fear loss because we forget that we are infinitely taken care of.

We fear loss because we think that if we lose something then our sense of security is in danger.

But when we connect deeper with this infinite life force which connects our lives – we can remember…

Remember that we are always being guided, led, moved into only higher and more beautiful realities, when we allow ourselves to transform through the loss, birthing into the bright side of our reality. 


Trusting in the Path Forward


Trusting in the Path Forward // Transforming Loss Embracing Change

May the transmission of these words support you in your opening. May they blossom within your consciousness and be a catalyst for you to allow the release of that which is no longer serving and guide you to a greater expansion of your trust and connection with this greater divine force.

Ask yourself – what might you be resisting?

You have the answers deep within you.

Allow this awareness into your reality – so you can shift and choose where you create from.

Not a place that is avoiding pain, or from a place that is fearing loss, but from an inspiration for something greater.

And an uncovering of what that is for you…

What are you inspired to do?

What comes through you when connected to the higher vision of this guiding light?

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Sending gratitude, love, and grace for your process, and for the expansion of any fear as it transforms any loss into inspiration.

With SO much love, so grateful to help support you in this journey of a lifetime,

Now, is your time..

[To be continued..]


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