Dark Feminine Energy vs Light Feminine Energy – 7 Ancient Keys Revealed (WARNING: Controversial…)


Dark Feminine Energy vs Light Feminine Energy

In this article, you will learn how to overcome the challenges of money, love, and ultimately, how to create balance within, so you can stop getting in your own way, to finally create and LIVE the REASON you are here on this Planet…

Warning: This is a Highly Controversial Article.

What you will find below, will pose new concepts around Feminine Energy, and will provide priceless prompts to help you see WHERE YOU STAND, in your own Self-Worth, and ultimately, how to EMBODY the Highest Potential of what Feminine Energy IS, in human character. To show you a PATH to Your Highest Truth, by bringing to light to what many are not willing to speak about…

As women, it is easy to get lost in the world of “financial stability”, when all you want is this deeper inner peace and freedom from it all…

In this article, you will learn powerful keys that have been passed down from the Ancients; for generations we’ve been taught by our elders, and those who’ve walked before us, and this article is here to help you learn how to have an easier time in Life, by understanding and balancing your feminine Energy.

How to BALANCE Your Feminine Energy for More STABILITY, Inner Peace and FREEDOM in Life

*A 4-Video Guide to Heal Your Self-Worth, Overcome Fear and Finally LIVE The LIFE You’ve Come Here To LIVE
A 4-Video Guide to Heal Your Self-Worth, Overcome Fear and RECLAIM Your POWER in the World
A 4-Video Guide to Heal Your Self-Worth, Overcome Fear and Walk Your TRUTH with CLARITY & Direction

Dark Feminine Energy vs Light Feminine Energy

First, we need to look at WHAT IS “dark feminine energy” vs “light feminine energy”?

By first understanding this, it will help you to:

1. Gauge where you are, and –

2. Show you where to create more balance (by seeing where you’ve been imbalanced)

Plus, at the end of this article, we will share powerful next steps for how we can help you turn this into real change in your life.

Dark Feminine Energy – “Good vs Bad”

Dark Feminine EnergyFirst, let us look at this idea of “dark feminine energy” from this old context of “good and bad”.

There is NO “good” or “bad” energy, there is simply what is SUPPORTIVE or NOT SUPPORTIVE in your Life.

When you look at What You Want, and what is most important to you… (ie, what do you want to create more of in your life?)

Then, there are either energies that are SUPPORTIVE or NOT SUPPORTIVE.

In this article, you will see an in-depth list of how Feminine Energy can manifest within you, and express itself through your human character. By learning this,

you will be able to see more clearly:

– What do you want to keep?
– What do you want more of?
– What do you want to let go of?

So, let these questions run in the background of your consciousness, as you continue to read through this article…

Dark Feminine Energy – Understanding “Darkness”

Darkness is simply that which has no Light.

Light, being Consciousness; Awareness.

So, throughout the infinite spectrum of Creation, there is nothing “good or bad”, or even “dark or light”…

There is simply: Light, and the absence of Light.

Consciousness; and the absence of Consciousness.

When we look at “dark feminine energy”, we need to recognize that these are simply manifested levels of human character, that have “not yet been refined”.

Meaning, they are raw, crude, “dark”, and the process that you walk as a Conscious Soul on this planet, is to FIND the “unrefined” parts of your character, and to REFINE THEM.

To POLISH THEM. To grow, in such a way, where you bring LIGHT and CONSCIOUSNESS to the parts of you that you have not yet in the past.

This is why it is so valuable for you to read this article, because by looking at the countless EXAMPLES of “dark feminine energy” and “light feminine energy”, you can see where you stand in this this all.

The Dark vs The Light
Understanding Its All One

Imagine –

God/Great Spirit/The Universe, before anything was manifest…

Created the entire physical plane to be able to EXPERIENCE ITSELF.

From every perspective, and point of view possible.

To have EVERY experience possible, the “Light and Dark” was created.

And Unity, became Duality.

From here, the Singular Focus of Consciousness expandeded into Two.

And now, we have separation. We have opposition. We have “good and bad”; “light and dark”…

But at the CORE, it is ALL the Same Truth.

And it is a Sacred Play that the Divine is PLAYING with ITSELF… To be able to EXPERIENCE the INFINITE POSSIBILITY that exists…

SO –

When we recognize that it is ALL the same SOURCE that is pulling the strings behind it all… We can recognize that the idea of “light and the dark”, are simply here to TEACH US…

And SHOW US, how we can EVOLVE.

The very purpose of the “opposition” or “duality” that exists, is to be the CATALYST for change…

For, without this, this “Game that God plays with itself” wouldn’t be as FUN… It’ll simply be “too easy”.

Why Does This Matter?
A Closer Look at “Darkness

A Closer Look at “DarknessWhen we recognize this, and we zoom out for a moment to see that the whole IDEA of “light and dark”, is here to simply HELP US in our Journey…

Then, we can recognize, the broader purpose of all that exists.

And this path of looking at “dark feminine energy” vs “light feminine energy” really comes down to one thing:

How can you bring more LIGHT to the Darkness – or Unconsciousness – that you hold within you?
Because remember –


Just places within you, that you have not yet brought Light, or more so, AWARENESS.

The Purpose of This Article

Together, we will help you to cultivate more AWARENESS, CONSCIOUSNESS and LIGHT… into the parts of you that maybe you havn’t even realized exist. So that you can Balance Your Feminine Energy, and unlock whole new levels of what is possible for you in this world.

This article isn’t here to simply satisfy mental curiosity, but above all, to act as a guide for you on the path of ever-expanding Self-Awareness, Healing and Spiritual Evolution.

What Do You Judge About Yourself?

We ALL have parts of ourselves that we don’t like.

Parts that we still judge, or think are “wrong”…

Habits, addictions, personality traits, that we’ve tried so hard to “change”.

But what if, the Answer to “healing these parts of you”, doesn’t come from PUSHING HARDER?

What if…

The real healing comes from a new level of self-acceptance, self-love, and pondering the question…

“Even if this part of me never changes… could I still love myself?”

Stop. And take that in.

Really feel the power in that question.

Even IF the parts of you that you “judge so much” NEVER change…

Could you STILL love yourself, for who you are?

(Not who you “wish” you could be?)

4 Keys to Healing Our Deeper Wounds

These are the True Keys to HEALING – or more so – INTEGRATING and BALANCING your Feminine Energy, so that you can be more Happy, Full, FREE and at Peace in the world…

Together, we are here to walk with you on a journey, through not only this article, but this free 4-day video course, and ultimately, our retreats in Mexico, to create REAL change in your life…

Because change happens in these THREE Simple Steps:

1. The AWARENESS of what needs to be changed (This article)

2. The DESIRE to want to change it (This is on YOU)

3. The HEALING of the deeper energetic wounds at the root (Which, we are ultimately here to walk with you through)

4. The GROUNDING of new traits/habits/ways of living (This comes automatically, after the three steps above…)

So, let’s go into the FIRST STEP of this all: AWARENESS…

Where is YOUR balance of “dark feminine energy” vs “light feminine energy” within you?

7 Key Archetypes of Feminine Energy
– Learning From Our Past

Feminine EnergyOver the coming paragraphs, you’ll discover 7 Key Archetypes that EMBODY feminine energy.

An Archetype is: “a very typical example of a certain person or thing.”

And each of these “Archetypes” have both a “light feminine energy” and a “dark feminine energy” which we will clearly outline and define below.

As you read on, remember to see where any of these examples of feminine energy exist within you, and really ask yourself:

Which of these personality traits do you want to HEAL?

Which of these personality traits do you want MORE OF in your Life?

Your Greatest Challenge IS Your Greatest Strength

As we go into both the dark feminine energy and light feminine energy…

Recognize, that your Greatest CHALLENGE in life… That which you struggle with MOST… Is REALLY the seeds to your Greatest STRENGTH in this lifetime.

“On the other side of your Greatest Challenge, is Your Greatest STRENGTH In Life”

And as you learn to overcome your greatest obstacles within, you open the doors for truly your greatest POWER in this Life…

As you bring BALANCE to the Dark and Light within, we become true MASTERS of this Reality, to create ANY life that we choose to Live.

How to Look at The Archetypes Below

For all Archetypes there is what is called the “shadow side” or the “dark side” of the Archetype, which is essentially the potential negative traits.

And the “light side” or the “positive aspects” of the Archetype; which shows the highest potential of what we can live as, and embody, as we live as the expression of this energy in the world.

We’ll go into both, for each Archetype below…


The SeductressIn it’s shadow aspect, the Seductress shows us where the energies of MANIPULATION or SELFISHNESS manifest within us. The Seductress uses her Sexuality, her looks, her feminine energy to get what she wants.

But this isn’t the only way the Dark Feminine Energy of Manipulation or Selfishness is experienced. Often times, without knowing it, She makes decisions that hurt those around her, and only finds out after the wake of her decisions…

Selfishness is often found, when we are so busy “chasing” something, that we forget to honor the Personal relationships that actually matter to us, deep inside.

We often feel like “we have to,” (in order to simply survive in a system designed for us to LOSE) and we get so busy with this idea of money, financial stability, or “success”, that we actually lose sight of what matters most.

It is rarely done on purpose, that we take actions that are actually manipulative or selfish in nature…

To see where this can show up in your life, let me ask you:

– Where have you “dropped” people; relationships, friends, or family, because you were “too busy” or too deeply immerse “in your own process”?

– Where did you have no capacity to give to others, because you were too focused on what you wanted?

– Where do you feel like you need to “make it” in the world, that leads you to treat people as objects to “get ahead”?

– Where have you accidentally hurt or neglected others, and only found out after, as they tell you how your actions impacted them?

When we look to the Archetypes, they are teachers for us to see where certain traits manifest within us.

Here, we look at where our “busy-ness” or need to “succeed or make it” in the world, makes us blind to the needs and emotions of others, and where our own self-interest can lead to us hurting others.

Where does this show up in your life?

And how does this give you awareness for what you want to keep or change in the character of your personality?

For every Archetype we share here, there is both the Dark Feminine Energy, or the shadow aspects, and also the Positive…

Light Feminine Energy:

The Seductress also shows us where you can be EMPOWERED in your Sexuality, Sensuality, your beauty, your body… A connection to your Creativity, that manifests itself through how you MOVE, and your Creative Expression in the world.

Where you do still judge these parts of you…? Your sexuality, sensuality, your body…

For you are Beautiful, Perfect and Whole – NO MATTER what you “look like” or what you “think about yourself”…

The Truth is, you are a perfect manifestation of Feminine Energy, Light and Dark; that you are here to learn how to ACCEPT all that you are, and bring BALANCE to it all…

Especially your Sexual energy, where much healing is needed for the Feminine Energy on a Collective level… (We are here to help you heal and balance this, as a central focus)

So let us ask you:

– What do you still judge about yourself, and not accept, as a part of who you are?

– How can you ACCEPT WHO YOU ARE, in ALL YOU ARE, as sensual, sexual, feminine expression, manifest in the world?

– Where do you still feel like you are “ashamed of who you are”… leading to low self-esteem or self-belief?

This, is something we are ALL here to learn.

To embrace WHO WE ARE, and NOT be afraid to SHINE YOUR LIGHT, in the unique expression of all you are.

How to BALANCE Your Feminine Energy for The Deepest Self-Worth, Self-Love and Personal POWER & FREEDOM in Your Life

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A 4-Video Guide to Transform Your Self-Image and Finally LIVE Your TRUTH with CLARITY & Direction

Dark Feminine Energy:

The ProstituteIn her Shadow Aspects, the Prostitute teaches us where we buy into the idea that women are just sexual objects. She believes that this is her only worth, and doesn’t see her greater gifts, beyond what society has placed unto her.

This commonly manifests by BURYING EMOTIONS, and LYING TO ONESELF. To not be True to YOU. The Prostitute, is an amplified example of someone who sells her sexuality and body, and more so, is not connected to her Deeper Truth.

This collective fear of “not having enough”, leads people to deny their own truth, their own heart, and make decisions that are solely for money, from fear, as opposed to stepping into one’s Highest Truth, with Confidence and Trust in the Bigger Picture, and where you are LEAD by Spirit.

This fear of money, this fear of not enough, stops the Feminine from believing in herself. There is a deep lack of SELF-WORTH, that is manifested in this Archetype.

While this is a blown-up depiction of the Dark Feminine Energy, the way this manifests in our lives is actually very common.

So, let me ask you:

– Where have you disconnected from your Heart?

Your Truth? And do not follow what’s really TRUE to You, because of a lack of true Self-Worth?

– Where do you make decisions, rooted in the scarcity or fear around money or “not having enough”?

– Where do you “sell your Soul”, and push aside your deeper Values for “making it” in the world?

– Where do you lie to yourself, and ignore your deeper calling, because of this idea of having to “survive” in this money-driven society?

These are all different questions, to help point to where we SELL OURSELVES to lower values, when in Truth, we must learn to really ACCEPT who we are, and HONOR our own Self-Worth, even if that means a “harder path”.

There is only one way to True Freedom, and that is when you set aside the fear of not enough, to walk YOUR Highest Truth in the world. (Don’t know what that is yet? Then start here.)

Light Feminine Energy:

The Prostitute, even though it’s easy to think only of the Dark Feminine Energy associated with it, also teaches us some valuable VIRTUES that we can all bring more deeply into our life.

She embodies a SHAMELESSNESS and complete AUTHENTICITY. An acceptance of the Light and the Dark. The Divine and the Animal. The Sacred and the Vulgar. Embracing Sexuality, and your BODY…

Recognizing it is all God. It is all Divine. One is not “better” or “more sacred” than the other. And She invites us to LOOK at where we still JUDGE sexuality as “wrong”.

Sexual Energy is one of the most pure, sacred, powerful, abundant and easily accessible TOOLS that we can use for our own Liberation. That we have been taught by our society to JUDGE more than anything.

We are confused by our society, with Sexuality being so prominent in media and television, yet so much “wrong” associated with sexuality, or having sexual desires and interactions.

This is one of the most NATURAL forces that exist within us, and IMMENSE POWER can be unleashed and revealed to us through healing our own perceptions of Sexuality, Sensuality, our Bodies, and how we look at ourselves…

The Prostitute, as Light Feminine Energy, shows us the importance of being TRUE to ourselves. Choosing our Highest Calling over financial security, and above all, to EMBRACE the LIGHT and DARK within…

For there is no “darkness”, only parts of ourselves that we still do not accept.

And the Prostitute SHOWS US, where we need to heal our own relationship with all we still judge, deeply about ourselves…

– What do you JUDGE about yourself, and do not yet accept as a Natural part of Who You Are?

– Where are you still ashamed about your sexuality, your desire, your body, and the ANIMAL IMPULSES that exist within you? (Which are perfectly natural, sacred and perfect…)

– Where do you need to HEAL this deeper feeling of SHAME or GUILT, to be who you are?

We ALL have parts of ourselves we still believe are “wrong” or “dark”… that maybe we wouldn’t tell anybody about…

But in reality, it is ALL OF THIS that is a SACRED part of what makes you YOU. Nothing wrong. Only Perfect Divine Source, manifest as YOU, in ALL that you are.

And your path, is ultimately, to learn to ACCEPT YOURSELF, love yourself, and see beyond the societal programming that has made you feel wrong, for being, and wanting, what you do…

Dark Feminine Energy:

THE VICTIMThe Victim, in her Shadow Aspects, shows us where we believe that “life happens TO us”…

Rather than taking ACCOUNTABILITY for all that you’ve experienced and lived… the Victim holds on to this idea that “she’s been hurt”, and “people can’t be trusted”.

When the Victim is present, “it’s never your fault”, and you believe that people are here to “take advantage of you”.

Of course, if this is your belief, then you manifest the evidence for this to be true in your life. For whatever you believe, you will create the circumstances where it becomes true, from your perspective.

The Victim teaches us, and asks us to look at where we still BLAME others, for why we feel what we feel. She holds on to the STORY that “my problem is bigger than yours”, and that “my situation is unique”… When in reality, we have ALL been hurt by life, our parents, our upbringing…

And it is only when we RECOGNIZE THIS, that we are all WOUNDED, that we can start to actually HEAL…

To STOP BLAMING LIFE or OTHERS… And start taking ACCOUNTABILITY for the Healing Journey that you – and only you – can walk, and say “yes” to.

As long as you blame others, the past, and hold on to “the wrong that’s been done to you”, you stop yourself from being able to move forward, heal, and LEARN from these experiences.

For they are GIFTS of CONSCIOUSNESS, that Your Soul placed in your Path, to TEACH YOU what you need to learn from them, on a deeper Soul Level.

As long as you hold on to the idea that you’ve been a “Victim” to circumstances or people, then there is absolutely no change or growth that can come…

But once you LET GO of the idea that “people have hurt you…” you can start to see, WHY this happened, and WHAT you are here to learn from it all… And find the precious JEWELS of Awareness, from the most painful moments of your life.

THIS is what we are ALL here to learn. To let go of the story, and finally MOVE FORWARD in life, by asking “WHY” this happened, on a deeper level…


– Where do you still believe that “because of the past”, you are where you are in life? (In relationships, money, career, or love for example)

– Where do you still BLAME other people, or past experiences, for WHY you feel the way you feel? (As long as you blame others, you can never change it)

– What memory or event in the past, do you still hold on to, and feel such deep pain around it? (This is a profound pointer for where HEALING is needed within you)

So, what if you feel the Dark Feminine Energy of the Victim present?

We need to look at –

The Light Feminine Energy:

Ultimately, the Victim shows us the Path to a deep level of liberation, that comes from recognizing the SPIRITUAL PURPOSE behind all Pain…

We, as Souls, have asked every important person in our lives, to “do what they’ve done” to us.

Meaning, every person who has “hurt you”, has done so because you – Your Soul – ASKED this person to do so… To TEACH YOU an important lesson, that you have COME TO THIS EARTH to learn.

Ultimately, this human journey is a “Classroom” of sorts. A place where you as a Soul, came to, knowing, there are specific lessons that you can only receive; certain levels of evolution that you can only obtain, by going through the CHALLENGE of the Human Journey.

(I know, it sucks sometimes, and the pain can be overwhelming… BUT –

It ALL serves a PURPOSE.

And if you keep having “repeat experiences” of “people hurting you”, then that is showing you where you need to accept it is something within YOU, that is attracting and inviting this experience into your reality.

To SHOW YOU, a part of yourself – your little girl inside – that needs healing.

The relationship with the Masculine, the Father, and the lack of this presence that we all need to be happy, healthy, whole individuals… is what it all comes down to.

And this is a MUCH bigger conversation and topic that can’t be “solved” in a single article, but this acts as a SPRINGBOARD or CATALYST for your deeper healing.

If you are experiencing hurt and pain from others again and again, you are BEING ASKED to LOOK at your DEEPER WOUNDS that are CREATING the experiences at their root…

Because ultimately, we create ALL that we do, so that we may LEARN and EVOLVE. And if you’re stuck in certain “loops of pain or hurt” then there is simply a LESSON (about yourself) that you have yet to receive yet…

THIS is what we are ultimately here to help you heal, on levels and depths that are so profound. Which, we invite you into our world, to see how we can support you a much deeper level to actually get out of the loops of struggle and pain, that are Divinely Architected to bring you to THIS MOMENT of your Evolution.

So, how can you cultivate the Light Feminine Energy of The Victim?

– Are you ready to recognize that YOU – as a SOUL – have created all that you have created, for your deepest spiritual evolution?

– Are you ready to FORGIVE others – life, your parents, your father, men who have hurt you in the past – for all the PAIN you’ve experienced because of them?

– Do you feel ready to UNDERSTAND the deeper reason for WHY you’ve experienced – or WHY you may continue to experience what you do – as a profound gift for your soul’s evolution?

We’re here to help you SEE the BIGGER PICTURE and bring HEALING to the deeper core wounds… which are present in your life, to be the SPARK, that sets you on this path to your Higehst Liberation…

When we wake up to the deepest Soul Reason for WHY everything is Divinely Written, we then get to transform all the PAIN & HURT into a BLESSING and a GIFT to BE who you are here to BE in the World.

Feminine Energy Archetype #4
– Kali or “Santa Muerte”

In different traditions, such as Hinduism or Meshica (the ancient roots of Mexico), there is a female deity of Death. What does she represent? And what can we learn from her?

Dark Feminine Energy:

Kali or “Santa Muerte

Let’s look at Kali, the image to the left . Often depicted with a necklace of skulls around her neck, and the head of a man, hanging from one of her hands…

Kali as Dark Feminine Energy shows us where we can have UNCONTROLLED EMOTIONS, Anger, or Rage… An ancient anger to man, that goes back countless generations, for all the hurt that the Feminine has felt and been privy to, for countless year…

The silencing of Her voice. The sexual abuse and objectification. The TAKING of our personal power…

There is an ancient collective Anger that exists within the Feminine Energy as Women. And it often leads to a mistrust, and a profound closing of the heart and body, to the Masculine.

The Feminine IS Energy. She is LIFE itself… And it can be far too easy to get LOST in the EMOTIONS of the Feminine. To be consumed within the Collective Pain of the Feminine, or hurtful to the people around…

Sidenote: Healing the Collective Pain of The Feminine, is a fundamental reason WHY we’ve created this free course. And a major aspect of what we heal, on such deep collective levels, at our live retreats in Mexico.

To learn to FEEL our Emotions, rather than burying them until they explode… is what the Dark Feminine Energy of Kali helps us learn.

If you are a woman reading these words, you have taken on the role to be a “Cosmic Janitor” for the Collective Whole. To CLEAN UP and HEAL the Feminine, that has been wounded by the Masculine for countless generations… by healing the relationship with the Masculine, within yourself.

Meaning, all that you feel is NOT SOLELY YOURS. It is a build-up of generational pain that you are here to help heal, for your family, and the generations to come.

It is important to not get LOST in the emotions. To learn to ALLOW them, and on a deeper level, HEAL the ancient wounds between the Masculine and the Feminine.

So –

– Where do you feel like you have uncontrolled emotions, anger or rage, that consume you or the people around you?

– Where do you still take on the idea that “this pain is yours”, and where can you see the bigger picture of the Collective Healing that is happening THROUGH you?

– Where do you bury emotions or do not let yourself FEEL fully what is within you? Where it leads to OUTBURTS of emotion or anger?

Powerful pointers to help us see, the deeper work we have ahead of us.

Light Feminine Energy:

The Light Feminine Energy of Kali, or Santa Muerte, shows us this healthy relationship with DEATH. Most of all, the DEATH of what no longer serves.

The heads around Kali’s neck, represent the Death of Unconsciousness, and the conquering of what is not true… To KILL and OVERCOME the ILLUSIONS of this world.
She stands for only TRUTH, and all that is NOT True… has absolutely NO space around Her.

She represents BOUNDARIES and the EMPOWERED VOICE of the Feminine Energy. Wild, free, clear, unapologetic to want nothing but the HIGHEST STANDARD for All that Exists around her.

She shows us where the cycles of Life and Death are one. Where Light and Darkness are not seperate. Where they are two parts to a single whole, and in order to truly stand for Light, we must also accept Death… The Death of that which no longer serves, and being willing to KILL all that does not Vibrate in Truth.

On a practical level –

– Where can you stop accepting anything LESS than what you really know you want in your Life?

– Where can you STOP accepting the BULLSHIT from men, who show up in any way less than what you really want?

– Where can you have a HIGHER STANDARD for what you Really Want in Life, in Relationship, and from those around you?

What you accept, is what you get.

And Kali teaches us to STOP accepting what is “less than”, and bring a DEATH to anything short of the HIGHEST that you accept for yourself, and from the people around you…

Feminine Energy Archetype #5
– The Healer

The HealerWhile the first 4 Archetypes were typical examples of the Dark Feminine Energy, these 3 remaining are common examples of the Highest Expression of Light Feminine Energy.

In reality, there is light and dark in all. And no matter how something looks on the

outside, there are shadow aspects, and light aspects that we can learn from, each of these Ancient Role Models, that we now study together.

Dark Feminine Energy:

The Healer, in her shadow aspects, give too much of herself to others, and does NOT know how to Receive. She thinks that it is “better to give than to receive”, without understanding the natural BALANCE needed to also RECEIVE from others.

The Healer, in her dark feminine energy, is the Martyr. She takes on the pain of others, so that others don’t have to. And while this is noble in heart, the fact is, this is a shadow aspect, that unless healed, will create endless loops of pain. (Even for lifetimes)

This is why we bring light to this. Because there is this deeper collective belief that “it is better to give than to receive”, when in reality, the true Latin sentence from which this comes from, actually says:

“It is better to be in a position where we can give, than in a position where we need to receive”.

There is Truth to that.

However, we must see where this dark feminine energy manifests… From the external it may look okay, but in fact, it is only an ego’s attempt to make oneself superior, through this idea of “giving so much to others”, that only leaves the actual person more depleted than anything.

So let me ask you:

– Where in your life do you give so much to other, but don’t give to yourself?

– Where do you still believe that it’s better to give, than it is to receive? And how does this show up in how you live?

– Where do you end up depleting and hurting yourself, by wanting to give so much to others, and not giving to yourself first?

This is such a common trait of Feminine Energy, and why we MUST bring Light to it.

If we continue being the martyr, nobody wins. And we continue a collective cycle of self-sacrifice, that isn’t rooted in Truth or Wholeness.

We must learn to give to ourselves first, and from there, give from a WHOLE CUP. From an OVERFLOW. Rather than putting others first, before yourself.

But why do we do this? Why do we give so much to others, and not ourselves? And ultimately, how can we change it?

This, is what we are here to bring balance and healing to, on such a deep Collective Level.

Light Feminine Energy:

Now, we look at it from the Positive Aspects.

The Healer is deeply Connected to the Divine. To her INTUITION, to Energy, and the Higher Senses, that exist beyond the typical 5 senses.

She has a profound ability to FEEL what others can not. To be AWARE of her own Energy field, her emotions, and thus bring balance to a very complex set of internal subtle functions, which allow her to be a powerful CONDUIT for DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS.

For the Healer is not the one who “heals”, but any Healer, is simply a Channel for Higher Vibrational Energies, which she allows to flow THROUGH Her.

She is deeply connected to ENERGY; how it flows, where it gathers, and how to move it and control it…

Ultimately, the acts in SERVICE to the DIVINE, and this is a profound energy we are ALL here to cultivate. Especially if you are reading these words…

We must learn to be CHANNELS for something GREATER to FLOW THROUGH US. To offer our lives, our fears, and all our human, personality, “little I” ideas of what we want, and “where we think we’re going” with our lives… back to the One.

To be able to STEP ASIDE and allow SPIRIT TO FLOW THROUGH US, is the highest intnetion for all of us as Souls in this incarnation.

And to be able to do this, we must be willing to truly LET GO of the societal programs of what we’ve learned we “should” do with our lives… and learn to really follow the Silent Voice of Spirit within.

For, only in doing so, may our lives unfold into their Highest Expression of why we incarnated as Souls. The deeper Divine Purpose for WHY we are here, can only flow through, when we LET GO of the “human ideas” of how our life “should look”.

The Healer represents a deeper Divine TRUST and FAITH in something GREATER than Herself. And the WILLINGNESS and ABILITY to follow this Subtle Voice, that Guides us into Higher Realities again and again.

It is only when we learn to LET GO of our human ideas of how we “think” our life “should” look… that we can be CARRIED and LEAD into the deeper Divine Truth for WHY we are here in the first place.

THIS, is what The Healer teaches us, and what we believe we are all learning in this Life…

How to step aside, and let go, so that a Divine Force can live and breathe THROUGH us… And when we do, we are carried into more beautiful realities than we can ever imagine.

This is a conscious choice, which we must all make. And why we ask you:

– Where have you held on to this idea of “financial success” or “what you should do with your life”, that has stopped you from fully WALKING your TRUTH?

– Where do you feel like you are still unclear about what your deeper Divine Purpose is, and what you are here to do with your Life?

– Are you willing to allow SPIRIT and the deepest Divine Guidance to FLOW THROUGH YOU, so you can be of SERVICE to something Greater?

Ultimately, we ALL have this Divine Spark that wants to be of SERVICE and a part of something greater.

THIS is what we help you cultivate and STEP INTO. Which is the one true key, to move beyond our struggles and suffering, into a life of true purpose, meaning and ineffable fulfillment

Unless we let go of society’s expectations, we can NEVER live the life we’ve come here to live.

And a natural step in all of our evolution, is to LET GO of the parents’ expectations, and caring about “what other people think”…

Then, and only then, can we embrace the Deepest Diving Purpose, for WHY we are ALIVE…

Discover what this really means for YOU, here.

Feminine Energy Archetype #6
– The Mother

Dark Feminine Energy

The Mother

The Shadow Aspects of The Mother, show us where our giving leads us to lose a personal sense of “I”. The loss of personal identity and individuality.

The Mother, gives and gives to her child so much, that she forgets that she is also a Being that has needs, wants and desires.

She gives so much, that she forgets the importance to also take care of herself.

And we learn from The Mother, to teach us to recognize that the ONLY way we can GIVE is to do so from being WHOLE.

As we continue from The Healer, The Mother also reminds us of how ESSENTIAL it is to learn to GIVE to OURSELVES.

We buy into this idea that “I have to do this first” or “take care of this”, that we forget to NOURISH OURSELVES. There is “never time” for self-care, because of all the “responsibilities” that we have.

Whether we have children or not, this manifests in all of us.

When we feel bad, and we don’t give space to how we feel. We distract ourselves and “busy ourselves” with “all the things we have to do”…

When in reality, what we must really learn is how to STOP. How to FEEL. How to TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES.

And, especially when in a relationship, or having a child, the importance of MAINTAINING YOUR INDIVIDUALITY.

To do what makes YOU happy. To make time for YOU, no matter what that means.

Let me ask you:

– Where have you entered a relationship, or even had a child, and LOST the sense of Your Self?

– Where have you forgotten to HONOR the INDIVIDUAL that you ARE, when giving so much to those around you?

– Where in your life, do you find yourself so busy “doing something for others” that you no longer have time to give to YOU?

This is where The Mother teaches us, even through the Dark Feminine Energy of this imbalance, to move beyond self-sacrifice, and recognize the ONLY way to fully GIVE to those around you, is by making sure you give to YOURSELF too…

This is harder than you may think, as we watched our parents do the same…

And we are simply living out our parents’ programs, whether we like it or not.

This is why we are here to CUT THE CHORDS of unconsciousness, so we don’t pass on the same wounds and patterns, to our children and the generations before us.

And WHY it is so important, to embrace your OWN path, no matter who you are for others…

Light Feminine Energy:

The Mother, in her Positive Aspects, shows us how BEAUTIFUL it can be, to EMBODY the energies of NURTURE, LOVE, CARE, and GENEROSITY.

When done in a healthy way, these energies are truly so beautiful and so fulfilling. The true meaning and essence of Life and Love, when we can get it right

(We have a lot of work to understand and embody the True Way of Balanced Giving, that we are ALL here to learn. This comes through learning How to BALANCE our Feminine Energy; our Light and Dark, and Heal the Deeper Wounds that are at the core, of why we still act from such shadow aspects of Feminine Energy)

The Mother represents this overwhelming Compassion, and this ability to HOLD another, in all that they are.

Imagine, The Divine Mother, that holds you, in all that You are. In all that you FEEL. She does not make you wrong for what you feel, or tell you “not to feel that way”. She doesn’t tell you to “not cry”, or distract you with something so you don’t feel what you do…

No, she is here as UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. To HOLD you, no matter WHAT you feel, or WHY you feel the way you do…

She is the true Embodiment of Empathy. She FEELS with you. She HOLDS YOU, unconditionally, and teaches you that it is OKAY, and more so, IMPORTANT, to allow yourself to FEEL all the EMOTIONS that arise within you.

This is one of the True Keys to our Liberation, that we are all learning…

To be able to FEEL FULLY all that arises, no matter what it is…

And the Sacred Mother, as a Divine Force, is holding us. Creation, is holding you and I, when we go through our hardest moments.

And the Light Feminine Energy of the Divine Mother is here to remind you of how important it is to ALLOW YOURSELF to FEEL…

Whether you received this from your biological mother or not, this is about the Highest Expression of what The Divine Mother Truly is…

In Her Softness, there is Safety. A Protection. And a Rest… That are only possible, as a baby in a Mother’s arms…

So, how does this impact you on a pragmatic level?

– Where do you NOT allow yourself to feel what you feel?

– Where did you learn that it wasn’t okay to FEEL your emotions?

– Where did you learn to distract yourself from your emotions, through food, work, or even other people?

– And most of all, HOW can you start to HOLD YOURSELF when you feel all that arises within you…?

We must ALL learn how to be the Divine Mother for our own Inner Child. To HOLD OURSELVES, when we are in our darkest moments…

And to FEEL FULLY all that arises within, no matter how messy or outrageous it may look or feel…

Like a child, if we allow ourselves to just SCREAM, SHOUT and CRY… you can notice that children can have a tantrum, but moments later, they can be better like nothing happened.

There is a POWER in allowing ourselves to FEEL THE DEPTHS OF EMOTION that arise within us…

And unless we do, we will simply be acting as shells, half-feeling, what is truly possible in this human experience.

If you want to OPEN your ability to FEEL the depths of what is BEAUTIFUL… then we must be willing to go into the depths of the PAIN and HARD EMOTIONS we’ve buried for too long. We must WIDEN THE SPECTRUM of our Emotional Range, to feel it ALL, and ultimately, open the deepest feeling of what it actually means to be ALIVE.

This, is what we help you open within yourself, as you choose to walk this deeper journey with us


Dark Feminine Energy

The QueenThe Queen, in her shadow aspects, is the need for CONTROL, or to be SEEN. The need for recognition, and power… which is actually rooted in a deeper fear of LOSING control over life…

We all have these parts within us, which lead us to feel like we have to CONTROL or “micromanage” life…

This is a deeper fear of the UNKNOWN…

However, take a step back, and realize that Life KNOWS what it is doing…

An Infinite Intelligence makes your heart beat, your cells replicate, and can turn a single-cell into the miracle of a new human being…

From a broader perspective, Life has flowed perfectly before you were born, and will continue to, after you die.

This Infinite Divine Intelligence is what is truly pulling the strings, and for some reason, we think we have to “control” where our lives go, in order for everything to “be okay”…

What if, we allowed this Greater Wisdom to actually lead and control our lives? Would we be better off?

The Queen in her Dark Feminine Energy, manifests itself through being “bossy” and “telling people what to do”, even if it’s coming from a higher intention.

We were all told to “not do this”, “not do that”, and on many levels MICROMANAGED as we grew up…

And why these traits are so common in our society and our people, because this is simply what we learned, is “normal”.

This deeper need for Control, is at the root of why so many of us are actually STRUGGLING and SUFFERING in our lives. Because no matter how hard we try to “make” our life go in a certain direction, if it’s not truly in the Divine Plan for WHAT you are meant to EXPERIENCE in your Life, then NOTHING you can do can make it happen…

On the other hand, when it comes to our Dharma – our deeper soul purpose for why we are here – no matter what we can do to avoid it, if something is IN our Dharma, then there’s nothing we can do to stop it.

This broader perspective brings a peace and understanding to help us STOP TRYING TO CONTROL every little thing that happens in our life.

To invite you to LET GO and allow Infinite Intelligence to GUIDE YOU, towards your next steps, and the Life Path you’re actually here to walk.

Unless we do, we will continue to be “brought back to zero”, until we can actually ASK and LISTEN to what Divine Intelligence actually WANTS for our Life.

Without this, we keep running in circles, chasing a human-idea of what “life should look like”, only to realize, when we do get it, it doesn’t actually fulfill us in the ways we thought it would…

So, we must see how we try to CONTROL our lives from the “little I”… And we must ask:

– Where are you holding on to an “idea” of how your life “should look”? (Where did this idea come from? Who’s is it? … It’s not yours.)

– Where are you afraid of the “unknown”, or “doing something new”? Where do you hold on to the FAMILIAR and the COMFORTABLE, rather than OPEN NEW DOORS OF OPPORTUNITY and EMBRACE CHANGE?

– Where do you feel like you need to CONTROL what happens in your life (what happens next), or the people / circumstances around you?

How you do anything, is how you do everything. If you try to control others and circumstances around you, then that’s showing you, that you’re also trying to control life, on a deeper level.

If we are creating our lives from the ego’s desires, then there is NOTHING that we can “create” or how much “success we achieve” that will every TRULY FULFILL us…

And even if you do “make it happen”, you’ll only get there to realize, that isn’t actually what you REALLY want, deep inside… and it will feel empty…

For many on this path of Awakening, we either: lose it all again and again, or “finally make it” to simply realize, we’re still not fulfilled even when we “reached the goal we thought we wanted”…

So, what’s the answer?

We must learn to KNOW THE DIFFERENCE between our “ego desires” and the “need for control” versus the Deepest Heart’s Calling, and the True Voice of Spirit, that guides us silently from within…

This, is what we do. And ultimately what we are here to guide as many beings into discovering for themselves.

Because when THIS happens – when you can FOLLOW THE VOICE OF SPIRIT, over your conditioned mind and societal programming… this, is when you truly discover what FREEDOM actually is…

Light Feminine Energy:

The Queen, in Her Light Feminine Energy, shows us the deepest Connection to The Divine. And the ability to INSPIRE and LEAD the people around us, in the Way of the Feminine.

That is, not through a need to be seen, or be in control…

But, a Deeper, Silent Power. That is rooted in the True Connection to the Divine. And gives way to Profound Intuition, CLARITY and Foresight…

The Queen, connected to Her Divine Power, is the Silent Leader, that acts as the Cosmic Womb in which Life can unfold and evolve in front of Her.

She HOLDS Creation, through Her ability to SEE something greater, and INSPIRE people to something NEW.

This is ALL rooted in a Divine Connection, a Divine Guidance, and the CONFIDENCE to Speak Her Truth.

There is a LOVE for Her People. A Deep CARE for all those around Her…

And ultimately, she is the Manifestation of all the Light Feminine Energy, from all the Archetypes in One.

We learn from The Queen, the Power of the Matriarch… From which we’ve come from and return to…

Now, on a Collective Level, it is the FEMININE that is here to WAKE UP the World.

The Dalai Lama once said: “It is the Western Woman that will Wake Up the World”

And this points to the PATH that we have ahead of us to HEAL our Feminine Energy, and ground this through ACTION in the world.

The “Western Woman” is the connection to business, ACTION and conscious capitalism… as well as to the HEART, to LOVE and the DIVINE CONNECTION that ultimately, Feminine Energy is all about.

So, we ask you:

– What traits of the Queen resonate most to you? To embody, uphold and GROUND into a new way of living for yourself?

– What is it that is most inspiring and moving to you, from this entire article? And WHO do you WANT to BE from here?

– What traits do you want to SHIFT, HEAL and MOVE AWAY FROM in your life? And what traits do you most want to CULTIVATE and DEVELOP in this ongoing journey of Balancing Your Feminine Energy?

Final Words
– The Key Takeaway

Ultimately, as we describe the Light and Dark Feminine Energy in a broad analysis of all that is “positive and negative”, we create a MAP that can show us WHERE WE ARE, and WHERE WE ARE HERE TO GO.

From here, the next steps are how we GROUND this into our Lives…

So that this isn’t just an exercise for mental stimulation, but a true catalyst for PROFOOUND CHANGE, for not only ourselves as individuals, but the Collective Whole.

We have a profound work in the world.

If you are reading these words, it is because you are here to help BALANCE and HEAL the Collective Masculine / Feminine Energy...

By balancing and healing the Masculine and Feminine Energy that exists within you.

As a Company, Our Life’s Work is to be stewards of Profound Transformation on this planet, to bring about the New Earth that we are all ultimately here for.

Let us be the Awoken Stewards of Change, INSPIRED and LEAD by our Hearts and SPIRIT, on this planet…

Join us, and let’s walk this profound journey, that will lead you into more BEAUTY, LOVE, and MEANING than you ever thought possible.

This is only possible, Together…

We’ve been waiting for you.

Now, is your time..

[To be continued..]

With SO much love, in deepest Prayer & Service for us All,
Trinity de Guzman & Your Highest Truth


our vision

PS – Consider This

If balancing and healing your Feminine Energy, for more Self-Worth and Stability in Life…

Or creating a life of Deeper LOVE, FREEDOM and FULFILLMENT isn’t enough for you…

Consider this –

This is the Deepest Reason WHY we are here.

To bring about the CHANGE that we KNOW is Needed on this Planet.

We can’t just wait around and wish for “someone else to do it”…

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for…

And we’re no longer waiting”

This is your Calling.

Let’s stand up for what we KNOW is needed for this World, once and for all…

Heal ourselves. Heal the Planet.

heart pray heart

“I Pray For The Journey Ahead of You. May You Receive All You Want And Need, At The Deepest Level of Your Heart and Soul”